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  1. AntiAntiHero

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    I mentioned in my "Puzzle Strike Fans Aren't Doing Enough for Puzzle Strike" thread the idea of a group determined to throw their weight around to promote Puzzle Strike, and since I figure no one else is going to make it, I figured I might as well make it myself!

    This is the PS Publicity Task Force, or PSPTF for short. Our job is to get the word out about Puzzle Strike via our joint effort in promotion! The more people that are into the game, the better off the state of the competitive scene, and hopefully we'll see new faces on the forums! So let's get as many people to play and appreciate this fantastic game as we can! All you have to do to be a part of the task force is complete any of the various missions that are mentioned in this post:
    • Mission #1 - Amazon Reviews: Write a review for the physical version of Puzzle Strike 3rd Edition and/or Puzzle Strike Shadows on! At the moment, Puzzle Strike has a tiny number of reviews. Let's get it more attention on a website where all manner of people will see it and (hopefully) purchase it. Current Status: PS:3e - 8 Reviews; PS:S - 3 Reviews
    • Mission #2 - Ratings: Rate Puzzle Strike: 3rd Edition and/or Puzzle Strike Shadows on! seems to be THE website for board game enthusiasts. That said, the original edition of Puzzle Strike has 1204 ratings. 3rd Edition only has 190. Given BGG's rating system (they place large quantities of dummy ratings of around 5.0, to prevent new games from dominating the list), this is not good: PS will seem less valuable than it is. And on a website about every board game under the sun, that's a surefire weakness. So, let's add some ratings! PS:3e is rank 1075. That certainly doesn't seem right to me, so let's aim at getting it at least 1000 or higher. That's a good start. Note: there are rumors that the system doesn't accept rankings from people who only rank one game, so once you join the site, why not rank any other games you own? It'll ensure PS gets its recognition and you get to support other games you may love. Current Status: PS3e - 209 Ratings, Rank 1022; PS:S - 124 Ratings, Rank 1446 (Given the confusing nature of rating on BGG, a visual tutorial is several posts down)
    • Mission #3 - Fortress: AT's Reader's Choice 2012 Awards :)cgeiger: Time sensitive! 1 day remaining!): Nominate Puzzle Strike 3rd Edition and Puzzle Strike: Shadows for Fortress's Reader's Choice Award! The nominations end February 18th, so we have to act fast! You can find the instructions here: The categories that we're aiming for are: Best 2-player game, Best Deckbuilding or Card Game, Best Expansion, Best Reprint or New Edition, and Reader's Choice! Let's help Puzzle Strike earn its stripes!
    • Mission #4 - Puzzle Strike Fan Translation: Help translate the game into other languages! For many people around the world, there is probably a language barrier to play this game; there is a fair amount of text, after all. So if you know another language, you can help out by translating some chips here on the forums! is the thread. Let's try to make Puzzle Strike as globally accessible as possible!
    Accepting ideas for additional missions!

    Join now, and help Puzzle Strike be all it can be!

    (Note: The reason this is a Task Force for Puzzle Strike specifically and not all of the Fantasy Strike brand is because, honestly, I haven't played the other two games yet and don't feel qualified to do anything about them. Plus, given how good Puzzle Strike is, I feel it's a shame that it seems so underrepresented. If anyone else wants to stand up for the other two games, be my guest.)
  2. Star Slayer

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    I plan to make another local promotion run once the iOS version is out and the UI of the online version is updated. I think that is better than introducing people to the somewhat confusing current interface, then have it change in a month or two. I have also been nagging my local game store to carry the game for months, but they seem to have problems communicating with gamesalute.

    Can I write a review on Amazon if I haven't bought the product there? I never wrote a review on that site before and I got my PS + Shadow boxes from the kickstarter.

