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  1. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    I think I missed the part where you nearly got lynched for it.

    Here's the tally.

    Vote Tally (7 Votes, 4 is majority)

    Lynch Votes:
    Golden119: 2 (AlexSierra, Ehrgeix)
    Prime Intellect: 1 (Ithaldir)
    AlexSierra: 1 (Prime Intellect)
    Abstaining: 2+1 (bbobjs & Lump, Golden119)
  2. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Eh... forgot to mark your vote as deadline. We're still before soft deadline, but not for too long.
  3. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    PI: Why lynch alex instead of golden? I very much want to lynch golden instead.
  4. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Ehrgeix: any comment on post 549?
  5. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Basically: I don't think you can know all roles with such high confidence as to suggest someone is a witch based on what's missing, especially in a game like this with not very much to go on. I think it's really easy to construct a narrative that *makes sense* but turns out to be totally wrong, and I have done it before myself and I'm aware I could be doing it with my current gameview and arg.
  6. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    I feel like there's too much artificial weight on what I say for it to be useful for me to say things. Like if I say something suddenly people will hijack my opinions and fail to express their's to me. I wanted to see what people would volunteer too me before I started saying anything. At this point though I think anything anyone is going to freely say has been said so...

    My thoughts the short version:

    PI is Town. I'm fairly convinced that Witches didn't bother making a bid for Lump.

    If there are two Witches the following combinations seem unlikely but I can't completely shake the doubt; Ithaldir + Ehrgeix, Alex + Golden. The combination of Ithaldir + Ehrgeix in particular scares me.

    I believe I realized why Ehgeix wanted Dancer to Dance and thus I'm slightly inclined to believe he's Town. Like it's something a Witch might request but I feel there's too much risk associated with requesting it to make to potential return worthwhile.

    Golden and Alex have been fairly unhelpful, but that doesn't necessarily indicate anything. Alex has seemed slightly weird this game.

    Golden + Ithaldir
    Alex + Ithaldir
    Alex + Ehrgeix
    Alex + Golden
    Ithaldir + Ehrgeix
  7. Golden119

    Golden119 Member

    Time for 1 post.

    Yes I agree Alex is a good lynch.
    The only reason I'm not voting him now is crazy talk from Ith and Ehrg.
    One of these 3 should go.
    I want to hear from Bbobjs!

    Hey Ehrg, can you unvote me or explain why agreeing with you makes me not-town? Is it scummy to agree with you all the time, or just after 5 hours, or what?
    You should not lynch me today as you are decreasing the chance that Lump or Judge make it into the final cut.

    There you are with the role hints again - this is all going over my head. I'm somewhat confident with faction reads, but role reads I have no experience or confidence with. I trust the people who have made roleclaims that have not been refuted or disproved.

    You guys will probably find some way that this post is scummy. But I'm posting it anyway! Bbobjs please come and give us a steer.

    Golden out.
  8. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Also this post bother anyone else?

    PS: Cool we got a Forum Games Subforum.
  9. Golden119

    Golden119 Member

    lol crosspost, good to hear from bbobjs, but will have to read tomorrow (it's gone midnight here)
  10. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    This is the incomprehensible bit. I would be very happy if you (Golden) were lynched right now). Like... town response to "YOU'RE A GODDAMN WITCH" is not "HEY THIS GUY IS MAKING TOTAL SENSE" (I guess one could also argue that that was a pretty bad witchresponse too, but like... it's like when you think someone is lying and their response to you calling them on it is "what makes you think that?" rather than "no.")
  11. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    (my posts are rolled into one quote there, but it is chronological. and yeah, bbobjs, golden's followup was not very inspiring either)
  12. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    basically: agreeing with me makes you not town when you're agreeing with me that you're the most likely witch.

