Why not plastic cards?

Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by st8ic, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. st8ic

    st8ic New Member

    I really wonder why the such a premium decks of cards as Yomi was not made of 100% plastic, that became a de-facto standard for any poker cards? Plastic is much more durable than paper, are easily cleaned, retain their shape better, and are harder to mark or crease... After all, it's just weird that two decks of professional plastic poker decks like Modiano or Copag still costs less than a pair of paper Yomi decks!..
  2. Gavisi

    Gavisi Well-Known Member

    I don't know much about plastic cards, but I do know that the price of something depends on more than just the cost of materials.
  3. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Unfortuantely I was only able to do higher quality cards than all other card games that I'm aware of. I looked into plastic, but that is of course way more expensive. Playing card companies are doing print runs like 100x the size of me, so they have enormous economy of scale there. It's pretty incredible that my cardstock costs more than MTG cards though, so I'm happy at how far I could go with the quality at this point.
  4. st8ic

    st8ic New Member

    Wow, that was quick! Thanks for the answer, David :) anyway, I still hope to see a plastic version of Yomi some day...
  5. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Yeah it would be cool. I'll check into the prices, but without the print run size of those huge playing card manufacturers, I'm afraid it's going to be pretty steep! Also, I wonder if the art would look worse or something. Or maybe that part would be fine. I assume we mean white plastic here.
  6. VirtualAlex

    VirtualAlex Active Member

    I'll pay up to 300$ for a premium plastic yomi set sold EXCLUSIVELY on sirlingames.com
  7. Nikkin

    Nikkin New Member

    Unfortunately, you are not the majority, Alex. >_>
    Would make a hell of a collector's edition, but I suspect the cost would be much too high to justify that alone ...
  8. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Haha nice. Without even looking at manufacturing costs, I'm sure it becomes viable at $300 lol. ($200 maybe? I don't even know.) The thing is, even if you would buy it, there would have to be like...I don't know...thousands of other people too. Damn. Oh hey, it could also come with 2 new playmats. ;)

    Random thought: I wonder how much people are spending on card sleeves, for those who choose to sleeve Yomi. Not having to buy sleeves helps justify such a high cost, but still I wonder how many would actually want this expensive plastic version.
  9. vivafringe

    vivafringe Moderator Staff Member

    I would have purchased expensive plastic version over the version I have now, but wouldn't buy another copy at this point. I think that is the main issue - early adopters are the most willing to shell out stupid amounts of cash for good product, but you've sold to them already.

    Definitely something to keep in mind when you release Yomi 2.0 with balance changes.
  10. GreyWithAnE

    GreyWithAnE Member

    ...like a Linker for DeGrey!

  11. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    He has 4 linkers. 2, 3, 5, and 6. You use them to link into J. :rolleyes:
  12. Nikkin

    Nikkin New Member

    That may not be ENTIRELY true ...
    I've probably gotten 3 of my friends enough into Yomi that I could sell my copy to one of them to buy a fancier version. Granted not everyone has this option, but it must exist for some others. ;D

    The irony of this topic is that I've been debating for the last 2 days about starting a topic regarding the high quality of Yomi's cards basically ruining me on EVERY OTHER GAME I OWN because the cards just feel blatantly inferior. Go figure, huh?
  13. VirtualAlex

    VirtualAlex Active Member

    I will post a new video of my set-up once it's finished, I think tomorrow. After which I will have spend 90$ on sleeves, boxes and stickers.
  14. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Oh geez, $90 on sleeves? $200 or $300 plastic version sounds like a steal if your sleeves cost that much.
  15. VirtualAlex

    VirtualAlex Active Member

    Well 600 sleeves, 10 plastic color-coded boxes, and 8 sheets of full-color stickers ^_^
  16. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    IIRC Hecatomb went for plastic cards and this was a CCG by WtC, if I remember the growing oil prices and the profit Hecatomb made (or lack thereof) forced WtC to shut it down.

