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Discussion in 'Fantasy Strike' started by AlbeyAmakiir, May 30, 2011.

  1. AlbeyAmakiir

    AlbeyAmakiir Active Member

    In response to this:

    Really? Why? Visually painful? Psychologically disturbing?

    Also, fire is not red. There's enough variation in fire colours to be able to adjust it visually, anyway.

    (Hence, the new thread.:))
  2. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    He's referring to the red stage in GGXX probably, which is the only stage I've ever played on that I think should be banned simply for being "too distracting." And wow that's saying a lot. It's this bright red lava stuff churns and swims around and is...not suitable to be played on.
  3. Joe Mello

    Joe Mello Member

    I know it's been a while, but the only red stage I can think of is I-No's final stage where Midnight Carnival blares in the background and you get slaughtered because final stage I-No is a cheap whore.

    I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
  4. TheRealBobMan

    TheRealBobMan Member

    If you want a red stage, there's the Boss I-No stage, and there's Hell (not sure if that was in before AC). Neither of them really bother me.

    Then again, I'm used to Final Destination in Smash. *shrug*
  5. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    Pre-AC Hell is the underworld with flying castles and dancing skeletons. It's fine.

    Akatsuki Bltzkampf has a BLINKING RED stage that I would rate as the worst stage ever. It actively hurts my eyes.

    Red stages are generally a no-no because some players have R/G colour blindness, and (I'm told) that can make the characters and stage blend together and make it difficult for those players to tell what's going on.
  6. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    We discussed some stage ideas a while back, here are my notes

    edit - probably no one wants to click that and it's text anyways, so here's a c/p as of this post
  7. CWheezy

    CWheezy Well-Known Member

    The sfiv volcanoe stage looks horrible and turns everyone red
  8. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    Yeah SF4, TvC and GGXX (and others I'm sure) all have red tinged stages that are "too red" because of fire and lava etc. In SF4 and TvC they even cast red glows on the characters.

    The problem, as Lofo stated, is that it makes it a lot harder to see things for R/G color blind people. Also for a large group of non-color blind people it's just annoying as hell.
  9. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    no pun intended on "hell".
  10. Alhazard

    Alhazard Well-Known Member

  11. AlbeyAmakiir

    AlbeyAmakiir Active Member

    Woah, fair enough. I've only seen the #Reload version before now. Ugly, but not this bad.

    Still, I think a stage on fire can be ok if handled carefully. TvC had one (though not really that fiery).
  12. Jude

    Jude Active Member

    I didn't remember this stage being too distracting but when I went back to see it again it was a little worse than I remembered.


    I still think a fire stage could look very good if it was dialed down to the right volume. Just because it is a fire stage doesn't mean everything has to be red.
    If the wood was more brown, and the flame's animation wasn't so spastic, it would be a good level.
  13. Logo

    Logo Well-Known Member

    What about hinting at fire more so than actually showing it? So mostly smoke that occasionally has some orange/red glow of the fire it's concealing. Also already burned objects or smoldering objects (an ashy grey/orange glow). In the distant background you can also have some fire that's small enough (since it's distant) to not cause problems.

    So thematically what about a bar that's been trashed and partially burned down revealing the scenary behind where a fire is still burning (mostly seen through smoke). Maybe think about a brewery where the fire has gotten out of hand and in the background the smoke flares up with orange hues indicating that more alcohol has gone up in flames. If you didn't mind the distraction you could even do some transparent smoke at the very bottom of the screen (no higher than like the character's ankles) to create the illusion they're fighting in the fire.

    So long as it's hints of red smaller than a character and out of the way of most projectiles you should be ok. Use the red as contrast, not the dominating color.

    For Geiger what about a watchmaker's/antique store? One that's cluttered with watches/stuff. Possibly have a big window/gap in the background that looks out to a clocktower or some big mechanical gear thing.
  14. Coffee

    Coffee Active Member

    Geiger should go at all Fate/Stay night pocket dimension. If not all the time, then at the very least during TD.
  15. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    I think it'd be cool if Geiger's stage reflected/implied the passage of time, similar to the Temple Grounds stage from Tekken 6.
  16. Atma

    Atma Active Member

    It'd be awesome if a character's own stage responded to the usage of their special ability (but not to other characters' abilities). Like say, there's smoke from smoldering on Jaina's stage until she uses her Super and then the background burns down.
  17. ImmortalJellyfish

    ImmortalJellyfish New Member

    that'd be amazing. interactive stages are always a treat :D

    maybe with one of the stage ideas lafobal posted, valerie's canvas stage artwork could change when she uses her specials. i imagine Valerie's moves involving a lot of paint splashing, so all of that paint could splatter on the canvas.also when you don't play as her she could be in the background drawing your characters while they fight.
  18. major_shiznick

    major_shiznick Well-Known Member

    Keeping this kind of thought rolling, I really like both Lofo's stage ideas as well as Atma's interactivity suggestion. For some characters it's hard to guess what kind of supers they would have so those ones aren't really included. My thoughts:

    Grave: Thunderstorm over an open field -- TPoS interaction should be obvious.
    Jaina: Chaotic barroom -- super leaves ashes/smoke in area used.
    DeGrey: I kind of like a courtroom sort of stage here, with appropriate prison flashbacks for supers, drawing on his experiences of injustice and redirecting them on the opponent.
    Valerie: A studio with cavases all over the place -- animations for supers leap out from the cavases and leave residual paint.
    Geiger: Really digging Coffee's F/SN idea. Totally a rip, but who gives a shit? It would rock hard.
    Lum: Panda village stage would go well with a Pandamonium-type super, but I also fancy the idea of a Boxer-like casino-esque stage.

