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    We have serious talk enough on here; this thread is for making up your own cards and it can be either creative or ridiculous. So, make your own character, give it health and innate, moves, etc.


    The Gelatinous Cube

    Innate: If the opposing player switches out, the character that comes in enters with 20 less energy.

    80 HP
    100 EN

    Move 1: Sticky Goo: 10 Energy, 12 Dark Magic damage, speed 5, close. An opponent hit by this loses 10 HP if he chooses to switch out within the next 2 turns.

    Move 2: Devour: 90 Energy, 90 Dark Magic, speed 2, close. Devours the opposing character whole.

    Move 3: Blinding Goo: 40 Energy, 16 Dark Magic, speed 6, close. Reduces hit chance by 10%.

    Move 4: Shoot Object: 35 Energy, 25 Physical damage, speed 6, far. Chance to reduce energy by 5 if hit.
  2. pictish

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    Play less amorphous+

    Edit: I guess I'll move from captain obvious to some contribution -

    Rival Id Dins
    The Game Designer

    HP: 75
    P:0 L:0 D: 0
    Innate: "hasty patch" - +6 defence to the stat corresponding to the opponent's strongest multi-hit.

    Low Strong - 20 energy, 5 light damage, 10 speed, close, 95% hit. 80% chance to interrupt.

    Curse of Chipp - 50 energy, 0 damage debuff, 1 speed, both. 90% proc. Neither player can switch characters for 3 turns.

    Generic Move That's Too Good - 20 energy, 8x3 dark, 5 speed, both. 100% hit - 100% chance to reduce dark resist by 2 for 4 turns.

    Ring Out - 80 energy, 0 damage, 1 speed, far. KOs fleeing opponents.

    *ahem* anyway.
  3. ShigityShank

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    This thread was already started, except some people were serious :p:

    my two contributions:
  4. DredNicolson

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    This is not exactly ridiculous, but I might as well take advantage of a fresh card thread, no?

    The Crossbowman

    Card Group:
    The Militia (I just might design the other 4 cards while I'm at it.)

    65 Health / 100 Energy

    3 Physical Resist / 2 Light Resist / 1 Dark Resist

    Innate Ability:
    Intercepts deal 10 damage to resting opponents instead of failing.

    Move 1:
    Point-Blank Shot
    Physical Attack - 48 Damage - Costs 30 Energy - Speed 5 - Close Range Only - 60% Hit Rate
    Low hit-rate but deals high damage.

    Move 2:
    Impaling Bolt
    Physical Attack - 32 Damage - Costs 60 Energy - Speed 3 - Far Range Only - 95% Hit Rate
    Very high chance (75%) to strike through to an additional opponent.

    Move 3:
    Field First Aid
    Light Magic Self-Recovery - Costs 15 Energy - Speed 2 - Both Ranges
    Heals you for 5 hit points. Removes up to 2 poison, bleed, or burn effects.

    Move 4:
    Cover & Wind Up
    Physical Self Buff - Costs 10 Energy - Speed 10 - Both Ranges
    Raises all resistances by 4 on this turn. Raises attack damage by 12 next turn.
  5. Penney

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    Impressario Raiddinn, the Beatdropper

    All characters on the team regenerate an additional 1 HP per turn whether this card is in play or on the bench.

    HP 75
    Energy 100

    Psalm of Veeshan
    mana 0
    Speed 10
    Increase all resistances for the whole team by 5 for 10 turns.

    Dual Sword Slash
    mana 10
    Speed 6
    Deal 8 x 2 physical damage

    Chant of Flame
    Mana 10
    Speed 10
    Deal 20 light damage

    Boastful Bellow
    Mana 100
    Speed 10
    Deal 1 damage that cannot be resisted. Stun the opponent.

    Reminds me a lot of my old Everquest character.

  6. esiex3

    esiex3 Active Member

    Enis, the Sporn creature

    Innate: Every 4 turns, he gets a 'charge' which lets him use his 'cannon' move.

    Mushroom slap: 30 en, 30 damage 30% chance of knocking the enemy out of battle. Close only.
    You're in: 20 energy 20 damage, 50% chance of burnung the enemy.
    Call 'Master Bates': takes 1 turn off innate, 20 energy both ranges.
    'Cannon': 40 en 80 damage, both ranges. Move with lots of potency, if you catch my drift.
  7. Penney

    Penney New Member

    This isn't funny its just sick.

