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    It's a horrible idea imo. How would that help town at all? You'd give the witches much more valuable information than anything you'd get from revealing one neutral. And potentially townfirming people would not even be that helpful because there's no way to protect them. And in return, you'd have a dead and banished CB.
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    I agree with this, and am very glad you are pulling him out. That was on my to-do list, and now I don't have to.
  3. Ixtaccihuatl

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    Sorry, it's not intentional. I am trying to get to everything, eventually.
    re this thing:
    I don't think much of it really, it was pretty clear he didn't have a real shot at getting it imo. This one is hands down Eidolonic's, and it's reasonable to consolidate votes on a slightly better candidate to avoid the possibility of electing someone else who you are more against. Not that the Prime election was gaining any steam...
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    I think my reasoning was pretty clear earlier, kind of surprised you ask this after you just said earlier that you were somewhat ok with me because I sounded frustrated for real reasons. Although I won't deny that being a replacement is a thing. Lungs stuff was a large factor, and some of this question stuff is slightly mentioned in my Sirion stuff. I'm seriously too tired now to crawl through the thread and reference specific quotes again. I could do it/will do it, but not tonight, I'm just out of steam. You're not my only scum read, you were the strongest, but I could be convinced into a couple other lynches.
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    I missed this one!

    It'd odd. He explained it, and it sort of makes sense, but I'm not entirely convinced it was a legit scumread. It could be scumtea trying to avoid facing off against a town block (Since ehrgeix seems to have a lot of support), or it could be townTea just re-evaluating his own reads for much the same reason.

    Tea is not currently on my town list, though.

    Not really? I basically don't feel like he's being helpful to town, and his posts feel off to me. Maybe it's just how he plays, and I'm not used to it, but I don't think he's playing pro-town so far.

    My primary candidates are two witches among Kensington, and jwlk, and CWheezy. I also think that one of Kai or Sirion is likely to be scum, and the last witch is probably among Prime, Aerinon, Tea, and Ehrgeix. (but that's a harder one to sort)
    It would make you much less likely to be a witch, in my eyes.
    I think I got them all this time?

    I can see where you got this, certainly!

    If you want an explanation... I think that if you read some of the other games I've been in, you'll find I tend to be helpful to newer players in early D1 (though I'm not certain this is the case, It is how I try to play). It helps me get a sense of their personality (so I can read them better), and helps them not feel totally alienated, so that they hopefully come back again (so it doesn't take months to get games started here).

    For now, I'll just say that I don't think a LC kill on Archon makes any sense. Maybe you disagree, but it doesn't seem likely a strategically sound move to me, on any level (explaining why isn't +EV). So I'm not really sure I buy an Aesa-coven-kill either.

    I'll look more closely at my jwlk/lungs/kens coven, and see if I can get it to stick together.

    NO. NO. NO. The CB should only claim if he had like, ten neutral results. (okay, maybe not quite that many). But with those results? He's probably got all innocents anyways! If you're going to give the witches extra role info, make sure you're going to win the game when you do!
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    Slight correction: I said I liked his most recent responses, and that had moved him out of my the top 2 scumreads. There is a little difference between that and being okay with him overall.

    If he got lynched today, I wouldn't be upset. (I'd rather lynch jwlk or kens, though!)
  7. Prime Intellect

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    Errrr..... why are people talking about CB when CB isn't a thing in this ruleset?
  8. Eidolonic

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    This, this, a million times this.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I was bored last week and read the entirety of PH2, I'd have been completely confused, heh.
  9. Ixtaccihuatl

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    XD Welp, I feel silly. Now I wonder if Ehrg realized this when he asked the question.
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    What is the CB? I just quickly scanned the ruleset, and the only two things that seem like it could possibly be a CB is the Channeler and Capacitor.

    Just got back home, so I'll respond as I consume some much needed dinner.
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    Beep boop, I believe they're referring to the Cake Bearer, that would be me. Rest easy, the Cake Bearer will not reveal, ever.
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    Well, considering I just did two scum reads for Eido in post #677, I suppose I could toss in an extra one.

    Jwlk: Yeah, I ragged on him earlier for his formatting. But for his last second hop on the Lungs bandwagon, his constant harassment of me on IRC (I come back home to 'post moar!!'), yet he doesn't post himself? Something is not adding up with him.
  13. Ixtaccihuatl

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    CB is the Compass Bearer, it's a role from PH2 that viewed polarities. I forgot it doesn't exist in this rule set.
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    First of all, what different format is there, and how am I formatting badly?

