Tabula Rasa?

Discussion in 'MMO Design and Virtual Worlds' started by monkeyswinkle, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. monkeyswinkle

    monkeyswinkle Member

    Has anybody played Tabula Rasa? I was just looking through some video reviews and walkthroughs and some of the design decisions looked interesting and slightly different from what seems to be the MMO norms. I'm still not sure I would like it, but I was wondering if anybody had played it and what they thought of it.
  2. 2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616

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    Sad thing is that servers all die feb next year. (this is found after looking it up for one minute)
  3. Crazy Man

    Crazy Man New Member

  4. monkeyswinkle

    monkeyswinkle Member

    Haha, well I guess that settles the question of whether I will ever try it out. If anyone played it, I'd still be interested to hear what was good/bad/different about it, though, for curiosity's sake.
  5. Radix

    Radix New Member

    It's slightly more interesting than the average MMO, but nothing terribly special. The cover system is hacky at best, and doesn't actually check for collisions, but measures if you are in line of sight as the attack is sent (or resolves, i don't remember exactly how it worked). Point is, you can be hit through walls which is dumb.
  6. Blicen

    Blicen New Member

    The game just felt very generic in a sense, and while the combat was kind of cool at first it got pretty boring quickly. The game just had no personality and the progression was kind of bad also.

    I tried and tried to force myself to play it to get my moneys worth out of it but I just couldnt bring myself to play it after the first 2 days I had it.

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