    Are you claiming judge here? Like, this post also makes no sense. Lump is bbobjs, so the only way one could be doing this is if you are judge. This is like VERY OPEN so it's not like i'm pointing out secret info to witches by highlighting this.
  13. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    Soft deadline in around 1.5 hours! I won't be around to enforce it though.
  14. Golden119

    Golden119 Member

    Posting this from phone, hope it works.

    I see what's happened here. I was agreeing with your analysis that it makes more sense to lynch alex today if you don't trust either of us.

    I didn't think I'd have to spell this out.

    I am judge or dancer. PI is judge or cadet or is he? Bbobjs is Lump. The witches do not want ALL of us in the final cut as 1v1 town v witch, judge or lump WINS FOR TOWN.

    You should not lynch anyone who could be judge or protects the real judge or lump by virtue of claim. This is doing the witches work for them! This deduction seems obvious to me.

    I'm not saying anything about any role than is already out there.

    The claims above also all have soup protection because they are ambiguous.

    I guess bbobjs doesn't want flunkys so lynch alexsierra
  15. Golden119

    Golden119 Member

    Ebwop aargh just realised I think I am reinforcing bbobjs 'most likely coven' so just saying I will change vote to hammer ithaldir on request if that's required, ok?

    Golden out.
  16. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Can someone please warn me when i have To claim?
  17. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Still think golden is a witch
  18. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Like I previously stated I think there's only one witch left.

    So based on that I think Ithaldir is the one.

    Vote lynch Ithaldir
  19. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    To put your mind at ease re: some of these.

    I think 1 witch covens are unlikely. If a second witch had died I think they would explode on you and you'd be dead by now.

    If Ithaldir + I were witches we could just kill alex now for free, basically. PI wants to lynch him, golden would vote for him, and he's gone. There're zero rolereads on alex (I think?) so he's not really soupkillable. I guess this is maybe not that reassuring since alex is like my second choice wouldlynch after golden, but... =(.

    Alex + I coven: this is the most plausible coven involving me, I think. I think we'd probably vote with ithaldir on PI and try to rope golden in, though. There's no real reason to aggro on golden who has no one else voting for him and also is a 50% soupkill if he's telling the truth.

    The others all seem kind of viable, although I would not put them in that order and I would also throw in some PIcovens (PI+Golden, especially).
  20. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    Hard deadline will be approximately 39 hours and 30 minutes from now.
  21. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Btw, based on votes and such now, i'm like... 90% convinced that bbobjs cannot be a witch unless coven is bbobjs + golden or bbobjs + alex, and that golden is like 80% witch, or that witches are not very good at the game. All of this assumes there're two living witches, so if you happen to know differently keep that in mind. I can elaborate on this but it's like horribly -ev town to do so if witches aren't so good at the game.
  22. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    I disagree with this; no matter how you look at it they don't need me dead yet. Think about it, if they exploded to kill me last night, it'd be obvious that only one Witch is alive and they'd be in no better position than they are now. They're also in a potentially good position to Soup me should they become desperate enough.

    That said, yea, I don't think we're fortunate enough to have tagged 2 Witches yet.
    If my read on the Priest is right, PI was checked, thus I doubt PI covens.
  23. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    bbobjs: do you trust your read on the priest that much?

    Also, we should totally lynch golden. I think I have given a pretty decent explanation as to why I want to do this, but there's also another reason. Talking about it is probably pretty bad for town (potentially gamelosing if I am wrong about golden and witches are not that experienced) cause it delves into a bunch of witch strategy etc, but let me post before anyone lynches someone who is not golden.
  24. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    My read on Priest isn't 100% but it's not the only thing making me read town on PI.

    Right now the numbers are 2 on Alex, 2 on Golden and 1 on Ithaldir, correct?

    I should probably sleep on it before I make any final calls... at the moment I'm probably leaning Golden but not by enough to really make me feel good about it.

    I should post something in ~9ish hours.