    One problem that I ran into before is that people said that I was biased towards the game, since I was involved in playtesting it. When I was defending the new edition on boardgamegeek, someone accused me of being dishonest, since I am mentioned in the rulebook as a playtester, but didn't announce this in every thread in which I talked about the game.
  3. Inkstud

    Inkstud Patreon Supporter

    I was in the beta for Age of Empires Online, but I never felt the need to tell people that before I explained why it was so crappy
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  4. AntiAntiHero

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    Yes, you can write a review on Amazon without purchasing via Amazon. All you need is an Amazon account. To be honest, it was my first Amazon review too, even though I'm no stranger to the site.
  5. dereferenced

    dereferenced Well-Known Member

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  6. davidoso

    davidoso Active Member

    I can advertise it to the other people who played Kongai. After the UI update. And the bugfixes that will likely follow.
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  7. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    I love you guys, thanks so much for pitching in. Yeah more reviews and ratings is a great first step.
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  8. AntiAntiHero

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    Just added a new mission to the first post. Here's a tutorial for rating on Boardgamegeek, since it's kinda weird and certainly not readily apparent.

    First things first: you'll have to register for a account. At the top of whatever page you're on, you should see it near the upper left corner.

    Now that you went ahead and got that all sorted out (I'll just assume you don't need a tutorial for that), you'll need to head to the Puzzle Strike: 3rd Edition or Puzzle Strike: Shadows page. It should look something like...


    Now here's the weird part. Remember, make sure you're logged in. Now scroll allllllll the way to the bottom of the page. You should see the section that says "User Information". Go ahead and click that link that says "Add a copy to your collection".


    A little section will pop up beneath the User Information box that we saw above. Go ahead and click the "N/A" there under rating.


    They will ask you to put in a numerical value. Their scale goes from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. Of course, put the value you feel the game deserves (I put 10 because man, I just love this game), but make sure not to go over or under 10; the value will just reset to N/A.


    As soon as you put the rating in and hit the save button, your ranking is saved! However, the "Item" box won't disappear. As far as I can tell, it will stay there at the bottom of the game's page every time you visit. Don't worry, your ranking did get through. If you feel like adding any other information, like a personal comment, go ahead! And anyone more familiar with BGG's layout: let me know if I messed anything up.

    It's quick and easy guys: let's start by shooting for Rank 1000!
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  9. davidoso

    davidoso Active Member

    Is there a delay or something on ratings? I rated everything puzzle strike-y and betrayal on the house on the hill, but it's not registering.
  10. JohnnySmash

    JohnnySmash Active Member

    Cool I did that, when there's a UI upgrade I'll link here from super mega which should be about a trillionth as helpful as the multiple links from penny arcade lul
  11. Plum

    Plum Well-Known Member

    Done, for both base and Shadows! And it's a sign of how much I love Puzzle Strike that it's the first game that I've ever lied for :cquince:
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  12. Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what is not registering, but I'd like to note that BGG has an "anti-shill" - system that prevents just the sort of activity we are doing here.
    Simply put, a user's rating on a game does not register to the game's overall score unless that user is/becomes a somewhat active BGG user. What that is is not clear, posting in the forum/rating more games might count.
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  13. Star Slayer

    Star Slayer Well-Known Member

    I don't think that is what we are doing here at all. We are drumming up interest for the games, not artificially raising the score through fake accounts or fixed 10 ratings. Everyone here can rate the games however they want! And rate as many other games as they like and hopefully become a regular visitor of BGG. It is mainly the amount of ratings that counts right now, not the height of individual ratings.

    I have been on BGG for about two years when I recorded my information for PS3e and PS:S and it took a day or two to register my rankings and my comments. I dunno if someone is surveying every single rating or if it just has a built-in delay.
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  14. dereferenced

    dereferenced Well-Known Member

    The anti-shill system is a bit of a secret sauce. It's not described how it works. However, I'm willing to bet that signing up for a new account, ranking only 1 or 2 games as a 9 or a 10 looks very suspicious to it. I would recommend ya'll rank a fair number of games you have played on BGG. It even has old school games like Spades, Hearts, Chess etc if you don't play a lot of board games.
  15. evizaer

    evizaer Well-Known Member

    I rated PS an honest 10, then went and rated four other board games that I've played a bit, including Dominion (7) and its Intrigue expansion (8). I'll have to go through their database to find some of the boardgames that I've played that are further down in their ratings and give them a rate as well. It's annoying that they don't give you an option for "played frequently but don't own" which I would give to a bunch of games that my board game group has played numerous times.

