Test your personality via looking at writing style

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by SW, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Did the totally detached writing style that is the default for me..... (oh this sentence is passive voice...)

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    I wouldnt bother with the "perceptual style" bottle test. It makes you write about a picture of a bottle for five minutes and then makes some heavily generalised statements about your writing... the problem being that its not actually very good at it. Having spent the time writing about the damn bottle it proceded to tell me I would be a bad engineer, graphic designer, and architect before dismissing my contextual thinking as "average" despite being five times the norm ^^.

    Essentially it scores you on the number of times you name colours and textures. Except that it doesnt recognise words like "ugly" and "murky".

    Visual Dimension 	             Your data  The average response
    Words on the label: Verbal thinking 	0.00 	1.74
    Colors and text: Visual sensitivity 	0.93 	3.74
    Bottle contents: Functional thinking 	0.93 	1.67
    The bottle itself: Tactile sensitivity 	1.87 	2.91
    Light and shadow: Contextual thinking 	4.67 	0.79
    I wrote: "The picture depicts a bottle standing upright on a white surface against a slightly murky background. The bottle is a clear plastic bottle with a dark red label and a light gey cap. It looks cheap, is filled with a little bit of water, and has light shining off it at odd angles suggesting it is a little crumpled. The picture is ordinary and not terribly emotive. I would not put it on my wall or even use it as a desktop background. Although the bottle appears to have water in it I would not select it over other brands, probably because the colour scheme is ugly."
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    I just did the twitter test. Ohohohoho~

    ..... I am very very angry. :(

    I took the other test where you write a story based on a picture but I dunno about the results. I.... ended up writing Lesbian Scientist Fanfiction. I think that alone says more than the test results.

    Also when I took the bottle test (which also had garbage results) I ALSO wrote about hwo cheap that bottle looks. GOD DAMN DOES IT LOOK CHEAP
  5. -Y-

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    Need for Achievement 	1.82 	5.8 	5.6
    Need for Affiliation 	0.00 	1.1 	1.3
    Need for power 	1.09 	1.7 	1.8
    Self-references (I, me, my) 	0.73 	0.5 	0.8
    Social words 	        4.38 	11.4 	12.0
    Positive emotions 	3.65 	1.8 	2.1
    Negative emotions 	1.82 	1.5 	1.6
    Big words (> 6 letters) 	22.99 	18.7 	17.7
  6. bbobjs

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    In my bottle test I mentioned "the bottle is more than half empty" the results:

    Bottle contents: Functional thinking 0.00


    Anyway although I think the bottle test is stupid, it's perhaps not completely worthless? As a personality test, yes, it's worthless but I suspect that most gamers who take the test will obtain exceptionally high "Light and shadow: Contextual thinking" scores (or at least I did, sillysod did, I'm going to guess KayinN did) and if true, that tells us something... something we already knew but...

    Just for fun:
    The bottle is psycho crusher empty tiger plasma sandwich cream almost no water is inside the bottle. The label is red blue green gray white yellow birds water pollen. The light and shadow reflecting tractors motorbike boat race cube circle. False romance cancel into dragon install the surface of the bottle for maximum damage off your badlands loop with poison, fish for the counter hit. Spinning pile driver the bottle label surface shadow light. Cap the side of the bottle for extra burrito of light punch.
    Visual Dimension	Your data	The average response
    Words on the label: Verbal thinking	2.33	1.74
    Colors and text: Visual sensitivity	4.65	3.74
    Bottle contents: Functional thinking	1.16	1.67
    The bottle itself: Tactile sensitivity	1.16	2.91
    Light and shadow: Contextual thinking	5.81	0.79
  7. -Y-

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    This whole thing reminds me when some writer who was a graphology nut got a sample of his own handwriting and exclaimed "This boy will never amount to anything!". He was a famous writer or something along those lines so yeah...

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