    General stage ideas for 2nd-gen characters:

    Quince: Roman-style senate floor or open forum
    Onimaru: battlefield or war-games training area with practice dummies, firing ranges, etc.
    Troq: Herp derp, I dunno. Troq doesn't really inspire anything with me.
    Bal-Bas-Beta: Geiger's workshop
    Menelker: probably just a more sinister iteration/combination of Grave/Midori's stages.
    Persephone: Dark temple with creepy ambient lighting and maybe some of her "tools" hanging on the walls.
    Gloria: Eh... Again, not someone I've got much of a feel for.
    Gwen: nasty-ass swamp, think old-school MtG
    Vendetta: back alley at night
    Zane: torchlit sewer hideout or secret passage-style catacombs

    Maybe a bit generic, but hopefully a half-decent starting place for people with more creativity and 2-D fighter experience.
  19. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    Troq: On the plains (what were they called? Golden plains).
    Gloria: Infirmary? Some white marble structure in the back? Gloria is kinda bland.
  20. chinkeeyong

    chinkeeyong New Member

    Gloria's stage could be a cathedral.
  21. Turbo164

    Turbo164 Well-Known Member

    An artsy contrast would be making it from the Dreadlands where Gwen got infected (and presumedly her stage is set) but with a couple rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds and a single flower amid the barren wastes.
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  22. Lemmingrad

    Lemmingrad Well-Known Member

    Zane - a dirt road or bridge with his blood guard flunkies in the background, cause Zane more or less is a road bandit when he's "collecting his travellers tax."

    Onimaru - an army camp. clockwork robots lined up in the background like an army. Also battle standards flutterring in the wind.

    Geiger - with the brick paved floors that appears on his facecards, maybe a steampunk victorian town at night.
  23. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    I saw this thread was updated then discussed ideas with Sage without reading it, since I didn't want to taint my ideas beforehand. Here are some things we tossed around. Nothing concrete, but some concepts we discussed that could be elaborated on in this thread. I think stages are really important for world-building, so it's important to show off all the different settings. We need to ask "what does this say about that world?" as well as "what does this say about the character?", and to make sure all the important parts of the world are represented.

    Quince - Not really sure here. Sage said maybe an office. I think maybe we need more info on Quince's motivation for joining the tournament to figure out his stage. He really cares about appearances, so he'd make a big deal about choosing where to fight.

    Onimaru - We discussed that maybe he'd have the flash duel bridge, since he seems like a guy who might duel? But in retrospect he has clockwork soldiers, so maybe not. Another idea is some city streets, since he is the law. I do like the battlefield/training camp ideas that've been mentioned.

    BBB - Might be a better fit for city streets. Sage mentioned the idea of a factory or something, but I don't think it's picturesque enough. Maybe these ideas are neglecting that BBB is a special prototype, not just another clockwork soldier. [edit - upon reflection, maybe he could guarding the mining operations in the golden plains]

    Troq - We could go the "soldier of Flagstone" route doing some soldier stuff, possibly in the golden plains he's from, since it's scenic. Another angle could be if he is already working for Zane, he could be with some other blood guard guys collecting tolls.

    Menelker - It should be somewhere desolate, remote. He's been to the Dreadlands and fought there, so that seems perfect for him. I love the tone of his character card, particularly the huge purple moon. I think expanding on that would make for a great stage.

    Perse - From her art, she seems like she'd have a private mansion, so maybe something related to that. It should be at night with bright moonlight I think. It could be outside in a courtyard or inside in a study or something.

    Gwen/Gloria - A central part of these characters is their tie to each other. We felt they should share a stage in day/night. I wanted something to show the life/death aspect, so how about a mountain glade in winter
    Gloria: small stream/pool, small flowers peeking through snow, sparkling on the water
    Gwen: water is frozen, darkness covers flowers so barely visible, harsh icicles are prominent
    We discussed this one pretty in depth, maybe I'll make a sketch of what we had in mind.

    Ven - Ven is specifically mentioned as one of the blood guard members who collects tolls, so it could be that. I kind of want it to be something darker though. Sage liked the idea of a death cult sort of thing that looks like that KOF13 stage. Another could be some outside thing at night, like rooftops or whatever. Maybe the blood guard hideout would make a good stage.

    Zane - Could be where he's collecting his tolls, but I'd really like to see him on an adventure or something exciting. On his Yomi character card he has an exploding castle in the background. Maybe it'd be cool to have a collapsing castle or something under attack be his stage.

    Deathstrike Dragon - Not rally sure on this one. It needs to be climactic. If Menelker is in dragon form it might be a death match. I really like the way Vega's stage slams down the cage at the start to show that you're locked in there with him. It would be great to capture that feels for this.
  24. lowtierhero

    lowtierhero Patreon Supporter

    I imagine DSD's stage should start off as if you were fighting menelker, but then he goes DORAGOON INSTARRRU and the stage suddenly explodes into something really dramatic, like the moon in the background starts breaking or something while the stage itself starts storming and whatnot.
  25. Back for necroposting...

    I think Jaina's stage should be a forest where she's clearly been practicing, targets around, arrows in half the trees, some broken on the ground, char marks on trees, maybe tiny little smoldering areas. Then after she loses a round, she should lose her temper, and set something on fire dramatically, like an arrow into the background, or throw something against a tree, kick over an urn of fuel whatever, and the whole forest just goes up instantly. We're talking a 1 sec animation just so the stage is on fire for the 2nd/3rd round.

    I realize fire/red stages are bad, but maybe there's some way to keep it more yellow or still integrate swaths of other colors to break it up and make it not-eye-gouging. Think like XvsSF the power plant stage (or was it MSHvSF that set it on fire?).
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