  8. esiex3

    esiex3 Active Member

    but all silly threads need penis jokes!
  9. krick19

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    Johnny Suicide, The Hostage Taker

    Innate-Each turn has 5 percent chance to kill himself

    HP 100

    Misplaced Grenade
    Energy 30
    Speed 6
    Deals 30 damage to self and 50 damage to enemy.

    Take Hostage
    Energy 70
    Speed 10
    Any damage Johnny takes in the next turn is also inflicted on a random enemy "hostage" in the opposing deck.

    Energy 50
    Speed 4
    Johnny cannot take any damage for one whole rounds.

    Energy 100
    Speed 10

    95% to kill Johnny, 5% to kill the entire opposing team.

    Not joking.
  10. Klazlover

    Klazlover New Member

    Is it wrong of me to actually think that Pelades and Johnny Suicide would be awesome characters?
  11. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Pelades would have energy issues, but sounds cool.

    Jhonny suicide... Not so much. Interesting, though. Maybe if his suicide move was 75% chance to kill himself, 20% chance to deal 40 damage to himself, and 5% chance to kill the enemy team, it would be a bit less... useless sounding?

    Anyway, see the other thread for my Phoenix Wright character. Now....*some spoiler warnings for the Phoenix Wright games, I guess*

    Your Honor, the Judge (does he have a name? I never caught it in four games).

    HP 75


    Innate: 10% chance to interrupt enemy moves speed seven or lower automatically, no energy loss.

    Gavel strike: Physical 10 x 3, energy 35, speed four, 50% interrupt chance.

    Subpoena: Energy 40, Light damage 12, 80% chance to drag in an enemy character. (perhaps a "bonus" to the enemies chances if they have high dark resistance. Heh.)

    The Verdict: 90 energy, any range. 50% chance to kill the enemy, 50% chance to fully heal him. Random speed.

    Order in the court: Hit's all enemies, 15 light damage, 45 energy, speed four.


    Von Karma, the Perfectionist.

    40 HP.


    Innate: 50% chance to fully negate all damage and effects applied to him that turn.

    Objection!: 20 dark damage, 45 energy, either range, speed 8, interrupt 66.6...%

    Stun gun: 25 light damage, 50 energy, long range, speed 7, stun chance 50%.

    Counter-argument: 30 energy, speed 3, both ranges. Negates the damage of any attack FASTER than it and reflects 50, 75, or 100% of the damage. One turn cooldown.

    Headbang: 15x3 damage, 60 energy, close only. No effects.

    Please note these characters were designed to be 90% flavor and 10% balanced.
  12. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    I just noticed I never put hit percentages on my attacks, but it doesn't really matter since this is just crazy ideas.

    Also, in the original thread, I find it hilariously awesome how the babylonian with the subname "the joker" had a move "magic trick."

    That has prompted me to make a character for The Joker (from batman).

    The mad dog

    80 HP


    Innate: 15% chance to complete his action, dodge the enemy attack, and switch out to one of your characters. If it activates with only him left, skip the switch out part.

    Magic trick: 100% hit, speed 8, 40 energy, 30 dark damage, close only. 50% proc to make the enemies item disappear.

    RPG: Long range only, speed 4, 60 energy, 50% chance to deal 60 physical damage, 50% chance to deal 35. 20 damage hits fleeing. 100% hit rate (though the "miss" would be the 35 damage).

    Grenades on a string: 80 energy, speed 10. If the joker is killed the turn this is activated or the next, the active character takes 50 resistance immune damage and all benched characters take 30 damage. Any range.

    Why so serious: Close only. 25 energy, 15 dark damage, 70% 5x3 bleeding proc.
  13. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Jeez... I don't know whether that was supposed to be funny or just entirely retarted, but it didn't manage to be the first one.

    The thing about making "flavor" characters is that they have to be A: things people would reasonably know about in detail enough to get the references and B: To actually HAVE references. I qualify as somebody who wouldn't know barney references, but since when could he teleport, throw purple dust, or was a zen master?
  14. DredNicolson

    DredNicolson Well-Known Member

    Here's the second member of The Militia. Probably out of place here as these are my serious attempts at playable cards, but I can introduce them here for first impressions, at least.

    The Halberdier

    65 Health / 100 Energy

    4 Physical Resist / 0 Light Resist / 2 Dark Resist

    Innate Ability:
    Attacks ignore physical resistance.

