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  1. I've never taken part in or hosted a forum game in my time at Sirlin, but on other forums I was fond of a game I just recently recalled named Rumble. The rules in full detail are explained here

    In short however each member who signs up will control a superhero they create. Using the link above they will pick two superpowers from the on-site list. The abilities can be as strong or weak as the desire, the powers will only be entered into a pool for bidding and not definitely become theirs.

    After all players send in their two powers they are given 100 energy points to bid with. Unless every power is absurdly good it is still entirely possible to win without having any (as I've seenhappen) because the energy points you are bidding with are both your Hit Points and the amount of energy you can spend in a turn; having 4 superpowers won't help you much if you have half as much energy as everyone else.

    Typically at the point everyones power and initial energy is revealed they will publicly post their character in as little as a name to descriptions with visual aid (one OP requested everyone make their character on the UGO Superhero Creator).

    Then the battle begins. Each round the participants PM me their actions where they allot a certain amount of energy to Attack, Defense and their Special Abilities (if applicable). You may attack as many people as you like at the cost o not being able to spend as much energy on each one individually. Attacks are resolved by comparing the attack spent on the target to the amount of defense they afforded themselves.

    Example: Sirlin spends 50 points defending, 30 to attacking Garcia and 10 to hit ChadMiller.
    Garcia spends 25 to attack both Sirlin and ChadMiller and 20 in defense. ChadMiller is far worse off than the other two and only has 25 points, which he uses all of to defend.

    Result: Sirlin's 50 defense is more than Garcia's attack, so it does no damage
    Garcia's defense is 10 less than what Sirlin hits him with, so he loses 10 energy
    ChadMiller's defense is strong enough to take either Garcia's or Sirlin's attack but both of them do enough to override his defense and reduce his energy below zero, so he dies and is removed from the game

    I will then write out the results of a round plainly. As much or as little role-playing as desired can be acted out by the players (I'm quite bad at it, but I avoided attacking one player character Rick Astley because I loved reading his narrative post to give the round color)

    I'm better at answering specific questions than explaining because I don't know what I've missed (I know the rules, so in proofreading I could've filled in any holes myself) but everything that needs to be known should be found in the link.

    I would like about 10 participants. To sign up simply post that you're interested and two powers you'd like to see in the game. Please try to only choose ones from the website that have white-asteriks next to them. They're the simplest and will work best for our first game.
    1. Chumpy
    2. Seth
    3. Prime Intellect
    4. Milskidasith
    5. Sotek
    6. Zejety
    7. Koopatroop
    8. Icegoten
    9. Ithaldir
    10. icewolf34

    There were a lot of things I didn't leave space for in my OP that shouldn't be strewn throughout the entire topic. They'll go in between edits and the participant list.

    Expert Training: When you win this Power, you may have or double a single number in any other Power you won.
    Sidekick: Your brave sidekick counts as an extra Hero under your control. He starts with 50 energy and has no Super Powers.
    Cool Shades: Use once per round. Double the strength of your Attack and Defense. If you do so you must reveal what you are doing this round before other players choose
    Extra Arms: You may assign only one attack per round, but a copy of that attack is made against every opponent
    Scientific Genius: Bidding for this Power occurs before bidding for other Powers. The winner of this bid may select their bids for the other Powers after the other players have revealed their bids
    Vampiric Bite: Whenever you damage another Hero gain energy equal to half that damage rounded down
    Taunting: Spend 10 and choose a power: The owner must use it next round if possible
    Master Planning: You may choose to reveal your Attack and Defense values during the Allocation Phase. If you do so you may multiply either by 1.5 during the Resolution Phase.
    Ice Shield: If you spend all your energy in Defense, add 20 to Defense
    Poisonous Membranes: Whenever you are attacked, even if you defend against it, your attacker sustains 3 points of unavoidable damage
    Icy Touch: Spend 15. If you damage an opponent this round they may only use half their Energy rounded up next round.
    Laser Goggles: Burn 10. Do 10 unavoidable damage to a Hero. Use no more than 3 times per round.
    Mimic: Spend X. You may use any single power in play whose Power Strength is X for this round.
    Hulking Muscle: Use once per game. Gain 50 Energy (and tear your shirt open) For the rest of the game you lose 5 Energy at the end of each round.
    Glass Swords: Add 40 to each of your Attacks. Lose this Power the first time you sustain any damage.
    Black Vapors: Spend 20. All defense is nullified this round regardless of its source.
    Regeneration: Gain 3 Energy at the beginning of each round.
    Boom Boxing: Does 25 Unavoidable damage when your Attack beats the victim's Defense by 20 or more.
    Squid Ink: Burn 1. Add 20 to your Defense. You may not use this Power if you used it the previous Round.
    Soul Eater: Gain 50 Energy whenever an opponent leaves the game

