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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Chomper The Sharptooth, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    I know exactly what I would do in Chumpy's situation~.

    (his aborted bid almost was on that track except for the bit where it wasn't!)
  2. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    He's dead turn 1 if anybody fully commits to an attack, and if anybody has an automatic damage ability then he's screwed.
  3. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Wait, why the hell do people who tied on their bids get to see all the other bids before they tiebreak?

    I spent 27 energy just to do that, and other people get to change their bids for free?
  4. Yes bidding death is still 50 Energy for Soul Eater. You did type it right (24 for Mimic) I just copied it wrong. I have to figure out who would have Laser Goggles now (and cancel the Mimic tiebreaker)

    I'll be fixing it all now, glad you guys caught it because I wasn't going to look at it again.
  5. koopatroop

    koopatroop Well-Known Member

    Sent messages, 0 items.

    But I have what I copied pasted from and laser goggles is 0. Mimic is 24 instead. Not that it matters, I am pretty screwed regardless.
  6. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    Glad I didn't play this game! Heh.

    To clarify: this is a terrible way of handling tie breakers.
  7. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    acceptable (and fast!) compromise: winner of Scientific Genius may break ties
  8. This should have the bids fixed

    Scientific Genius: 27 (Chumpy)

    Expert Training: 15 (Milskidasith / Ithaldir)
    Sidekick: 15 (Prime Intellect)
    Cool Shades: 21 (koopatroop)
    Extra Arms: 31 (koopatroop)
    Vampiric Bite: 30 (Ithaldir)
    Taunting: 5 (Milskidasith)
    Master Planning: 15 (koopatroop)
    Ice Shield: 10 (Prime Intellect / Seth)
    Poisonous Membranes: 17 (Zejety)
    Icy Touch: 21 (Zejety)
    Laser Goggles: 4 (Sotek)
    Mimic: 24 (koopatroop)
    Hulking Muscles: 32 (Seth)
    Glass Swords: 20 (Ithaldir)
    Black Vapors: 4 (Sotek)
    Regeneration: 20 (Prime Intellect)
    Boom Boxing: 20 (Ithaldir)
    Squid Ink: 11 (Seth)
    Souleater: 26 (Sotek)

    Mystery Box: 10 (koopatroop)

    Energy Levels
    Chumpy: 73 (Scientific Genius)
    Seth: 57 (Hulking Muscles, Squid Ink)
    Prime Intellect: 65 (Sidekick, Regeneration)
    Milskidasith: 95 (Taunting)
    Sotek: 66 (Black Vapors, Soul Eater)
    Zejety: 62 (Poisonous Membranes, Icy Touch)
    Koopatroop: -1 (Cool Shades, Extra Arms, Master Planning, Laser Goggles, Mystery Box)
    Icegoten: 100 ()
    Ithaldir: 30 (Vampiric Bite, Glass Swords, Boom Boxing)
    Icewolf34: 100 ()

    @chumpy: Their tiebreaker only affects one Ability as compared to all of them like yours and you won't have a double blind guess because you'll see the final worth of everything. Also partially because the bidding phase has gone on longer than it was supposed to. I'm using your suggestion though, it's outside the actual Power but it makes sense and the pre-game has gone on far longer than it was supposed to.

    @Garcia: This was how it was brought up by someone else earlier in the thread, I had planned on doing something else entirely but because the rule as on the site I linked to said to do it one way I didn't want the thought to be I made it up as I went along, of course that just happens to be the way I handled this most recent mess. Fun.
  9. icewolf34

    icewolf34 Well-Known Member

    I am super confused now, I guess I don't need to submit any bids?

    Chumpy: for the last time, I absolutely do not think you ought to outbid Sotek on Soul Eater. As you say, that would be suicidal. I think that you ought to not let koopatroop die. Yeah he'll still be screwed regardless, but even one more turn before Super Saiyan Sotek is really great. Ithaldir, ok, let's deal one damage to him or something.
  10. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Damn it, koopatroop.

    fuck it, EXPERT MYSTERY BOX (actual bid!)
  11. Icegoten

    Icegoten Member

    Wow I got outbid on everything. Looks like koopatroop wasn't expecting to win all of those bids.

    Sotek looks like he will be the biggest threat in the long haul getting a free 30 damage attack every time someone dies. Right off the bat he will a free 30 which he could use to take out Ithaldir and gain another free 30 for his next attack.

    The free 30 comes from using soul eater to get 50 and then spending 20 with black vapors to nullify any defense.