    Move 1:
    Physical Attack - 8 Damage - Costs 20 Energy - Speed 6 - Both Ranges - 90% Hit Rate
    Damage is doubled when used at far range.

    Move 2:
    Dark Magic Attack - 70 Damage - Costs 75 Energy - Speed 1 - Close Range Only - 100% Hit Rate
    An overwhelming deathblow.

    Move 3:
    Wild Swings
    Physical Attack - 8x4 Damage - Costs 55 Energy - Speed 4 - Close Range Only - 90% Hit Rate
    If opponent switches out, attacks the incoming opponent instead.

    Move 4:
    Field First Aid
    Light Magic Self-Recovery - Costs 25 Energy - Speed 2 - Both Ranges
    Heals you for 10 hit points. Removes 1 poison, bleed, or burn effect.
  15. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Esoto, I assumed that, given that he turned people purple and some people actually thought barney was supposed to be a penguin, you were referencing the dinosaur. How people thought barney was a penguin I will never know, but I've actually heard that before.
  16. hitogoroshi

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    Here comes a beast of purest yomi.


    Innate: Explodoman cannot be damaged while on the bench.

    1 HP.

    Stickybomb - 99 speed, 0 en.
    100% hit, 30 physical damage. Hit's fleeing.

    Proximity Mine - 99 speed, 0 en.
    100% hit - deals 30 physical damage if the enemy attempts to intercept this turn.

    Cover the Fuse - 99 speed, 0 en.
    100% proc - Explodoman is immune to damage this turn. Can't be used two turns in a row.

    The Big One - 99 speed, 0 en.
    100% hit - deals 100 damage and kills Explodoman. Cannot be used on a turn where Explodoman has just entered play (that is, when the game starts or when he's switched in).
  17. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    I know he's supposed to be broken, but wouldn't he just be super yoshi who takes out the next character as well?
  18. DredNicolson

    DredNicolson Well-Known Member

    Third member of the Militia:

    The Quartermaster

    55 Health / 100 Energy

    3 Physical Resist / 3 Light Resist / 0 Dark Resist

    Innate Ability:
    Shares the effects of his equipped item with all allies.

    Move 1:
    Mace Strike
    Physical Attack - 22 Damage - Costs 30 Energy - Speed 3 - Close Range Only - 95% Hit Rate
    High chance (70%) to reduce physical resistance by 2 for 10 turns.

    Move 2:
    Field Rations
    Light Magic Team Buff - Costs 45 Energy - Speed 3 - Both Ranges
    Increases maximum energy of all allies by 5 for 5 turns.

    Move 3:
    Pour Oil
    Physical Team Debuff - Costs 10 Energy - Speed 5 - Far Range Only - Hits Fleeing
    Enemy range-changing costs increase by 5 for 3 turns.

    Move 4:
    Ignite Oil
    Dark Magic Team Debuff - Costs 20 Energy - Speed 7 - Both Ranges - Hits Fleeing
    Can only be done after pouring oil. Burns all enemies for 6 damage each for 3 turns.
  19. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    The quartermaster, as a serious character, looks tremendously UP to me. I'm all for a good buff/debuff character (see Ubuntu) but I'd like him to have some potential for not sucking ass.
  20. thezig

    thezig New Member

    Batman, The Dark Knight

    Innate: Opponent cannot switch out on the turn Batman comes into play.

    Flurry of Blows
    Physical, 8x5 damage, 40en, 8 speed, close, 95% accuracy.

    Physical, 0 damage, 10en, 9 speed, close/far, 100% accuracy. Gives 50% chance to dodge all attacks for the current round.

    Physical, 30 damage, 30en, 6 speed, far, 100% accuracy. Has a 80% chance to hit on fleeing.

    Dark, 0 damage, 20en, 5 speed, close/far, 100% accuracy. If this move hits first, Batman gains a permanent +1 to all resistances and +1% critical chance.
  21. Recognition21

    Recognition21 New Member

    Chris Hansen, The Pedo-Blocker


    50 hp
    innate=opponent cannot switch out

    Take a Seeeeaat
    Physical, 0 damage, 40 energy, 10 speed, 95% hit, close range, stuns 100% proc

    Right over theerre
    Physical, 10 damage, 40 energy, 10 speed, 100% hit, close range, only usable after 'take a seeeeaat' and has 60% chance to stun

    So what are you doing here?
    physical, 30 damage, 40 energy, 10 speed, 100 hit, close range, only usable after 'right over theerre' and has 50% chance to stun

    You can go now
    physical, 50 damage, 40 energy, 10 speed, 100 hit,close range, only usable after 'so what are you doing here' and forces opponent to switch

  22. Ilk1986

    Ilk1986 Active Member

    Magina, the Anti-Mage

    Magina has a 50% chance to avoid light attacks.