    It would have to be a careful consideration. On one hand they are expensive and their manufacturing price is on a rise. On the other hand they are probably way better than anything else.
  17. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member Ambassador

    Plastic cards, or sleeved paper cards?

    Plastic cards, or sleeved paper cards?

    It's an interesting question. (And by "paper" I mean the cardstock that Yomi is printed on, not sheets of paper.) I have no experience with either sleeved paper cards or plastic cards, but I wonder which would be more durable?

    It seems that plastic cards would be more durable in terms of bending, but that doesn't seem to be a huge issue with cards that you hold in your hand--it seems that dirt, as well as sweat affecting the ink, are the issues. Dirt coming off onto the cards would be easy to clean with plastic cards, and you could even spill (some) stuff on them (probably not acid, heh) and they'd be able to be cleaned.

    But what about sweat from your hands rubbing off ink? Also, would cleaning Yomi cards (if they did get dirty or spilled on) affect the ink? I guess plastic cards could be "coated" in something, but even coatings can ware off (nature is good that way... generally, nothing lasts forever and breaks down eventually). It sort of reminds me of keyboards that have printed on letters (they tend to ware off). Perhaps an additional layer of something on top of the ink on plastic cards (on both sides? Maybe on just one side, though the card backs are nice, too) would solve that (since they'd basically be sleeved cards, but the "sleeves" would be part of the card).

    It seems to me that sleeved paper cards could very well still be a decent option (technically you could sleeve plastic cards, but that seems expensive and extreme).

    What do you guys think?
  18. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

    I paid $60, and would gladly pay another $40 to have had plastic cards instead, but it seems like market realities won't allow that.
  19. st8ic

    st8ic New Member

    The only quotes I've seen are Copag's and they are actually ready to print 1.5k full-color decks for 7 dollars and as the quantity goes up, prices goes down so a bigger prints could cost twice as less. I guess any other company like Piatnik, USPCC, Carta mundi or Modiano would readily provide you with their price rates. Besides that, apart from those premium playing cards producers, there should be an enormous quantity of other less well-known manufacturers with a cheaper prices ;)
  20. zombo

    zombo New Member

    hmm how about linen? why not?
  21. Tokhuah

    Tokhuah Member

    I like the cards the way they are, prefer no sleeves, and shuffle like this:

    Rifle Shuffle
  22. Chex

    Chex New Member

    I get most of my sleeves and boxes and whatnot from here: http://www.potomacdist.com/

    I paid $16.80 for 600 KMC perfect fits (got them in a lot of 3000 for $84, sold the rest to local Magic players at cost ... they are SUPER easy to resell, I could have easily charged a premium, too, but didn't care to.)

    Also paid $24 for 600 UltraPro Standard Clear sleeves. The clear ones are more expensive, but let you see the card backs, which I like just for aesthetics. 600 of UltraPro Standard sleeves with colored backs cost only $21.

    Also paid $23 for 10 of those cheapo UltraPro plastic deckboxes.

    So in total I paid $63.80 just to sleeve up my cards. If I was reasonably convinced more expensive plastic cards wouldn't require sleeves, I would easily have paid a $50 premium for them.
  23. Domon

    Domon Patreon Supporter

    I'd like chocolate Yomi cards, please?
  24. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    Yes, but made from special unmeltable chocolate made on Malchior 6, home of the evil shrimp cult.
  25. Infil

    Infil Member

    I'm in the same boat where I probably would have paid a premium for playing card stock cards, but now that I've bought the game, I'm only interested in "what could have been" (too much to buy two copies of the game). Maybe something to look into for the expansion? I don't know the cost differences between the two methods, though.
  26. Bridger

    Bridger Member

    save the plastic idea for the super complete collectors edition to be released in 5 years which includes all 20 decks, 10 playmats, plastic cards, jewel encrusted monocles...well, maybe not the last one.

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