    Suspect/Banned Abilities (require 3 vetoes to ban)
    Really Big Guns: Add 50 to each of your attacks
    * Milskidasith
    * Chumpy
    * Sotek

    Evil Twin: As part of your bid for this Power nominate another Hero. When you win this Power, lose all your Powers and gain copies of all those that the nominated Hero won.
    * koopatroop
    * Seth
    * Milskidasith

    Expert Training Effects
    Sidekick: Starting Energy
    Vampiric Bite: Energy Returned
    Cool Shades: Strength Multiplier
    Taunting: Energy Cost
    Master Planning: Strength Multiplier
    Ice Shield: Defense Bonus
    Poisonous Membrane: Unblockable Damage
    Icy Touch: Energy Cost, Amount of Energy target can use
    Laser Goggles: Energy Cost, Unblockable Damage, Usage Restriction
    Mimic: Strength of abilities selected
    Glass Swords: Damage
    Black Vapor: Energy Cost
    Regeneration: Amount healed
    Hulking Muscle: Energy gained, Energy lost per round
    Boom Boxing: Bonus damage, amount needed to activate
    Squid Ink: Energy burned, Defense added
  2. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Expert Training: When you win this Power, you may halve or double a single number, in any other Power you won.

    Sidekick: Your brave sidekick counts as an extra Hero, under your control. He starts with 50 Energy, and has no Super Powers.

    What could possibly go wrong

  3. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    Cool Shades: Use once per round: Double the strength of your Attacks and Defense. If you do so, you must reveal what you are doing this round before other players choose.

    Extra Arms: You may only assign one Attack per round, but a copy of that Attack is made against every other opponent.

    I am also in. This is going to be combolicious. Can Expert Training double the use of Cool Shades?
  4. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Scientific Genius: Bidding for this power occurs before bidding for other powers. The winner of this power may select his bids for the rest of the powers after the other players have revealed their bids.

    Vampiric Bite: Whenever you damage another Hero, gain Energy equal to half of that damage (rounding down).

  5. I'm going say yes unless people tell me they don't want it to. As of right now Expert Training can double/half:
    Vampiric Bite: Damage returned
    Sidekick: Starting Energy
    Cool Shades: Strength multiplier
    Taunting: Energy Cost
    Master Planning: Strength Multiplier
  6. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    It says any number; couldn't it allow you to make two attacks per round with multi arms (that only really matters if, say, Really Big Guns is in play, but Really Big Guns is kind of stupid). Also, what the hell does Petrifying Gaze do? Is it just a 10 point cost "You die" attack?

    EDIT: I'm in, but still looking through the power list.

    EDIT X2:

    I want to add in...

    Taunting - Spend 10 and choose a Power: Its owner must use it next round, if possible.

    Master Planning - You may choose to reveal your Attack and Defense values during the Allocation Phase. If you do so you may multiply either by 1.5 (rounding down) during the Resolution Phase.

    Question about Master Planning: Do you have to reveal the value of all your attacks, your total attack value, or the exact attacks you're making? I think it might be best if it reveals your individual attack values, but not the targets, but it's your call, and cool either way. I'm adding yomi up in here.
  7. I'm going to say to do that, because otherwise it is entirely outclassed by Cool Shades. Master Planning + Cool Shades + Expert Training = 6x damage for revealed attacks, mind you its implausible but any two of those is at least 3x. Scary thought.

    Multiarms doesn't allow two attacks because it does your one attack to everyone. Usually using 60 attack or splitting 30 matters, but when it hits everyone with 60 once vs hit everyone with 30 twice there is no difference.

    Petrifying Gaze looks to be a 10 point auto-kill. Keep in mind you have to Burn 10. Burning is different from spending because you permanently lose those 10 points. It would probably serve as a psychological weapon and way to keep people spending the 10 energy per turn for safety rather than an effective auto-killer.

    I wanted to add that if anyone decides against an ability or finds a new one they like more you can change yours at any point before we reach capacity and begin bidding.
  8. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Well, hitting everybody with 30 matters when you have in the flat attack increases such as Really Big Guns. But yeah, I see the point of not changing it.

    Sidenote: Can I just autoveto Really Big Guns? It seems excessively powerful, since you can threaten 51 damage to everybody while only spending 9 energy. I know you'd have to pay a crapload for it, but it seems like too much of a game changer even relative to everything else.
  9. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    I'm in.