    Ehrgeix, if you want to hint at it, I might be able to figure it out... but only bother if you think it's necessary or if it's almost pointlessly vague. I have a guess at the moment if that helps.
  25. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Just me on golden.

    bbobjs: above also doubles as a hint!
  26. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    I'm so confused. I will follow whatever you guys think is best. I have no good reason to prefer any of the current suspects and that's why I was asking for help.
  27. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    After a good night of sleep, I feel pretty good about golden but I still want to wait and see if PI can sway me.
  28. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    You "feel pretty good" about Golden?

    He claimed one of two mechanically confirmable roles. I don't think he should be lynched today.
  29. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    His claim was 4 roles originally (including one should-be-perfect-cover (desperado)) and now it is 2 except he can never really claim because he'd be souped (if innocent), so it seems like kind of a safe claim for a witch to make.
  30. Golden119

    Golden119 Member

    I claimed DAY ONE remember. If a vote had wanted me to confirm I would have. Here and now it's a terrible idea obviously. Let's present it in proper context please.

    The only non-witch reason I can think for you pushing me to die this hard is so -town to discuss and a huge fricken gamble on your part, I really wish you'd stop.
  31. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    This is the kind of response I would expect from a townplayer!

    It is also a day late and after I explained what kind of response I would expect, so I am not sold.

    Ithaldir +bbobjs or Alex +bbobjs: Can I talk you into lynching golden, or do I need to post the witchlogic?
  32. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Ehrgeix, who do you think the dead witch is?
  33. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Deadline is in about 12 hours, I'll try to check back as frequently as possible.
  34. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Do any of your assumptions change if roietrs was a witch? Because he definately were.
  35. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    I don't know. I was really surprised when both aer and shiva died, but I feel like it has to be one of them otherwise GAs would have protected arkaal. I guess roie could also be a witch and there could be one remaining coven, but i don't know.
  36. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    Except that he threw his hat at the exact point I would have done it as a Witch (when it seemed like he wouldn't win it anyway) and not only that but he even did it along with an argument to ensure he wouldn't get it (sarcastic comment about getting mayor last game.) That's an easy way to look like you're Town while doing exactly nothing to deserve it.

    Eh... would you mind sharing? I'm not seeing it. Again, this probably has to do with the info I've got.

    I think you missed the point in that post. Or maybe you didn't and are in fact a Witch and are trying to save it for soup.

    I'm sure you missed the point in that post. In fact, you probably even missed the post entirely. Actually, I damn close to lynching you.

    I... you... what? I think you are just trolling me now.
    I agree with you. I still want to lynch you though.

    Anyway, I'm doing a tally to see if we're close enough to No Lynch that I'm forced to change my vote.
  37. Golden119

    Golden119 Member

    It's a day late because I was busy at the weekend. You were AFK yourself once, you heartless beast (whimsical joke, no meanhunt intended).

    I know you didn't ask me, but I tried to answer this without looking like scum. It wasn't possible. Take care, is all I'll say.


    I cast Ehrg into the pit of likely scum and useless townies.
  38. Golden119

    Golden119 Member

    I probably did. My head wasn't in the game this weekend and I'm getting tired of defending what I think is an obvious point. Also if I ask you to point out the post, you'll probably say I am fishing for the priest, you scum (another whimsical joke).

    If my deductions are wrong nobody is telling me why.

    And now once again the action starts as I have to leave. This game is not kind to GMTers.
  39. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    I'm all ears.

    And here's the tally:

    Vote Tally (7 Votes, 4 is majority)

    Lynch Votes:
    Golden119: 1 (Ehrgeix)
    Prime Intellect: 1 (Ithaldir)
    AlexSierra: 2 (Prime Intellect, Golden119)
    Ithaldir: 1 (AlexSierra)
    Abstaining: 1+1 (bbobjs & Lump)
  40. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    I'm talking about post 549.
  41. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Ok well whatever, if witches turn out to not have already thought of this then sorry, but yeah, it needs some discussion before the deadline and it looks like there's no traction on golden otherwise, so:

    I think two witches are alive. If one witch is alive this looks different but I think the witch could literally be anyone and I have no real idea how we pin them down. (On the bright side, if there's one witch golden is as likely to be it as anyone else and also we get another chance to do something about it/potential pope proc!)