    Considering most of this post is just plain untrue, i'm going to call you out on it.

    First off, why is he wrong? I repeatedly said that I thought Lungs was scummy. However, I did not want to vote him without him at least saying something. Which is why I waited. Also, I don't think i've so much as said hi to you on IRC... so, why you lying?

    Anyway, that transitions onto..

    Not going to lie, kens has been one of the only people I have had suspicions on this whole game. None of his posts have any substance. And that's saying something, considering he's posted around 15 times. Even when asked direct questions, on his town/scum reads, he comes up with posts (like #677) he says NOTHING, except possible parroting exactly what everyone before him has said, and more than once. So he's posting a moderate amount of posts without really saying anything, trying to integrate himself into town, possibly. Looking back through his posts, most of his posts are talking about why he can't post. So, kens. Time to stop making excuses. How about you actually give some reasons for your so called "reads", starting with the ones you said you did in post 667... Oh, and "post moar!!"

    Active Lynch Vote: Kens.
  15. jwlk

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    Also, I know I have some questions from last page to answer, but i'm going to have to do that tomorrow. I have to finish up my assignments and go to bed :l
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    Sorry, I am the GHOST OF EHRGEIX PAST, stuck in PH2 ruleset forever.

    Moving on:

    Do not like Ixta's post. Things like:

    Ehrgeix said:
    Obviously at the start of the day I did not have these reads. Since developing them I have:

    Bugged Prime and Arkaal about afk.
    Asked AS to poke Sirion.
    Complained about some of your content, though you have provided a relatively solid defense.
    Voted to lynch Lungs.
    Complained about some of Fortuna's content, though she has also provided a relatively solid defense.​

    I think asking Archon to poke a scumbuddy would be like #1 on my list of "things to not do if you are a witch". Also, don't think I was terribly easy on Fortuna.

    Subtle doubtcasting.

    I think she is either somewhat paranoid about me or a witch.


    I have more thoughts I want to post but not enough time now. I think keys to figuring out the game are somewhere in Arkaal, Kens, Ixta and jwlk.
  17. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    Work meeting to head to, but I'll just say I think she's paranoid about you. I was at one point, but pretty strong town read now.

    Thanks for responding, Jwlk.

    @Fortuna, Sirion, Deceptive

    What do you think of both Kensington in general, and Jwlk's post #714?
  18. Ixtaccihuatl

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    Of course I'm paranoid. :) That's kind of the name of the game here. Everyone SHOULD be paranoid about each other, that's how we will catch witches. Even people we want to trust should have an eye kept on them and hard questions asked if anything looks a bit off.

    Subtle nothing though Ehrg. :p That was as blatant as it could possibly be.
  19. Fortuna

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    I meant that the tone of your posts feels genuine, but I'd still like a clarification so I can talk this out with you. All my cats are out of the bag now, if you can see a specific problem with how and what I think, call me out on it?
    But, call me out on it after Kens.

    This one. However, you answered it in your post. So, Deceptive, what do you think?

    It does, LC is just praying he doesn't hit a Witch. I don't think Archon is a Witch. There's your strategy. Because while Archon getting killed by the Coven makes sense, Aesa is a completely ridiculous pick for the LC.

    Aaand I mis-read this one as "Who do you think would..." sorry about that.
    Nope, I am Town, but that doesn't help me here.
    As I've said already, I'm more likely to be on everyone's lynch list, so I'm not worried about getting NKed, I'll just continue to dump all my reads, best candidates and theories; let people use their brains and decide what to do.

    I have no clue about who's lying about the IRC thing, so I can't comment on that.

    Well, D1, he had the same suspicions as me. Plan N was a bad idea, but it made a good topic for discussion, I can't blame him for poking Archon and Geix. After all, I did the same thing. The fact that he was Aesa's only scum read and lynch target with no reasoning made him look townier to me.

    D2 he strolled into the thread on Tuesday with scum reads on me and Wheezy. This happened after Arkaal called him out.
    Okay. So, I'm a tad miffed about being tied with someone that doesn't bother posting at all. Why isn't he voting for either one of us? Or pointing out the things he doesn't like about my posts. News flash, I have trouble talking to people that are not there. And them being one liners doesn't mean they don't contain info.
    If you are going to argue about shortness of posts, what do you think about Prime's? Is he obv!scum too?