    70 HP

    Mana Break
    8 speed 20 energy 20 damage physical close range
    drains 20 energy from the opponent

    Blink close
    8 speed 30 energy 0 damage dark
    changes range to close

    Blink far
    8 speed 30 energy 0 damage light
    changes range to far

    Mana Void
    2 speed 70 energy 0 damage dark (spell) both ranges
    Deals 100-opponent's remaining energy. Hits fleeing.

    Sol Badguy

    85 HP

    Sol Badguy regenerates 5 additional energy every turn.

    8 speed 35 energy 30 damage dark both ranges
    has a 50% chance to increase speed of all attacks by 3.

    Volcanic Viper
    4 speed 40 energy 40 damage dark close range
    Hits fleeing, 40% chance to deal double damage.

    Grand Viper
    6 speed 50 energy 20 damage physical far range
    Sets range to close. Has 50% chance to stun.

    Tyrant Rave
    5 speed 65 energy 35x2 dark close range
  23. Zycat

    Zycat New Member

    Sinister, The Guitarist
    70 HP

    Innate : Deathbat Melody - Enemies suffer a hp degeneration of 1hp/turn

    Attacks :

    * Sad Ballad - 35 En, Both ranges, 0 Dark damage, hits fleeing, 4 speed
    All enemies receive -1 attack, -1 speed, -5 energy recovery per turn (UNSTACKABLE), 100% hit rate
    Lasts 5 turns
    Description : Sinister plays a saddening ballad, robs enemies of their will to live

    * Gates of Syn - 50 En, Long range, 35 Dark damage, 2 speed, 95% hit rate
    Drains 15 health per killed allies

    Description : Sinister plays a dreadful melody, calling upon fallen allies to take their revenge to the enemy.

    * Avenger Flame - 40 En, Both ranges, Dark buff, 10 speed, 100% hit rate
    Takes half damage for a turn, deals 1.5 times original damage to the enemy. Cannot be used twice in a row

    Description : Sinister burns in dark flame of revenge, dealing damage to enemies that dares to attack while protecting himself from some damage.

    * Guitar Bash - 10 En, Close range, 11 Physical damage, 3 speed, 90% hit rate
    35% chance to increase your team's damage by 1 for 3 turns

    Description : Sinister bashes his enemy with a guitar :D (may draw the crowds wild!)

    Wow this is fun :D
  24. Unspeakable

    Unspeakable New Member

    Jojo, The Poorly Identified

    70hp 0/2/4
    Innate: Appears to be some other random character on the opponent's screen

    Slingshot of Doom

    50 energy, far
    50% chance to crit for 100 damage, 50% chance to hit the user for 100 damage

    Herbal Healing

    40 energy, both
    Heal 30 damage
    50% chance Jojo gets high and procs stun on himself for the next round

    Curse of Poison

    30 energy, both
    50% chance to inflict poison for 4x10

    Knee Hax

    40 energy, close
    20 physical damage
    50% chance that opponent's knee is haxed and they can't change range next round
  25. Ilk1986

    Ilk1986 Active Member

    I LOL'ed. Ten characters.
  26. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    Bobby Smith, the Slob
    100 Health, 55 Energy

    Resistances: 3/3/4

    Innate Ability
    Cannot change ranges.

    Yawn (Close)
    0 energy, speed 3, 15 dark damage, 95% hit, 100% proc.
    Interrupts if it hits first.

    Fists of Fury(Close) 20 energy, speed 2, 9x2 physical damage, 95% hit, 80% proc.
    Increased chance of a critical hit.

    Button Mashing(Both) 10 energy, speed 3, 2x15 light damage, 90%hit, 5%proc.
    Chance to make himself bleed for 2 damage per turn for 3 turns.