    I say Ice Shield (If you spend all your Energy on Defense, add 20 to your Defense)

    and ...

    Poisonous Membranes. Whenever you are Attacked, even if you defend against it, your Attacker sustains 3 Points of unavoidable damage.
  10. I'd say no auto-vetoing by one person just because everyone should have a say but I personally don't like that one especially with Mastery in this game (read: Kill everyone in 2 hits). It balances itself out by making its owner an easy target, but I really recommend 'Glass Swords' as far as hard hitting abilities go. It has the same effect and stops once the owner takes damage.

    Milskidasith keeps reminding me of important things though, and this needs the bold print
    If you don't like somebody else's ability because you feel it is too clunky/powerful/whatever you may post that you wish to veto it
    If 3 members agree to veto something a new power will have to be picked.

    It hasn't been picked by anyone yet, but contempt for 'Really Big Guns' has been voiced so with two more members it will cease to be a selectable ability.
  11. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I'm cool with vetoing RBG.
  12. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    yeah I'll join in the probably-unneeded veto.
  13. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    I join. Looking through the powers for now.

    More obvious combos!

    Icy Touch
    Spend 15: If you damage an opponent this round, they may only use half of their Energy (rounding up) next round.

    Laser Goggles
    Burn 10: Do 10 unavoidable damage to a Hero. Use no more than three times per round.
  14. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    I would also like to veto Really Big Guns.
  15. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    I'm a bit afraid of huge king making though... ^^
    I suppose it's time to apply PtW to its fullest - survivor style.

    Is communication allowed/encouraged? If yes: how about private talk?
  16. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Y'know what I don't get? There's absolutely nothing that lets you spend (not burn) energy to do an offensive action, yet there is a power that lets you go into a state where your only action is to use powers. I mean, would a "spend 3X: Deal X unavoidable damage" power be that overpowered?
  17. Communication in here through your narration is certainly allowed. I can't enforce PM communication but I'd rather not have private groups forming. If people like the mindgames behind it (will they do what they said they will or will they deceive me?) I can change my stance.

    The Huge King making is necessary and helps balance out the slippery slope. Unless you have Antimatter Body you become closer to death as well as losing the ability to kill others and protect yourself.

    Probably not, I actually like that ability too. If this game is a success the next one probably will allow all abilities on that list as well as custom ones.
  18. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Bahahahaha this isn't one with an asterisk but I find it hilarious:

    B!tchslap Magnet: This Power is won by the LOWEST bidder. All characters MUST Attack you each Round.
  19. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Yeah, I've just seen it, too. :D
  20. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    Before we start the game, I would like to see an official, final answer as to whether or not we can PM or not. I realize that some people might still cheat, and claim PtW, but that wouldn't be a valid defense for PtW, if we agreed that outside-of-thread communication was against the rules.
  21. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    I'd be fine with banning PMs.
  22. This time at least I want no PM's. We can get into that mess next game if people want it.
  23. koopatroop

    koopatroop Well-Known Member


    Petrifying Gaze.
  24. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    oh, good lord
  25. I lowered the number to 8 so we only need one more to play, probably a nicer number to start with too. Be prepared to bid on Scientific Genius, veto any controversial abilities, and have a rough sketch for your player character (even if it's as little as a name)
  26. Icegoten

    Icegoten Member

    I'm in! This sounds extremely fun

    Spend 5: Select a Hero other than yourself to gain 20 Energy. Next round, you may assign that 20 Energy for them (as well as making any choices required by it).

    The Puppet Master
    All other players choose odd or even. Odd players may only Attack even players and vice versa. Odd players may Attack you during odd numbered rounds, even players may Attack you during even numbered rounds.
  27. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Wrong power list. Plus, just in case it's allowed, I veto puppet master because it's seriously retarded.
  28. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Maybe someone should swap a defensive power against an offesive one? This looks like it's going to be a blockfest.
    Black Vapors, maybe?

  29. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Question: If someone mimics Petrifying Gaze, do I have to avoid their gaze separately, or is it enough to simply 'Avoid gaze'

    also, veto Puppet Master if not auto-banned
  30. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    If that's a matter of opinion, I'd prefer it the latter way.
  31. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Is there room for a 9th player, if so I'd like to join and I'd like to see Glass Swords and Black Vapors in the game.
  32. koopatroop

    koopatroop Well-Known Member

    It says block "your" gaze, so I assume the former.
  33. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    <3 your choices.

    edit: Unrelated rules question:
    What happens if two players bid the same (highest) amount fir a power? What's the tie-breaker?
  34. koopatroop

    koopatroop Well-Known Member

    Rebid, only among the winners.
  35. We've reached the number of players I wanted so Bidding for Scientific Genius will begin now. PM me your bid by Thursday night. I'd like to have them earlier to make this go faster, but I'm not sure how this group is with real life commitments yet.