    On this, I agree with jwlk, those posts are not reads, he just rehashed the lynch picks with weak reasoning for me, or are people that are being called out for talking less than him. Adding town reads no one would really argue with... as I said, I don't like him right now.
    But he's Aesa/Arkaal's lynch pick. So what do?

    @Eido: Aren't you curious about Kai's take on this? Because I am.
  20. aerinon

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    See, it is posts like that one (719) that I like Fortuna. I think that's good content.

    Also, I think we've got a pretty good chance at a witch play with this latest jwlk/Kensington interaction. Not sure which it is yet. I'd lean toward Kens at the moment. Who am I lynching right now? Sirion. Hmm. Hard choice there.
  21. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    For what it's worth, I'm disregarding the IRC stuff between them. Almost anyone that knows Kens has pestered him on IRC to post more in one game or another, I'm sure.

    @Fortuna - Waiting on other two people to answer first. Looking for something.
  22. Ixtaccihuatl

    Ixtaccihuatl Well-Known Member

    I'm going to do this now, because I think it's relevant to today's decision. We'll see if anyone else is bothered by the thing I am bothered by.

    Fortuna things:

    Day 1:
    Mirdini's early play is a bit off to me, and yes, I'm sorry, this is very relevant to my suspicions of you. Random elect at Prime, then does subtle doubtcasting things at Deceptive, then we get this:
    Now, I know we all sort of agree to not lie about real life, so I hate to question it, but his 0 availability forever was obviously not enough to stop him from playing WH:TG3 and posting fairly often there. So why would Mirdini quit this game and not that one? Maybe you could argue he just got a boring role here and didn't feel like it, but maybe what he got instead was a witch role he thought would be too demanding to play when he has other things going on. I don't know Mirdini very well at all, but maybe someone else who does can comment on this.

    There's Lungs related things, I think I have covered this exhaustively, see post #487 for my initial reading on this, but it's been repeated in other posts after that as well.

    Day 2:
    This post bothers me a lot, and I think your attempts to justify it were poor. I think this could have been an avoidance thing. I specifically asked for elect/lynch, and what you gave me was your previous most towny and scummy, two of whom are dead and cannot in fact be elected or lynched today, which was the relevant part of the question. Even if you do still think Aesa is a witch, as you tried to say for further justification, the fact is, he is dead and not lynchable, and is thus irrelevant to that specific question.

    With further regards to Aesa, you outline a hypothetical witch plan where the coven kills one of their own so they have a banisher right away and blame it on lungs. I don't even know where to start with this... Not to be rude, but I think it's a rather ridiculous theory all the way around. Deliberately killing someone for the sole purpose of having a banisher seems silly to me, and especially in terms of timing, there's no way the coven would have enough role reads yet to bother getting a banisher in there Night 1. in my opinion, that kind of plan would be like shooting yourself in the foot for no reason. I could accept the fact that you still don't like Aesa, but you're stretching the logical possibilities to the breaking point, and that seems very questionable.

    (If you were telling me this as an Archon-scum read, I'd find it much more believable. Banisher thing is silly still, but I could see Archon killing himself as a way to townfirm, and getting revived into a very good position to direct the course of the game. The difference is, he was seen as generally towny, and has a very good chance of getting revived first. Aesa probably has no chance of revival and it is unlikely he would be able to take a strong town lead position even if he did get revived due to newbieness.)

    Tea/Eido/Prime thing... Are you grouping these three as working together? I'm genuinely not sure where you were trying to go with this. Prime trying a gambit I could see, as town or witch really, but the grouping is weird, I don't put those three together in my mind at all.

    (By the way, did you notice that you never changed Mirdini's election vote on Prime in day 1? I find that interesting.)

    I'll admit, some of your posts and responses to pressure are not bad, but you also seem to be well known as a very sneaky, hard-to-read witch, so even those I take with a grain of salt.
  23. Kensington

    Kensington Member

    To Address Your Concerns:

    CWheezy is pretty damn self-explanatory. I have no hard empirical evidence from either his or Ash's posts, but the reluctance to post on both of their parts is damning in itself. I don't want to lynch yet, in case we discover that Cwheezy was hospitalized and unable to log on, but if he remains this quiet into the next day, I'm definitely lynching him. I'm fairly certain that I at least started or expanded the theory that Ash was LC in D1. While CWheezy isn't a lock-on for LC, at this point I would rate the likelihood that he's at least a witch pretty damn high.