    Power Bar(Far) 10 energy, speed 2, 50% proc.
    Heals 15 HP and has a chance to raise damage by 1 for 5 turns.
  27. icewolf34

    icewolf34 Well-Known Member

    I actually really like this concept although Mana Void would have to either not hit fleeing or else should be something like 65-EN.
  28. esiex3

    esiex3 Active Member

    Cornelius Constantine, the Suave
    80 HP

    5 speed, 20 energy, 8x3 dark damage
    -2 dark resist on the enemy

    Blood burn
    7 speed, 10 energy, -2 resistances and damages on the enemy

    2 speed, 50 energy, 50 physical damage
    25% chance to crit

    Hypnotic stare
    6 speed, 30 energy, reflects the enemy attack

    Now this would be a seriously overpo-...oh wait
  29. vasifan

    vasifan New Member

    Wtf Ilk1986??? Kongai - Allstars?

    I would like to see dual-colored characters and items:

    Kagemaru, the undead Ronin(Vimpire,MA)
    Scorn, the cultist/the heretic(Vampire,Vilager)
    Gerard, the crusader(Pirate,Knight)
    Deadly poison, Tiger claw (Used by Vilagers and MA)
    Valkyrie Charm, Sacred candle (Used by knights also)

    Stuff like that anyway...^^
  30. Unspeakable

    Unspeakable New Member

    Y05h1r0, the Hacker
    70hp 0/1/6

    Innate: Hack the RNG
    10% chance to dodge an attack (actually 50%)

    Open Palm, 8 speed 15/18 25%, proc stun (actually 60%)
    Chi Blast, 8 speed 60/45 50%, proc burn (actually 75%)
    Rising Dragon, 9 speed 30/25 hit fleeing, 50% proc to cause the next opponent to enter to be graphic glitched
    Chi Reflect, 10 speed, both ranges, 0 energy, reflects everything (because he hacked the move)
  31. Kirandio

    Kirandio Well-Known Member

    The Crazy Cat Lady

    Innate: Sarah's attacks drain her opponent of 5 energy.

    HP: 75
    EN: 100


    Catstream: 20 Energy, both ranges, speed 5, Physical

    An opponent affected by Catstream has their physical resistances reduced by 2.

    Cat Swarm: 35 Energy, far, speed 3, Physical

    Cats swarm the enemy character

    Cat Food: 30 Energy, both ranges, speed 7, Physical

    All cat attacks are increased by 4 damage for 2 turns.

    Throw Cat: 25 Energy, far, speed 8, Physical

    If this hits first, it has a chance to interrupt the opponent's action.

    Yes, I am aware that this is similar to a certain character we all know of.
  32. LoneKnight

    LoneKnight Well-Known Member


    Air pirate extraordinaire


    Innate: Noone is safe: The physical armor of the opponnent is set to 0.

    Glitter is gold: 90%, 10EN, both, speed 4, 3 phys

    Throws a cursed coin at the opponnent. Should it land, it increases your physical dmg for one attack by as much as much dmg it dealt (so landing one will increase it by 3, landing a second one will deal 6, increasing the strength of all your physical strikes by 6), against that opponnent.

    Mist finer: 95%, 80%(interrupt) 30EN, close, speed 6, 3*6 phys

    Johnny unleashes a flurry of blows. Has a high chance to interrupt the opponnent.

    Mist stance: 100%, 0EN, both, speed 5, light

    Johnny goes into a stance to prepare for his attacks. Your attacks cost 10 less EN, and their speed is increased by 2 for 3 rounds.

    Jackhound: 100%, 80%(stun), 50EN, both, speed 9, light 15

    A dashing slash so dazzling fast that it is near impossible to dodge and leaves you dazed. Interrupts switching, high stun chance.

    And, for the "defense of the kongai":


    The Juggernaut

    HP: 70
    EN: 100


    Innate: Healing ward. All your characters recover 1 more hp while on the bench (including Yurnero).

    Whirlwind: 95%, 30EN, close, speed 6, phys 10

    A slash so powerfull that it repels any kind of magic, and damages even those that are out of its reach. Hits all opponnents, and Yurnero is immune to all light and dark magic attacks for this turn. Can not be used twice in a row.

    Omnislash: 95%, 80 EN, both, speed 7, 15*7 phys

    Yurnero goes into a frenzy, and attacks all living opponnents at once. randomly distributes 7 blows, that deal 15 dmg each (switching out makes this attack fail completely).