    He needs to be stopped.
  12. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Looks like Sotek has to be stopped.
    Souleater sure is an attention magnet.
  13. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    t'ch. It's gonna be interesting. Especially when we get into the negotiating. Because man, Black Vapors.
  14. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Yeah. That's a point. Especially if we're going to focus you down, you can seriously hurt someone with your last attack.
  15. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Yep. if I'm gonna die for sure, I'm gonna black vapors and ruin as many people as I can.
  16. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    so, uh, how do we work this then?

    do we collectively agree to only deal a certain amount of damage to Sotek a turn?
  17. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Like, we can't reasonably let Sotek keep gaining energy, but we can't all charge attack him or else he'll vapor us.

    Do we need to draw up treaties? I think we need treaties?
  18. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Fact: Koopa will be <10 energy.
    Very likely: Sotek will kill him next turn.

    Has Chumpy finished being a Scientific Genius?
  19. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Yes obviously.

    Equally obvious: if we kill Sotek, Sotek uses Black Vapors, Ithaldir attacks everyone and gains... oh god.


    is it too late to add Black Vapors to my bids?
  20. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Oh shit, Ithaldir is a monster.
    We should wait for him to choose Expert Training's target.

    And we can't even Laser Goggle his Ice Sword away.
  21. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    I present you

  22. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Pretty sure bidding isn't even finished yet.
  23. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Wait a second, I bid 5 for laser goggles. I have it, not Sotek. Bad mod! Bad!

    OK, plan: I laser goggle away ice swords round 1, we kill Sotek round 1, then devolve everything into a big clusterfuck without too many monsters. Sound cool?

    Also, another question: I can use taunt to force somebody to use powers like ice shield, right? I assume taunt means that I can force them to use any power they can guarantee activates.
  24. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Yeah, I guess that's how it works.

    If you really have LG, then goggle away. That's still one turn of hurt, though.
  25. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    One turn of him being able to do 70 damage, yeah, assuming that unavoidable damage doesn't just break his swords instantly. That's no more than *I* can do, although admittedly I wouldn't gain 30 energy getting a full attack off.

    The only real risk is if he wins expert training and then has 100% vamp, because then I'd have to just force feed him death via laser goggles and power up Sotek. Laser Goggles burning 10 energy fucking sucks, too.
  26. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Can't he deal way more damage than that? Attack everyone with a "1" attack, Ice Sword adds 40 to all attacks, BAM.
    Or isn't that how it works?
  27. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Wait... what??

    Again... what!?

    You guys realize I've got 30 Energy left, right? How am I supposed to win the bid for Expert Training and Attack Everyone (seriously? WtF? I didn't win Extra Arms!) with 30 freaking Energy Points? That'd be suicidal, if Sotek's playing Black Vapors all you guys would need in that situation is attack me with 1 point each and I'm dead.

    The real villain here is Sotek. Who'll gain 80 Energy after you guys kill me and he kills Koops.
  28. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    In fact, why would I even want to kill anyone of you while Sotek is still alive?? To give him enough energy to kill me in one shot regardless of how much I drain? I'm smarter than that you guys.
  29. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Worst case scenario is basically this:

    Sotek uses Black Vapor.
    You see that coming and spend all energy attacking.
    You attack everyone of us with at least 1 point. Ice Swords amplifies every one of those attacks (mod confirmation required).
    Everyone of us takes at least 41 damage and you gain (40*9+30) 195 energy.
    Allthough attacking me would be unwise, so I suppose it's just 155.

    This thing can happen as long as Sotek uses Black Vapor.
    What it comes down to is this: Is Sotek playing to win this game or "the campaign"? Using Black Vapor is obviously going to make him lose, but it will make him a less attractive target in future games. Defending however might save him, especially if we expect him to use BV.

    2 more mod questions:
    A player has Vampiric Bite and 1 Energy left. He takes 1 damage and deals 4 damage (with other powers). Will he survive?
    Two players die on the same turn. One of them has Souleater. Does the heal proc and can it save its owner?

    Btw, I do agree that Sotek is the bigger threat.
  30. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    We're not idiots, Ith. EVERY ONE OF YOUR ATTACKS is +40. You don't need "hit everything" when you deal 41 for 1 energy (and 1:1 after that).

    Also, Zejety, I'm pretty sure that it's been confirmed that heals come after damage, and if you're dead, you stay dead.
  31. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    This whole mess would be a lot nicer if koopa wasn't that close to death.
    Attack Sotek with a combined strength of 66 so that he can't use BV without dieing. Laser Ithaldir's Sword away. But everything else into defense. Problem solved.

    Anyway, I guess we should wait for the contents of the mystery box before proceeding...

    edit: if what Milski says is true, we just have to deal enough damage to Sotek and Ithaldir to kill them in case of BV.
  32. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    ...? Why are you contradicting yourself in the same post?