    Fortuna on the other hand was a weaker read. In D1 he came off as competent and completely pro-town. He responded well to the questions as he came in to sub for Mirini and was off my radar. However, with the lynching of Lungs and the deaths of AS and Aesa, I was struggling a bit to find more suspects. Enter, Fortuna's D2 behavior. In post #601, Ixta calls for a Fortuna lynch. In post #611, Fortuna starts asking questions to people, mimicing Eidolonic's style. I believe he explained it as his style changed as he wanted to accumulate himself to the style of game. However, he joined the game on the 15th of March, which gave him practically a full week as a player. While I'm not sold on him being scum, I would find it reasonable to lynch him.

    Now, I don't want to get further in the realm of silly, because in retrospect I regret mentioning IRC in the first place. However, Jwlk's response raises a credibility issue. It is possible that he didn't explicitly leave me a message to participate in PH3. However, I do recall his name in part of the conversation that I woke up to. And while I'd call our interaction limited, we have had conversations on IRC. Your response of
    is too strong of an assertion. Your accusatory style, while demonstrating as little substance as you accuse me of? Jwlk claims that I parrot others, yet the Ash as LC was my theory, in post #483. I fess up to poorly explaining Fortuna, which I've expanded upon above, but to be frank I find my logic far more followable than your lack of.

    In your words, this transitions into...

    Active Lynch Vote: Jwlk
  24. CaretCake

    CaretCake Member

    This is actually unnecessary. Only your most recent vote will ever count. For example if you posted 3 messages:

    1. Lynch slebA
    2. Lynch slebA, Lynch slebB, Lynch slebC,
    3. Lynch CaretCake

    You first post would be a lynch vote on slebA, the second post would be a lynch on slebC and the third post would be considered an invalid lynch target and thus ignored. Thus you would remain voting to lynch slebC.
  25. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    Hm. Don't have a lot of time right this second, but I'm just going to say that Kensington is very likely the LC.

    Killing him sounds pretty good.

    I don't like this:

    Kens gives me strong scum vibes, but I'm not sensing a link to other people, either. I'd wager he killed Aesa, who may have been Coven.

    On the positive side, thanks for a pretty well written post with content, Kens, even if I do think you are scum.

    LC Kens, Coven Jwlk seems like a possible thing.

    But, yes, if I could lynch Kens harder than I am, I'd do so.
  26. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Ixta, you mentioned me not addressing Sirion all game.

    At this point I am ok with saying that I think Sirion is the LC.
    Lynch Sirion

    In my mind, I see Mirdini as coven replacing out, and beruru as LC replacing out.
    It was mentioned that they would not have replaced out if scum together. I DO feel that both slots are scummy (Mirdini slot moreso than beruru slot).
  27. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    @Prime - thoughts on Kensington/Jwlk situation?
  28. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to make of that whole thing, tbh.
    I'm keeping my eye on them but I've been focusing on other players today.
  29. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Cwheezy was talking on IRC and I asked him if he was playing ph3/to post in ph3 and got no acknowledgement (he did keep talking about sf3, though). Do we definitely not need a replacement, bbobjs?

    Tea: what do you think of jwlk? Also re: beef against you basically still just issues that I already described and I think you can't really change (not sure what post #, but I talked about bandwagoning and meta).

    I like Fortuna a lot more recently. Tea: do you think this is a sensible assessment?

    Coventhoughts right now are something like:

    jwlk OR kensington is coven. Contrary to popular opinion I think I maybe like Kensington here? Like, I find it hard to see them both as witches and jwlk is scummier.
    sirion OR fortuna is coven. I still don't like Sirion and I like Fortuna a lot more today. Liking Fortuna makes me like Ixta more too, but scary to put trust in.
    Tea + Arkaal + jwlk + ? potential coven. (innocent Kens)
    Cwheezy is very possible scum, idk.

    Why are you guys not voting?