    @Icegoten: Neither one of those abilities is legal. Please select two with an asterik next to it when you're on to PM your bid to me. If I don't have legal abilities by the time we bid for the rest I'll have to drop you.

    @Ithaldir: There's certainly room, I only lowered the number because I didn't expect a ninth or tenth. Like Zejety I love what you've chosen too.

    @Chumpy: Letter of the law says it blocks only the one person's gaze, but I think that's only because it isn't written to be mimicked, and having to spend 20 energy or be auto-killed every turn is stupid. Therefore 10 energy a turn is enough to specifically block either gaze

    @Zejety: koopatroop is correct

    EDIT: I don't know if I need to say it, but just in case people are unsure you only lose the Energy if you win the bid so have no fear of wasting it (unless you spend entirely too much)
  36. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    If we don't win Scientific Genius, will we get our bidden energy back before bidding on the other powers starts?
  37. Yes, though you shouldn't be too set on spending close to your 100 cap anyway lest you win most of them.
  38. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    So... it will double as our energy per round AND our health? Even though those are different entities?

    So if we are done with bidding, and I have 60 left, I have 60 health and 60 energy to spend each round?

    Just clarifying. And of course, once I bid... that is spent, I can't bid it again?
  39. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Your energy pool *is* your health. If you take 20 damage, then you would have 40 energy per round. So if you take damage, your energy pool decreases. Health is a nonexistent entity.
  40. icewolf34

    icewolf34 Well-Known Member

    May I join? I nominate Evil Twin and Regeneration.
  41. There is no separate Energy and Health total, if you take 15 points of damage you have 15 less to use than you did before. The bids (except Scientific Genius) will all happen simultaneously, so you technically can spend over 100 but you then run the risk of killing yourself before the game even starts (which is no fun) or more likely overspending a buttload.

    EDIT: Ninja'd. Also you're in icewolf. I won't take past 10 though, so nobody else can join unless someone drops out before Scientific Genius bidding.
  42. koopatroop

    koopatroop Well-Known Member

    Ok I realize I don't like petrified gaze. I don't understand the text and I thought that stone meant don't spend energy next round. I'd much rather have Hulking Muscle

    Also can I veto something someone already proposed. Evil Twin seems annoying.
  43. It could be, I interpreted it differently but it is your ability. No spending energy probably means death anyway because everyone will know in advance they won't be able to defend. Just tell me in your next post or bidding PM if you want to keep Petrifying Gaze (where stone =/= death) or switch to Hulking Muscle anyway.

    Yes you can veto something now, that's when vetoing usually is, we just made an exception for RBG.
  44. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    I see... so there's going to be much smaller bids and attacks/blocks than I thought.
  45. koopatroop

    koopatroop Well-Known Member

    Hulking Muscle is less ambiguously worded.

    I'll go ahead and veto Evil Twin
    no offense Icewolf, it just feels so random.
  46. Seth

    Seth Active Member

    I will also veto Evil Twin.
  47. icewolf34

    icewolf34 Well-Known Member

    Oh, I don't mind too much really. If two more people veto I will find another power.

    EDIT: if one more person does! One thing I overlooked at first is that Evil Twin doesn't mean you wipe your victim's powers. So I don't know if either of you made that mistake when reading it.

    Icegoten, don't forget to switch the powers! It would actually be better to get them in before Scientific Genius bid, since that could affect it.
  48. Yeah, it seems very underpowered. I could even see it being picked up just to be discarded by a player who didn't want to risk being copied.
  49. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Veto evil twin.
  50. Icegoten

    Icegoten Member

    Ok I choose

    Boom Boxing
    Does 25 unavoidable extra damage whenever your Attack beats the victim's Defence by 20 or more.

    Squid Ink
    Burn 1: Add 20 to your Defence. You may not use this Power if you used it in the previous Round.

    I also have a question. For easy math say I start with 100 Energy. On the first turn if I put 100 into Defense and there are no super powers involved and the attacks placed on me come up to 75 does this mean I have 25 Energy left due to the attacks dealing damage or do I still have 100 since Attack did not go over 100 or is once you decide where you allot your Energy it is subtracted?

    Like I start with 100, say 55 Attack and 35 Defense do I now have 10 Energy left meaning if I get attacked for 45 I die?

    And what would happen in the case of 100 Defense vs 100 Attack?

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