    Dance of Swords: 50%, 40 EN, both, speed 3, light

    Yurnero starts his deadly dance... 50% chance that your attacks deal an extra 20 dmg next turn.

    Jumping Slash: 95%, 50%(crit) 40 EN, close, speed 7, phys 30

    A jumping downward slash, that can slice an opponnent in half. High crit chance.

    I was going for interesting mechanics instead of plain emulation, but eh...
  33. Lolzorz

    Lolzorz New Member

    The accountant

    0/0/25 (he's an accountant! Those things are the foulest evil to ever thread this planet!)

    Innate: the opponent cannot switch out. Yeah, Bob copied Tafari. See how evil they are?


    Harass: The enemy loses 100 Energy and cannot rest for the next 666 turns.
    Speed 11, energy 50, Dark magic, Acc 100%.

    Back To Work: Bob ignores the enemy for 50 turns. Unlocked by Harass.
    Speed 1, energy 100, Dark magic, Acc 100%.
    The opponent has to press buttons during that time (little choice but pass+intercept), but Bob automatically passes.

    Coffee Break: Bob drinks coffee while trying to hit on that sexy secretary. 0% chance to proc "Seduce" effect. Unlocked by Back To Work.
    Speed 1, energy 100, Physical, close, Acc 100%.

    Annoy: Bob pelts his opponent with small paper pellets and various assorted annoyance techniques. Unlocked by Back To Work.
    Speed 5, energy 100, damage 11, Dark magic, both ranges, Acc 32.783%.

    The Pet Rock


    Innate: immune to stun, interrupts, poison and bleeding.


    Do nothing: Rocky does nothing.
    Speed 0, energy 0, damage 0, Physical, both ranges.

    Trip: The opponent trips on rocky and falls. Ouch!
    Speed 1, ernergy 0, damage 10, Physical, close.

    Epic Slingshotting: Rocky finds a way to get himself propelled.
    Speed 10, energy 30, damage 25, Physical, far, kills any foe called Goliath.

    Andrieeeeeeeeeeeeeennne: Rocky starts beating dead cows. And dead horses, while he's at it.
    Speed 3, energy 90, damage -15 (he hurts his hands), Physical, both ranges.
  34. Teh_Shadrin

    Teh_Shadrin New Member

    Hell yes.

    Ms. Brown
    The Librarian

    Opponent takes 10 damage when they whiff an intercept.

    65 HP

    Book Loan: 40 EN, Spd 4, Close, 10 Physical, 100% Acc, 100% Proc
    Opponents moves become 2 slower. Indefinite duration. Can be removed by the opponent intercepting (regardless of whether it is successful or not).

    Overdue Fine: 20 EN, Spd 5, Close/Far, Dark, 95% Acc, 100% Proc
    Opponent takes 25 damage and loses 10 energy for every Book Loan debuff on them.

    Shh!: 45 EN, Spd 5, Close/Far, 15 Light, 90% Acc, 100% Proc
    Interrupts opponents attack.

    Read: 0 EN, Spd 0, Close/Far, Light, 100%, 100% Proc
    Heals you for +15 HP
  35. HypersonicEspo

    HypersonicEspo New Member

    I have a relative who was a librarian and name is Mrs.brown.
  36. Teh_Shadrin

    Teh_Shadrin New Member

    :) Ms. Brown is the name of my Librarian.
  37. pictish

    pictish Member

    Shadrin: Somehow, deep down, I knew that would happen.
  38. Teh_Shadrin

    Teh_Shadrin New Member

    I got more! I'll make a whole set if it's the last thing I do, damnit!

    *Insert Name Here* (I suck at names)
    The Scholar

    Copy opponents innate.

    55 HP

    Study: 40 EN, Spd 0, Close/Far, Physical, 100% Acc, 90% Proc
    Increases damage of attacks and intercepts by 30. 3 turn duration. Raises proc chance of Feint Attack and Kryptonite Strike by 30%.

    Power of Knowledge: 30 EN, Spd 7, Close/Far, 15 Light, 95% Acc

    Feint Attack: 45 EN, Spd 8, Close, Dark, 100% Acc, 40% Proc
    Dodge opponents next attack and deal 10 damage.

    Kryptonite Strike: 65 EN, Spd 7, Far, 25 Dark, 95% Acc, 15% Proc
    Opponent loses all energy.
    Item ideas:

    Scroll of Vitality:
    Gain 10 health when you rest. (May or may not apply when Ms. Brown uses Read. Depending on how generous I'm feeling at the moment.)