    This thread should probably be pinned. It can do a lot to help the game.
  16. Plum

    Plum Well-Known Member

    I don't believe you actually have to own the game to rate it - when you click Add a Copy to Your Collection, you can untick the Own checkbox, but still click the Rating N/A to add a rating.
  17. Remy77077

    Remy77077 Patreon Supporter

    I think this thread is fantastic and supporting & promoting the games you love is a really great thing to do, especially when it's amazing games that really deserve it like PS & Yomi! (& that they are by their competitive nature very community driven games too - so the more you promote them the more fun you'll have as well).

    I did a lot with SF2 HDR when I was playing that, and now Yomi's my favourite competitive game around I'm starting to pick up momentum with supporting that too - and surely Puzzle Strike will be on my 'hitlist' one day too.

    I think the answer if you want to use BGG is to, well, use BGG :p
    That's what I'm doing, the site does seem to be a bit of a mess tbh, but it's clearly become big enough now to be THE central internet place for board games at this point, so you have to work with what's there for now. As a board-gamer on and off throughout my life, it's somewhere I've wanted to get involved with anyway, so I'm glad that getting actual "hard copies" of Yomi and PS has inspired me to check out BGG properly. Bonus side effect is I'll probably find out about a few more good board games along the way too. :D
  18. Bob199

    Bob199 Well-Known Member

    Some things I've used to steadily grow an audience to my site and can apply here:
    • Make sure not to neglect audiences just because they are smaller/not one of the most popular sites.
      Puzzle Strike already has a good presence on BGG, what about other board gaming/puzzle gaming sites?
    • Anytime Puzzle Strike can be used to answer a question well, it needs to. "What is a good multiplayer board game to play for fun?", "Is there a competitive multiplayer board game out there?", etc. Puzzle Strike is the answer to those questions.
    • Make sure all major audiences that would 100% support Puzzle Strike know about it.
      Sounds like common sense but I neglected to put links to my Yomi articles on BGG up until a couple of weeks ago and since then, it has already become one of my top 5 referers.
      What other sites besides here and BGG would definately support Puzzle Strike?
    Other ideas:
    • As stated in the other thread, localizations go a long way. Getting just a basic idea of the game out there in other languages would be a place to start. German being especially useful due to the popularity of board gaming in the culture.
    • Almost every game forum has a section for other games that people are playing, just look at our site for example. Mention Puzzle Strike in those threads.
    • Just get the word out in general, I just did a check on Google adwords;
      Puzzle Strike - 2,400 monthly searches
      Puzzle Strike online - 170 monthly searches
    • For a quick spike in interest, Reddit and similar sites could do the trick
    • Something I'm going to try with Yomi, but post about how Puzzle Strike has helped you become a better
      insert random game here player or how Puzzle Strike looks/feels compared to another game (Dominion being a good example). It's a way for other gamers learn about Puzzle Strike in a language/context they understand.
    • As for SEO, both "deck building game" and "multiplayer board game" would be decent starting points.
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  19. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    #3(?): email various important folk and ask them to play and (if they enjoyed the game) post about Puzzle Strike on their websites. Danc from Lostgarden, the people at Rockpapershotgun, Gamasutra, Pennyarcade... all come to mind.
  20. Remy77077

    Remy77077 Patreon Supporter

    BTW I requested (and got) manual tracking available for Puzzle Strike on Raptr if any of you use that. I guess not since no-one's tracked a play yet ;-) But there are myself a few friends who track their Yomi plays.