    Safest lynches for today feel like Sirion, Tea. jwlk vs Kens is harder. Lynching cwheezy with campaign like "post or die" seems ok, but maybe we don't have time to do that and swap targets today, so I would rather do that tomorrow.
  30. aerinon

    aerinon Well-Known Member

    I am on board with the proposed plan there Ehrgeix. I think Arkaal remains as a possible witch though.
  31. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Me too, fwiw this is my current quicktopic thing on him: "Arkaal - Seems innocent, but he is not trying enough and this is really bothering me. 65%, except he posted: 'My primary candidates are two witches among Kensington, and jwlk, and CWheezy. I also think that one of Kai or Sirion is likely to be scum, and the last witch is probably among Prime, Aerinon, Tea, and Ehrgeix. (but that's a harder one to sort)' -- so like 75%. Maybe he is going to lead witches to victory."

    Basically the reads he posted all seem really plausible and that's pretty much where I am too. I know he's pretty happy to throw witches under the bus as witchkaal, but like... all of them? I think that if he is a witch my thoughts on gamestate are wrong and coven is something weird (arkaal + prime + ?).
  32. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    Still don't like Prime.

    Uneasy about him hopping on Sirion.

    Not entirely happy with some of the people voting Kensington with me, either.

    Deceptive vanished, Archon dead, and this game is very quiet.

    Kai, you've been awfully quiet after laying the case out for Sirion. You're trending town on my radar, but I don't like the silence.

    Sirion, for someone that has their balls on the chopping block, you've been awfully quiet and content to let Kensington train maybe pick up speed. Chime in on the Jwlk/Kensington situation, and outline a possible coven for both of them, and 'why'.
  33. CaretCake

    CaretCake Member

    As far as I know, no replacements are required. Erm uh bbobjs told me this- GEHEEEEEEEESGGHJKKKKKKKKKKK!!!
  34. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    *CaretCake has been banished for breaking the Garcia Rule, searching for replacement, replacement found!

    Hi guys, so apparently observer chat thinks I was the best choice to return, I suppose for meta reasons? IDK Quince was very unclear about his motives but seems to generally run that place. I think Oni is planning something but he's hard to read. Vendetta was outed early as a definite scum so everyone instructed me to completely ignore him. Anyway trust me guys, I totally didn't hack their votes, this is legit, good to be back! BtW the swing vote was Lum who used random.org or claimed to, I guess I'm just lucky!
  35. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member


    Look at what you guys do to him!

    The only way you can restore his sanity is with posts!
  36. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Just so you guys know, if I get banished again, I'm voting to have Loose Lips replace me. Partly because I think the name jokes have natural synergy but also because you REALLY don't want Loose Lips mod.
  37. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Oh also day ends in 24ish hours so yea be aware of that.
  38. Ixtaccihuatl

    Ixtaccihuatl Well-Known Member

    All right. My Fortuna lynch is going nowhere apparently, and things need to happen, so I'm going to Vote Sirion.

    I propose we save jwlk vs Kens for tomorrow, along with serious consideration of implementing Ehrgeix's 'post or die' campaign on Cwheezy. People not voting, I want to see you answer Ehrg's question, and then I want to see you vote.
  39. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    So, 24 hours to go. Lynch situation is as follows:

    581 - Prime lynch Tea
    591 - Tea lynch Ehrgeix
    593 - Eidolonic lynch Prime
    601 - Ixta lynch Fortuna
    612 - Ehrgeix lynch Tea
    621 - Kai lynch Sirion
    625 - Sirion lynch Ehrgeix
    646 - Deceptive lynch Sirion
    652 - Fortuna lynch Arkaal
    655 - Tea lynch CWheezy
    657 - Arkaal lynch Kensington
    685 - Aerinon lynch Sirion
    687 - Tea lynch Kensington
    692 - Eidolonic lynch Kensington
    714 - Jwlk lynch Kensington
    723 - Kensington lynch Jwlk
    726 - Prime lynch Sirion

    (4/14) Sirion (Kai, Deceptive, Aerinon, Prime)
    (4/14) Kensington (Arkaal, Tea, Eidolonic, Jwlk)
    (1/14) Tea (Ehrgeix)
    (1/14) Fortuna (Ixta)
    (1/14) Ehrgeix (Sirion)
    (1/14) Arkaal (Fortuna)
    (1/14) Jwlk (Kensington)

    No Lynch Vote: CWheezy

    Basically, Kensington, Fortuna, Sirion, Ixta, Ehrgeix - your votes are probably misplaced, unless you can sell your target to 7 others in 24 hours. I don't really see that happening, but it's worth a shot if you are sold on someone.

