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Discussion in 'Street Fighter HD Remix' started by Avatar Z, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. Effayy

    Effayy Member

    ...that would explain a lot if true.

    Edit: Yes, it's true.
  2. Effayy

    Effayy Member

    I've been been browsing the shoryuken boards trying to get better with Cammy (and at the game in general) and I came across a Cammy thread that seems helpful but I have no idea how to decipher the ST jargon. For example, on the front page, this is a list of combos:

    BnB->> hk Cannon Drill
    BnB->> s.hp-> lk.Cannon Drill>>> Super crossup->> xx Super crossup->> Cannon Spike

    j. lk crossup-> -> cr. mp-> cr. mp -> HK Cannon Drill crossup->> xx Cannon Drill>> cmk xx Cannon Drill

    What the hell does it mean?
  3. Vulcan55

    Vulcan55 New Member

    c. j. and s. are Crouching, Jumping (in air) and Standing, respectively. and lp, mp, hp, lk, mk, hk are all each of your attack buttons. (Light, medium/middle, Heavy; Punch and Kick)

    Crossups are explained in this video:

    The Arrow means that the next move is simply preformed next in the combo. The xx means cancel. That means, for example, in the fourth one, you would use your Super during the animation of your crouching Middle Punch (Strong) and it should cancel the rest of the and go right into your Super.
  4. Effayy

    Effayy Member

    Okay, thanks. That clears up a lot for me.

    Also, what are some of Cammy's moves that you can cross-up with? I've noticed that many matches I lose are very very close in damage, and probably would've won if I'd caused just a smidge more damage. Plus I don't know what attacks to use when I knock my opponent down
  5. Vulcan55

    Vulcan55 New Member

    According to that list you provided, it seems that is very good for crossups.
    When they're knocked down is the easiest time to crossup, so I'd go for that
  6. elliott20

    elliott20 Member

    it seems like for most characters, tends to be a pretty safe cross up option. although, I seem to be having problems comboing out of them. perhaps I'm not supposed to be able to combo out of them or maybe I'm hitting the j. lk too soon in the jump? need to watch more vids.
  7. Rufus

    Rufus Member

    Really, you're looking for moves that have hit boxes that are below the character. In order to combo out of cross-ups, you do need them to be deep - that is, you need to be close to the ground when they hit.
  8. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    I'm very successful with Cammy and I don't focus on combos. All I need is

    Jump anything, low forward, cannon drill.

    If closer and I get any combo I want (they are dizzy or just threw a fireball at a dumb time), jump roundhouse, stand fierce, roundhouse cannon drill.

    Crossup short, stand fierce then either roundhouse cannon drill or low forward. After low forward, cancel into either cannon drill (not a combo, but keeps up pressure) or hooligan throw.

    Then there's the basic low forward into either cannon drill or hooligan throw pressure.

    That is enough to win a LOT with Cammy, if you have good general gameplay. Yeah you can do better combos, but too much time in training mode and not enough practice versus humans is probably a bad route in ST. It's way more important to know the matchups, like how to use low forward and stand forward against Zangief, how to use jump straight up strong versus honda and dhalsim, how to do a pressure trap with many cannon drills versus most characters, etc.
  9. Avatar Z

    Avatar Z Well-Known Member

    One of the reasons why I'm loving this game so far!

    Anyway, I have a question about charge reversal timing. If I'm playing Guile or Chun Li or anyone else with a Charge Down, Up reversal, do I have to push the stick up on the exact frame where my character wakes up, or is the timing window more forgiving for the joystick motion (and then I just use piano input for the buttons)?

    Also, if there is a timing window, is it the same for both charge characters and command characters (ie. I need to know how fast I must put in the Dragon Punch motion on the stick)?

  10. SpicyCrab

    SpicyCrab Well-Known Member

    Press up just before you wake up, so that you're pianoing the buttons on the first frame you wake up.
  11. Avatar Z

    Avatar Z Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what you mean by "just before". Does that mean I must press up right on my wake-up frame (ie. the frame where I would actually get hit by a meaty attack), or can I press up at X frames before my wake-up frame?

  12. SpicyCrab

    SpicyCrab Well-Known Member

    Press up before your wake up frame. You want to be either pressing the buttons/pianoing on the first frame your character gets up.

    Think about it, you want the move to execute on exactly the first frame of your wake up... the move executes when you press/release a button.

    Press up before you get up, so that you are pressing or releasing one of your pianos exactly on the first frame as your character stands up/enters neutral state.
  13. Avatar Z

    Avatar Z Well-Known Member

    After some more training mode runs, I think I finally got it. Thanks!

  14. Effayy

    Effayy Member

    So just to be clear, when doing reversals you want the last button of the input to happen as you're getting up? Which would mean that you input the directions while you're on the ground?
  15. Mumbo Wumbo

    Mumbo Wumbo New Member

    I think so. You do the motions and then piano all three buttons slightly before you get up. The way I see it is like is the time to do it is at 5 i want to start at 4 to make sure that I can get 4, 5, and 6 with all the presses/releases.

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