    Anyone know if tracking plays on BGG helps at all?
  21. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    I thought about how Puzzle Strike was inspired by Dominion in a number of ways, and of course, Dominion's forum is probably one of the more popular on boardgamegeek... I didn't know what to say/if that's even a good idea, though. "Errrr, hey guys! Never played Dominion, looks mehish! Come play Puzzle Strike, instead! Click this here link, so I get monies!" Maybe not.
  22. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    I mentioned this in the other thread, but Puzzle Strike still needs a TVTropes page. It's currently blank, and needs:
    *A description of the game; see the Yomi page for an example.
    *As many relevant tropes as possible in its trope list.
    *A one-liner on the pages for each of those tropes.
    *A link to a Sirlin-controlled URL.
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  23. Star Slayer

    Star Slayer Well-Known Member

    Bucky, that is a great idea! Never even made the connection between spreading the word of Puzzle Strike and TVtropes.

    Yes, don't do that. That is a dick move.
  24. davidoso

    davidoso Active Member

    I know the guys at penny arcade play games that they get mailed on-camera. We could mail them a copy of puzzle strike. It'll probably be cringe-worthy for us, cuz they only usually show their first play five minutes after opening the box, and they'll probably get half the rules wrong, but we'll nab at least a few of the penny arcade audience. A handwritten note saying that there's an online version too should help a lot as well.
  25. Bob199

    Bob199 Well-Known Member

  26. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Penny Arcade is well aware of our games. Tycho loves Puzzle Strike and said it was one of his favorite games of the year or something at one point. He knows about the upcoming UI upgrades to the online version too. So no need to tell Gabe and Tycho about Puzzle Strike, they already know (and already have copies). The rest of the world doesn't though, heh.
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  27. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    It is way easier than that to rate puzzle strike on BGG. In the search box at the top of the page, type "puzzle strike" and press enter. It should find PS, PS3E, PS:Upgrade Pack, PS: Shadows, and PS: Promo Chips. Click the "N/A" under "Your Rating" and it'll give you a box to enter a rating.
  28. Bluedragon07

    Bluedragon07 Member

    Once again I'm running demos and a tournament at the Socal convention, Orccon. If anyone is local it'd be great having you there. I'll write reviews on Amazon and BGG when I get a chance.
  29. Fourth

    Fourth New Member

    I'd like to break my long absence from these forums by saying that I love both this thread and this game. The rapid updates took me off guard and made it difficult for me to maintain interest, but now that I've finally gotten over that and taken the time to look at them, I can see why they changes are more than worth it in the end.

    It's like... Starcraft to Dominion's Command and Conquer. Or any PC shooter to Dominion's Call of Duty. Everything that I wanted Dominion to be is there-- variety of strategy, interaction with the other players, and a victory condition much more involved and dynamic than just buying the most things. If I see someone rushing money as fast as possible, I don't just take that as a given and do my best to rush money better than they do. I can shift my play and try to kill them before they can use the money they bought. It's wonderful.

    I picked up physical copies both 3rd Edition and Shadows this week, along with the extras pack which should be on its way (much thanks to Mr. Sirlin for continuing to have those available after the kickstarter, by the way). I will be taking it to regular boardgame nights at the local gamestore from this point forward and will be doing my damnedest to get people to check it out.

    What I'd like is for some way to introduce Puzzle Strike to Dominion players without offending them. I don't know if it is possible, really... The guys I've seen playing Dominion regularly at this store sleeve every single card from every single set and lug them all around in gigantic wooden cases. The level of commitment some people have to that game is massive. For the life of me I can never understand why they love it so much, but nevertheless I worry that Puzzle Strike will be met with hostility as a result. Like trying to show your favorite fighting game to someone from a different community; all they want to do is tell you why it's not as good as theirs. >.<

    Anybody have any thoughts on how to approach this?
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  30. 2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616

    2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616 Well-Known Member

    I've never introduced puzzle strike to a dominion player for reference... But honestly, I think just say, it's like dominion, give it a go.
  31. Bob199

    Bob199 Well-Known Member

    As you stated, PS solves many of the problems you had with Dominion and as such, prefer it. Figuring out what problems other players have with Dominion that PS solves lets you show off why PS is a better choice for them instead of telling people that it's better, which is conflictive and leads only to strengthening their opinion.
    Most people don't change for shits and giggles, they change because they think/feel something is a better choice for them.