    There are people on both lynch trains that I'm not sold on, notably Prime and Jwlk, but there are interesting names that aren't voting for either one - Kens, Fortuna, Sirion in particular. Interested to see who they switch on to, or if they do at all.

    My vote is staying on Kensington, almost entirely because of Prime things.

    My suspicion of him (Prime), coupled with that quote, I'd rather lynch Kens and look harder at Jwlk than deal with Sirion at the moment. Kensington is my suspected LC, as he's tried to push the role on other people, and I haven't really been a fan of the way he's done so.

    Anyways. 24 hours. 8 votes to lynch. I'm willing to vote Sirion to make it happen, but I'd rather see the people with moderately unproductive votes make their case first.

    If you aren't voting, and aren't posting, you aren't town. Chop chop.
  40. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member



    Point still stands for the others.
  41. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    And I'm very much in favor of 'post or die' for CWheezy tomorrow, while we pressure whoever isn't lynched today, hard. Just need to be flexible and not let people hide behind CWheezy's inactivity. Which... could be a thing?
  42. Sirion

    Sirion Member

    So, yeah. I've been quiet. I've been.. uncharacteristically busy the past couple days, and I'm going to be gone pretty much all of tomorrow. To the point where I might not make it back to vote again before the deadline after tonight.

    So. I've said jwlk was lightly scummy early. And Kens is being Kens. My read on the situation up until #714 was pretty null. Jwlk came in and hard called out Kens as scummy. He said it well, but the thing is I've never really seen Kensington up and post heavy content. It's really, really bad but that's kind of his posting style. But still, you'd expect something I guess? I'd lean this toward Kens scum.

    Kensington's response is defensive, and, well, you can't really blame him after Jwlk came straight at him. I can see how jwlk's post could be some kind of aggressive gambit to set up a lynch target on a lurker town.

    Possible scum ties? I can see Kens-Lungs-Prime-?, with the ? being anyone choosing to ignore Kensington and press on me blindly (there are a few options here). Prime is kind of pushing it for ties to Kensington, but I'd favor him over the other toss ups.

    For scum!jwlk, he'd have to have a reason to gambit so hard on Kensington. I'd think it'd be someone with mild suspicion, not strong. I don't think jwlk is obvious enough that he'd hard attack Kensington to save, for instance, me. Tea is an option here, as is Prime. Both have had mild suspicion directed at them for most of the day. From low-contact, I'd go with Tea. From skimming posts, I'd probably tie in jwlk-Tea-Aesa, though Aesa is more gut feeling and lack of talking to each other (excepting one very brief question).

    More likely? Kensington scum. More scary? Jwlk scum. I'd easily give jwlk the credit to pull off a play like that.
  43. Ixtaccihuatl

    Ixtaccihuatl Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the votals Eido.

    Sirion, you failed to reassign your vote. I'd like to see you do that.
  44. Sirion

    Sirion Member

    Sure. I intended on waiting a little bit, and seeing people's thoughts on the likelihood of the scum!jwlk-play, but if it'll make you feel better (especially since I'll be gone almost all of tomorrow, possibly being able to make it back before the deadline), Lynch Kensington.

    I'm not entirely sold on it, but it doesn't look like there'll be much chance of anything else by tomorrow.
  45. Kensington

    Kensington Member

    Damn, at this point I'm not entirely sold on Sirion, although I'll be re-reading his posts. Obviously I won't be jumping on the lynch Kens train ;)

    Side note - CWheezy just posted in the SFIII thread an hour ago. He's active in the forum, yet isn't posting in the thread at all. In my mind, he just became the scum to lynch.

    Rescind Vote

    Lynch CWheezy
  46. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    Eidolonic stares.

    Someone that isn't prime lynchbait, chime in on this?
  47. Eidolonic

    Eidolonic Well-Known Member

    I should note that I desperately need sleep, and may be seeing things. but Kens' reluctance to vote for the other lynch train is rather telling, potentially. Fellow coven? LC not wanting to kill someone he suspects is Coven?

    I don't even know.

    I'm going to finish up this work stuff, and then sleep for 50 hours or so. Deadline approaches, be active people.
  48. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Yeah one of them is the LC and it's Sirion.
  49. aerinon

    aerinon Well-Known Member

    No lynch is not cool guys. Lets decide on someone. I'm somewhat happy lynching either of the two main candidates right now, but Sirion is definitely my preference right now.
  50. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Lynch Sirion

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