    Tome of Darkness:
    Increases damage by 15. You take 10 damage when you attack.

    Library Card:
    Increases max energy by 20.

    30% chance that your attack hits a fleeing opponent

    30% to recoup the energy invested when you attack.
  39. Kirandio

    Kirandio Well-Known Member


    The Innate Person

    Innate: Innatus is immune to stat-lowering effects, critical hits, stuns, interrupts, poisons, enemy items, coffee, Fruit Roll-Ups, and some other things I have not mentioned. He also is immune to intercepts, and all of his moves hit fleeing. All opponents actions from range changing to attacks require +10 energy, and they do 20% less damage to Innatus. When an opponent attacks Innatus, Innatus has a 30% chance to automatically reflect the damage he might normally take back to the opponent. Innatus also has a 5% chance to remove all debuffs from himself and all buffs from the opponents. There is also a 15% chance that his attacks will sweep to all the opponent's characters. When an opponent's character dies, Innatus heals himself for 50 health. Innatus is also immune to Tafari's innate, so he can switch out against Tafari. Innatus's attacks cannot miss, and whenever the opponent misses an attack, Innatus deals 5 damage to the opponent's whole team.


    Pitiful Strike: 10 Energy, 9 speed, close range, deals 1 of each kind of damage. A weak attack.

    Eat Sandwich: 20 Energy, 5 speed, either range, heals Innatus for 35 health. If the opponent attempts to switch out on this turn, Innatus gains +10 to his damaging attacks.

    Mind Blast: 80 Energy, 7 Speed, either range, deals 80 dark energy.

    Innate Generation: 40 Energy, 5 Speed, either range. Innatus generates a new innate not yet even seen in the game.
  40. vasifan

    vasifan New Member

    Onimaru, the Samurai:

    85Hp Res:10/0/1
    Innate: Onimaru is immune to criticl hits.
    1)Sword Flurry: 6x6(Or 5x7)damage, 8 speed, 94% hit, knocks a debuff from Onimaru and a buff of the enemy.
    2)Double Slash: 26x2 damage, 4 speed, 95% hit, High damage/energy Ratio.
    3)Ancestral Spirit: 0 energy, 6 speed, Increases Onimaru's resistances by 3/4/5 for 5 turns. (Or increases damage and resistances by 1,2/3/4 with SF 5x7)
    4)Ancestral Curse: 5 energy, 7 speed, Decreases enemy PR by 10, 50% chance to burn 25 energy.

    Haxx, the balanced character:

    1Hp Res: 70/144/99
    Innate: Haxx is immune to Poison/bleed/burn.

    1)Useless move type 1: Stats dont matter, just immagine 1 crappy move.
    2)Useless move type 2: Same as above.
    3)Usefull move: 50 energy, both ranges, 1 speed, Deals 44 bleed damage over 2 turns.
    4)Useless move type 3: You should get the idea by now...

    Haxx doesn't Hax because you should compare the whole characters not single traits each character has. He might have ultimate resistances and a pure damaging move that can 2 shot most characters, but he only has 1 HP, you can kill him with intercept, and he has 3 moves that are way lower than average. He is a character that adds to the game fun factor.
  41. Teh_Shadrin

    Teh_Shadrin New Member

    i c wut u did thare

    I agree that you should look at the character as a whole, and not individual parts. However there is a limit, and that is, "Is it fun to play?" A character with only 1 viable move could theoretically be fun to play, and if that's the case, and if it's balanced, then it doesn't need changing.
  42. smapaulson

    smapaulson New Member

    Jack Baxter (Crazy looking guy with glasses and a deck of cards)
    The Mind Reader
    70 Hp
    Physical resist 2
    Dark 2
    Light 2

    Inate : If Jack is struck with the damage type he just buffed he counter attacks for 24 damage.

    Ace of Clubs: 40 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far Physical resist +6 for one turn. Cannot be used 2 turns in a row.

    Ace of Hearts: 40 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far Light resist +6 for one turn. Cannot be used 2 turns in a row.

    Ace of Spades: 40 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far Dark resist +6 for one turn. Cannot be used 2 turns in a row.