    An example I could give using Mtg and Yomi being that in Yomi, you can't get mana screwed/flooded, a common complaint in MtG. I could go on to show them how the game runs without mana and also explain everything in Mtg terms. If mana screw/flooding is something that is a major issue with them, they'll be more likely to consider Yomi than had I just went up to them and said "Yomi is better than Mtg"

    In this case you'll need to know the language and be able to explain Puzzle Strike in Dominion terms. Instead of going straight into how to play PS, explain how different parts of the game are similar to Dominion; buying things, building a deck, etc (I don't know Dominion in depth, so pardon the lack of knowledge on my part) and go from there. They'll understand you better and it shows that you aren't an outsider to Dominion. They will still be rather unlikely to switch as they thoroughly enjoy the game, unless you can find some problems they have with Dominion and how PS helps them.
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  32. SirHandsome

    SirHandsome Well-Known Member

    As far as BGG is concerned a great place to get the word out would be the "Recommendations" section:

    It's a fairly well-trafficed forum on BGG where people are constantly asking for recommendations of games that fit certain criteria.

    Puzzle Strike can naturally fit into many of these posts as a recommendation. People will check out a gmae that is recommended a lot, especially if it's one they haven't heard of. Don't try to shill it or shoe-horn Puzzle Strike where it doesn't belong, but it could definitely stand to be recommended more as is.

    I have noticed more people recommending Puzzle Strike on their own lately though, especially in "deck builder" threads, but Puzzle Strike's virtues extend far beyond being just the best deck building game (I don't even think the typical "deck building" audience is its primary market), so it can be recommended for other purposes as well -- anyone looking for games with replay value, competition, player interaction, depth, quick play time, etc for 2-4 players.
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  33. rabid_schnauzer

    rabid_schnauzer Well-Known Member

    Some simple things for folks to try:

    1. Whipping up a sig-sized banner image for PS.c

    2. Writing short "why you should try Puzzle Strike. Here's a Free Online Version" blurbs for use in signatures or as stock answers on BGG/ other forums.

    3. Custom promo wear for game nights / conventions and posting photos online. My fiance tried to make me a custom tee-shirt featuring the triangle image, unfortunately it didn't come out well. The chip images should translate very well to buttons. Heck, if you're not into customizing clothing, just try doing some Fantasy Strike versions of whatever it is you can do - minatures, plushies, paintings, cakes, etc. A tenth of one percent of the custom stuff done for My Little Pony would be enough to pique internet interest.

    4. Running demos / tournies / events both online and at meatspace game nights and conventions. Mad props if you can somehow manage to corral Tyco into actually playing in an event at one of the PAXes.

    5. Writing a simple accessible blog of your PS plays. Guido Gloor's 100 plays blog on BGG is phenomonal word-of-mouth for PS. People doing similar things couldn't hurt.
  34. Caphriel

    Caphriel Well-Known Member

    Printing clothing/buttons requires formal permission to use the artwork and images, I think?

    I wouldn't mind spending some time making simple banner images for signatures. I don't want to step on any toes, but I think it'd be okay. I can definitely work on some short blurbs.

    Silly idea: Make character chips for My Little Pony characters. Share them with My Little Pony fanbase. Direct them to when they ask "What are these?"
    Bonus credit: Make pony-themed bank chips, too.
    Super-special-extra-bonus credit: Balance it.
  35. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    Regarding Dominion players, consider hiding the fact that Puzzle Strike is just crushingly better. Suggest that Puzzle Strike is a refreshing change of pace, and has a lot more interactive - other players will mess with your strategy and you will have to adapt. But don't tell them it's better. Feign like you never actually noticed. Let them point out the bits that are better.

    You should meet a lot less hostility, and once PS has its foot in the door, either it will creep in furiously, or they're just not the right audience.

