Umehara at SB4

Discussion in 'Street Fighter HD Remix' started by Beikoku Taichou, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    I didn't get to watch any of the matches but I saw that Umehara won HDR.

    Did anyone get to see this in action? What would you attribute to his victory?

    Competition not as good?

    Didn't bother with Guile?

    Not that different from ST?

    More experience with changes? (gasp, is he playing this game?)

    He's Umehara?
  2. Blicen

    Blicen New Member

    I was actually at SB4, and I did watch those finals in person. I would say its quite an amazing feat that Daigo pulled off 1st place at SB4 in HDR, and I would say he definitely earned it.

    Daigo played some HDR and quickly got into his ST mindset, afterall Ryu is the only character that hasn't changed much at all other then fake fireball so its natural that would be Daigos strongest pick. He definitely earned it, and he fought some great players along the way. I would say SB4 had some of the fiercest competition you could find anywhere in HDR. I've never seen so many good players in my life at a major. Daigo fought DGV in the finals (DGV is one of the best RYUs in the US) and the finals were probably the most amazing match that happened that weekend for me. It was just a really amazing fight, its always great to see two very high level players go at it head to head, especially a Ryu mirror.

    He never bothered with Guile, strictly Ryu from what I saw even in casuals. I could tell Daigo definitely loved fake fireball A LOT, he was abusing the hell out of it the entire time he played.

    Daigo also said SF2 is his favorite series so I think its safe to say he really enjoyed playing HDR at SB4.
  3. Avatar Z

    Avatar Z Well-Known Member

    My dumb question is: what's SB4?

    And if Daigo really is playing this game, great! Might convince Capcom JPN to bring it over there.

  4. Blicen

    Blicen New Member

    Seasons Beatings 4, its probably the biggest tournament to ever happen since Evo. A lot of fierce competition was there.
  5. BeastofBurden

    BeastofBurden Well-Known Member

    Ryu + Diago + fake fireball is good stuff. Almost seemed like it was auto pilot mode at times.
  6. banewlf

    banewlf Well-Known Member

    Are there videos of this out there anywhere? I tried doing a google and youtube search but nothing came up.
  7. Jobber

    Jobber Well-Known Member

  8. mikeidge

    mikeidge New Member

    there is a really shitty video of it on youtube. just search "daigo dgv". it should be the first thing to come up. it cuts in and out since it was from someone who recorded the stream which wasnt that good. you can still see how the match went though.

    ive played DGV many times and he is untouchable. in the daigo match, he pulled off his signiture low tick into super combos, and did his usual confusing "dance" as one srk member refered to it once.....but daigo basically picked him apart with nothing too fancy. just solid play. i really wanted DGV to win this...he posts on SRK. i would love to hear his analysis of the match.

    i would love to get a real copy of this match. To me, it is the greatest match off all time since im a ryu player. DGV has the reputation as the best ryu player in the US, and daigo is daigo.
  9. SimpleKiss

    SimpleKiss New Member

    Daigo Loves Fake Fireball.

    There was one situation where he was playing a zangief... I think it was damdai (may not have been, not too sure.)

    he locked him down in the corner and continued to poke cancel in fake hadouken. There was nothing zangief could do to punish it, so he kept doing it to him.
  10. Blicen

    Blicen New Member

    It was indeed Damdai, while Damdai is a very good player Daigo just plays it really smart.
  11. Blicen

    Blicen New Member

    They're going to put a DVD out here soon, it should be worth a purchase.
  12. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    oh good he's actually playing Brown Ryu. That's more Daigoish.

    At Evo he just kept picking standard white.

    Wait was DGV Brown? Confused... That link doesn't have the names in the right order.
  13. Jobber

    Jobber Well-Known Member

    I read on SRK that DGV kept picking brown Ryu so that Daigo couldn't.
  14. mikeidge

    mikeidge New Member

    can you elaborate on this?? you mean he was doing cr.foward into fake and kept repeating it? i would think gief could just cr.roundhouse while the fake it happening....
  15. SimpleKiss

    SimpleKiss New Member

    Think it was cr.roundhouse. Should be a video somewheres of it. he did it about 5 or 6 times in a row
  16. Rufus

    Rufus Member

    If super turbo allows canceling missed moves, then cr. roundhouse xx fake is 8 frames faster than cr. roundhouse. There really aren't any other moves where the fake would usefully improve recovery.
  17. sage

    sage Well-Known Member

    You can cancel blocked moves, but not whiffed ones. (except by kara)

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