    Yes 41 attack on each, I assumed so much in my post. I also explained (probably not clearly enough?) that I don't have enough energy to both attack everyone and survive an attack in the first turn at the same time.

    If everyone attacks me with 1 point, that's 19 damage, I need 19 energy points to attack everyone, even if I lose the Expert Training bid that's a 19 points attack on my remaining 11 Energy, assuming that's how it works... if "heals come after damage, and if you're dead, you stay dead" it doesn't matter how many guys I attack.

    Also, I have to assume 10 damage from Goggles so I'm not allowed to use 10 Energy if I even want to stand a chance, that's only 20 Energy for me to work with... I just can't see how that's dangerous. Sure I might kill someone (definitely Sotek) and then I become pretty much vanilla next turn. If I somehow survive that is.
  33. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    While we're on subject, I present you Count Helmut Bluedrinker, douchebag by day, hero by night... actually douchebag by night too:


    (The face under the mask is already a WtF face in case he loses the Swords or the Vampiric Bite before the fight even starts.)
  34. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    OK, uhh... what the fuck? You either can't do math or don't know the rules. I'd explain but there's no reason to help you out.
  35. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Also: If Sotek uses BV, defending is pointless anyway.
  36. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Ok, let's see here... I think I'll lynch Milskidasith.

    On a more serious note, I will be the superhero of gluttony, slowly stuffing my face every round to recover energy.

    I am hungry! I am the slob! I... am... FATMAN!
    My sidekick is named Slobbin', in case you were wondering.
  37. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Oops, totally forgot about Boom Boxing. Make that 66 damage per person. Sotek, I hope you will act rational.
  38. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness I just found the superhero generator.

    I hope you don't mind if I make the most ridiculous superhero ever.
  39. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

  40. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Well... I do suck at math, heck I've failed at basic counting at least a couple of times in these forums. I'm going to read the rules and try the math again to figure out what was so outrageously wrong then I'll get back at you.

    Yeah... I noticed you guys seemed to have missed the fact that I had that as one of my potential powers. Damn you for actually paying attention.

    I'm dying to see it.
  41. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

  42. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    The rational play is the one that maximizes my chance of victory.

    If I view my chances of victory as sufficiently close to 0 no matter what, the rational play is the one that results in speeding up the game the most, to start a new game that I have a chance in, sooner.
  43. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

  44. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Ok, after re-reading the rules I'm thinking points put in defense, attack and special abilities are returned to the pool before damage is applied. I also noticed that there's actually only 10 of us and not 20.

    In that case, I've got 30 points to work with, which is awesome, but still only turns into 61~66 damage to each one of you if Sotek uses Black Vapors. But that gets countered by the fact that you guys only need 20 points total (3 points each even if some of you decide not to attack me) plus Goggles to kill me in that situation. Heck, Sotek would probably be doing me a favor by not activating Black Vapors.

    So I'm pretty much giving the win to high Energy guys in that scenario. I'm not sure that's what I want. But hey, if you guys are all dead set on killing Mr. One-shot-wonder (that would have been a nicer super hero name considering the circumstances) you're leaving me not much of an option. So I'd like to know in advance if that's how we'll roll.
  45. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    Damn you and your superior logic!
  46. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member


    He's a skeletal mechanic. I have a stupid backstory idea, too.

    EDIT: Stupid backstory!

    Carson Bentley was a good 'ole boy, making a living fixing up cars for people around town at the store his daddy had owned, and his daddy before that, and so on. One day, he was feeling slighted by some rude bitch who he could hardly understand, so he rummaged around in her car and, finding a huge bag of gems, grabbed a couple for himself as "payment." Of course, the woman was the stereotypical bitchy gypsy, so he was cursed to forever walk the land as a skeleton. Now, with the curse in his heart, a wrench in his hand, a cross on his neck, and laser gems in his eyes, he... still mostly just fixes cars. Gotta pay alimony somehow.
  47. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Right... forgot Laser Goggles owner is also after Expert Training, that means I could probably end up getting 20 unblockable damage turn 1, or start with only 15 energy if Chumpy decides I should have Expert Training... (that's how we're breaking ties, right?)
  48. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    You do know I can deal 30 unblockable damage turn one, right? The only reason I wouldn't is because, y'know, that would hurt me a shitload.
  49. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    I was under the impression you could only use it once per turn up to three times. I realize the first restriction was only on my mind. But yeah, that'd be a bad move in that it puts you in killing range for me.
  50. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Yeah, it definitely says it's a three a round thing. That also implies that I can taunt as many people as I want a round, but unfortunately there aren't *too* many powers I want to force people to use (stunlocking somebody by forcing them to use ice shield is about the only powerful use it has at the moment, and that's probably illegal).

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