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Discussion in 'Fantasy Strike' started by Fenrir, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Fenrir

    Fenrir Well-Known Member

    Looking through some of the character pages I can see that there're a few characters in the Fantasy Strike universe that we've know about but who haven't yet been seen.

    So far we know for sure that there's Vandy Anadrose "The Queen of D's.", Beverly "Nova" Villanova (who has an AWESOME name) and Mennarch (father of Midori and Menelker). We also know about the undead faction in the C(not that C, the other C)CG. Plus we know about the Vortoss faction. Are there any other characters mentioned but not revealed? What about other factions? Am I missing anyone?
  2. Turbo164

    Turbo164 Well-Known Member

    Evil RyuGrave
    Zombie Liu Kang Belger Midori
    Mecha ZangiefRook
    Boneclaw WolverineVendetta
    LilithPenelope's Sister
    Dan (inb4 val)
  3. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    Grave's parents, I guess?
  4. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    I want to see Mnemnarch (Midori and Menelker's dad). Pictured below.
    So with him being a robot, how are both Midori and Menelker dragons? My guess he bumped uglies with a dragon.

    EDIT: In fact I think that Mnemnarch was drunk when he bumped those uglies. Proof of this: Midori is a watermelon flavored liqueur and Menelker is a name of Tyranid unit. Booze + Tyranid = weird night with a dragon.
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  5. NoahTheDuke

    NoahTheDuke Active Member

    There aren't too many named characters, so I'd love to see another set of 10 that are strictly more Fantasy Strike Tournament participants. The tie-in to the world is nice, but just characters for the sake of characters is fun too. The kickboxer who lost her hands, the swordsman who wields his slain father's rapier, the elementalist whose every movement swirls eddies in the earth, the brawling knife-fighter without family or honor. You know, fun stuff like that.
  6. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    whoever makes everyones' glasses
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  7. Lemmingrad

    Lemmingrad Well-Known Member

    I always theorized it was Geiger brand of glasses using time, so they reassemble if they got smashed.

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