    "Okay, let's play Puzzle Strike, but no red chips and crashes don't go to the other player!"
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  36. Plum

    Plum Well-Known Member

    Especially if they have lots of the expansions! People hate thinking that they've wasted their time/money and will often entrench just to prove their own point to themselves.

    Does the physical copy have the sample banks included like the online game does? I'd hate to see someone's first game involving Stolen Purples, Combos are Hard and Ouch :confused:
  37. Dogmantra

    Dogmantra Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it does have 'em, the recommended first game banks are there in pictorial format, and the others are in the back in just text.
  38. rabid_schnauzer

    rabid_schnauzer Well-Known Member

    A single item for your personal use, not so much. For commercial use and profit, hellz yes. For anything in between, Sirlin is the copyright holder, and I would think that he would endorse or nix any such idea being discussed here on his own forum.

    Way ahead of you there :p
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  39. Plum

    Plum Well-Known Member

    Sweet jeebus I never really appreciated Thelo's chip icon smileys until I tried to read the older posts in that thread. is this how people used to live?!
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  40. Caphriel

    Caphriel Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness... yay~!
    Now we just need to make images and submit them to fan-sites, and our evil master plan will be well underway.

    And yeah, I love the chip icon smilies. They're so useful and make conversations about PS so much more readable. Thanks, Thelo!
  41. JoeMello

    JoeMello Member

    There are probably enough copies of the game (in its various forms) near me that a small tournament could be held. The only issue would be organization and prizes. :/
  42. rabid_schnauzer

    rabid_schnauzer Well-Known Member

    Stupid and obvious question: would cross-posting the links to online tournaments held here on BGG run afoul of any terms or conditions?

    If you are still local to me, I'd be willing to help with organization, but my work schedule likely makes that useless.
  43. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Letting people on BGG know that tournaments are happing here seems helpful to everyone involved, and a good idea. People there may not know these events exist and they might be happy to join. I don't see any problem with it.
  44. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    A number of companies big and small (Steve Jackson Games, Ad Astra Games come to mind) have programs to encourage a demo team - people who will go to game stores and demo their games. Both examples offer merchandise credit for running a demo, in the $10 an hour ballpark, but even 1800 gold could probably get some of us to go and run the occasional sanctioned demo. I mean, it *is* playing Puzzle Strike.

    Maybe if someone does it enough times, they could get a free replacement copy for their now battered game...
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  45. rabid_schnauzer

    rabid_schnauzer Well-Known Member

    Anyone want to save me a bunch of profanity by explaining to (via PM) me how to get late-90s BB functionality out of BGG's backwards and near-incomprehensible forum formatting commands? Because on day 3 of trying to blog there, I'm seriously considering switching to links to offsite html hardcodes with nested tables.

    [rant][o] does not translate to
    Show Spoiler
    in any language that I know of, and multi-page grey block is not what should be displayed by an unopened spoiler tag anyways. Even after reading the help thread I can't figger out how (or if it's even possible ) to post images in horizontal sequence instead of vertical (like posting a bank without having to screencap or take a photo of chips laid out) and on top of it all why does BGG require two extra characters for ;angry; when ;mad; is unusued as an emoticon tag. Seriously, I visit other forums run by guys out of their basements that handle these things baetter.[/rant]
  46. Inkstud

    Inkstud Patreon Supporter

    It really is a hideous, messy site.
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  47. AntiAntiHero

    AntiAntiHero Member

    Sorry on the lack of updates on my front. Been a little busy this week. At the moment, I am trying to figure out the layout and tone for an appropriate TVTropes page for a third mission. However, the positive response by you guys is just fantastic! I'm glad there are so many people who want to help this game!
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  48. davidoso

    davidoso Active Member

    I'm awful at adding tropes to pages. I can never remember any of the tropes. All that really comes to mind is excuse plot and lethal harmless powers.
  49. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

  50. davidoso

    davidoso Active Member

    Dooone. Could we shoot for the golden joystick this year with the web version of the game? Dunno when the nominations are, but it'd be awesome if we made it.
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