    Card Shark: 40 energy Speed 5 Far Causes the enemy to bleed 6 damage for 3 turns. Physical type
  43. MaddAddams

    MaddAddams New Member

    MLM would gobble that guy for dinner.
  44. Taimat

    Taimat New Member

    And my version of the above:

    Jack Baxter (Crazy looking guy with glasses and a deck of cards)
    The Mind Reader
    70 Hp
    Physical resist 2
    Dark 2
    Light 2

    Inate : If Jack is struck with the damage type he just negated he counter attacks for 24 damage. Each successful negation after the first multiplies damage by 1.5.

    Ace of Clubs: 40 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far Negates Physical damage for one turn. If an attack of the same element is not used, Jack takes 10 damage. If a same element attack is used, heal Jack 5hp and restore 20 energy.

    Ace of Hearts: 40 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far Negates Light damage for one turn. If an attack of the same element is not used, Jack takes 10 damage. If a same element attack is used, heal Jack 5hp and restore 20 energy.

    Ace of Spades: 40 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far Negates Dark damage for one turn. If an attack of the same element is not used, Jack takes 10 damage. If a same element attack is used, heal Jack 5hp and restore 20 energy.

    Card Shark: 30 energy Speed 5 Far Causes the enemy to bleed 9 damage for 3 turns, causes Jack to bleed for 2 damage for 2 turns.
  45. Penney

    Penney New Member

    Lets at least try to make this guy playable.

    Jack Baxter (Crazy looking guy with glasses and a deck of cards)
    The Mind Reader
    80 Hp
    Physical resist 5
    Dark 5
    Light 5

    Inate : If Jack buffs himself and is subsequently hit by an attack while a buff of that type is still on him, the opponent takes 20 damage.

    One Eyed Jacks: 20 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far. 50% chance to negate Physical damage for two turns.

    Suicide Kings: 20 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far. 50% chance to negate Light damage for two turns.

    Deuces Wild: 20 energy. Speed 10 Close/Far. 50% chance to negate Dark damage for two turns.

    Royal Flush: 40 energy Speed 5 Far Causes the enemy to bleed 9 damage for 3 turns.

  46. Taimat

    Taimat New Member

    Edited mine. I think he might be a little OP now :p I like how a mono-element character needs to not attack to kill him.

    Successful negate damage would scale 24>36>54>81. Scary :O

    Penney's has better move names though.
  47. Taimat

    Taimat New Member

    Higoshi, the Master Student.

    Innate: 10% to dodge attacks and intercepts. Intercepts do 60 damage.

    Open Palm: 15 energy, 26 damage. 25% to stun, 30% to interrupt. Speed 8.

    Rising Sweeping Dragon: 30 Energy, 25 damage. Hits fleeing. 25% to stun. Speed 9.

    Chi Blast: 65 Energy, 70 damage. 50% chance to burn foe for 5 damage for 5 turns. Speed 8.

    Dashing Reflecting Chi Strike: 0 Energy, 20 Damage. high chance for critical hit. Reflects light attacks. Speed 10.

    u c wut i did thar?
  48. vasifan

    vasifan New Member

    Dashing Reflecting Chi Strike...

  49. vasifan

    vasifan New Member

    Adam, Prince of Eternia.

    70Hp Res 2/2/3

    Innate: If Adam has equiped "The Power Sword", when he is below 30% life he transform into He-Man.

    1)Hide: 30 energy, Physical, Speed 10, 30% chance to dodge Physical attacks for 2 turns, Both ranges.
    2)Call Cringer: Physical, Cringer does nothing, Far.
    3)Punch: Physical attack 28 damage, 7 speed, 90% hit, 30 energy, Close.
    4)Knee bash: Physical attack 38 damage, 6 speed, 95% hit, 40 energy, Close.

    He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.

    85Hp Res 4/3/4

    Innate: If He-Man wields the "Power Sword" he gets +2 to all resistances and damage.

    1)Evade: 30 energy, Light, Speed 10, 30% chance to dodge all attacks.
    2)Battle-Cat: Physical attack vs all 13, Speed 5, 95% hit, 40 energy, both ranges.
    3)Super Punch: Physical attack 32 damage, 7 speed, 95% hit, 40 energy, 25% chance to stun, 25% chance to kconck opponent out of battle, close.
    4)Super breath: Light Magic 30 damage, 7 speed, 100% hit, 35 energy, 40% chance to interrupt, Far.
  50. Taimat

    Taimat New Member

    He man needs the power sword to actually get him, yet he has NO sword attacks?

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