    With two witches witches will win tonight if we mislynch. Here's how it goes:

    witch 1
    witch 2
    player 1
    player 2
    player 3

    player 3: mislynched


    witch 1
    witch 2
    player 1
    player 2


    witch 1: names bbobjs dancer (soup)
    witch 2: names bbobjs EC (soup)

    one of these succeeds, witches soupkill player 2.

    GA protection ceases (four or fewer living players) and witches NK bbobjs.


    witch 1
    witch 2
    player 1

    witches control lynch vote and win.


    So yeah, basically witches just need to kill *one person*. On the bright side this means that bbobjs cannot be a witch in a two person coven because he would just hammer alex now and witches win instantly.

    So, if there're two witches and Golden is innocent:

    Golden is the most sensible kill. I am evidently convinced he's a witch and I've been sitting on him. bbobjs seems to think he is the most likely witch. It just needs *one* person to move to him and he dies. If he's innocent, a witch moves to him, he dies, witches win. Why would this not have happened? Even if witches hadn't thought about soupkilling bbobjs x2, why not take the free kill?

    (Also note: previously posted reasons I think golden is a witch are still true. This was just the nail in the metaphorical coffin from my point of view.)

    So anyway. Right now I feel good about bbobjs and confused about pretty much everything else.


    Alex: Why did you not want to lynch golden?
  42. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    That's some neat math and all... but how does all of that point to Golden being a Witch? Comming for the guy who placed Alex in most of his theory covens that's a weird thing to point out unless you're trying to prove bbobjs is not a Witch if Golden is Town. Which somehow leads me to want to lynch PI harder.

    Btw, does protection even cease on the same night? I was under the assumption that the 4 player limit means 4 players have to be alive at the start of the night. Not like it matters, since GAs only get to protect one person and we'd have to be awfully lucky if that's actually useful in that situation.
  43. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    So at the moment I'm probably going to hit Alex in a few hours.
  44. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    ebwop: bbobjs cannot be witch in a two person coven unless golden is the other witch (witches could do the same to him as bbobjs if he is innocent, ofc).

    It points to golden being a witch because if he wasn't he be dead and witches would win.
  45. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    ebwop: if he wasn't he would be dead and witches would win*
  46. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member


  47. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    You do realize that majority is 4, right?
  48. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member


    So I'm on him, bbobjs would (I think) hit him if one or two others seemed convinced it was a good idea (bbobjs already posted stuff that seemed to indicate he thought golden was a more likely witch than alex, although he seems to have taken that back in the last post ("2. Anyone against lynching Alex?" - "Actually... Alex moved down a notch as I realized Golden was still in the game.")), so it just needs one extra person to pressure. Like, why would witches not even *try* to kill him?

    Incidently, you could make pretty much the same argument for PI (who is quite possibly otherwitch if witches are golden+1), but not so with alex (PI + golden are sitting on him but neither you nor I have swapped to him when he'd be a free kill in much the same way)
  49. Ithaldir

    Ithaldir Member

    I'm not seeing it. Maybe it's because I'm not taking bbobjs' "I might vote X" posts as seriously. I mean, sure, he'd be a useful hammer, but as far as I know people should be trying to convince him first and Witches tend to screw up and reveal themselves when they do that kinda thing.

    Why bother when they can let us do the job ourselves? Or maybe they are trying too hard to get a Townie lynched, what do I know?
  50. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Why the hell you expect me To understand something without explaining? I already told you i beilieve there's only one witch left.

    I'm trying To vote with with the people That i think are most likely town.
    So i should switch To golden or get hammered?
    That is a nice reason To vote someone .

    vote golden

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