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  1. Chocolate Pi

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    Starts today, within minutes!

    Final players:
    1. Sotek *confirmed*
    2. Karrius *confirmed*
    3. ChadMiller *confirmed*
    4. garcia1000 *confirmed*
    5. sukeato *confirmed*
    6. Romdeau *confirmed*
    7. Archon Shiva *confirmed*
    8. Prime Intellect *confirmed*
    9. Chumpy *confirmed*
    10. Milskidasith *confirmed*
    11. x1372 *confirmed*
    12. turtle88222 *confirmed*
    13. Foo *confirmed*
    14. Arkaal *confirmed*
    15. RoieTRS *confirmed*
    16. Claytus *confirmed*
    17. Ehrgeix *confirmed*
    18. bbobjs *confirmed*
    19. AlexSierra *confirmed*
    20. icewolf34 *confirmed*
    21. acidile *confirmed*
    22. Bandages *confirmed*
    23. koopatroop *confirmed*
    24. Fry *confirmed*
    25. YukiOnna *confirmed*
    26. Golden119 *confirmed*
    27. -Y- *confirmed*
    28. brainof7 *confirmed*

    1. Godric
    2. Ithaldir

    Witchhunt Rules 5.0

    Witchhunt is a game in which two groups seek to control their town by killing the other: The Innocent majority and the secret Coven of Witches.

    The game alternates Day and Night phases, starting with Day. Every Day, the entire town has a discussion and may pick one target to Lynch. Every Night, the Witches pick a target of their own to Murder. In both cases, the target is Killed and no longer participates in either vote or any live discussion.

    Example: Brad is a Witch. When Jeff and Jackie (Innocents) accuses Brad of being a Witch, Brad defends himself by saying it is very suspicious that they seem to be working together. Brad convinces the rest of the town to Lynch Jeff instead of himself! That Night, Brad votes to Murder Jackie. When the town wakes up and realizes Jackie has been Murdered, Sophie (Innocent) says that maybe Jackie was right. She convinces the town to lynch Brad.

    Neither role nor alignment of a player is publicly revealed on death, unlike in some similar games. When a player dies, they lose their normal role and become a Guardian Angel. Angels may watch over the game and discuss what is going on with each other, but not living players! Angels observe the targets and results of some special actions at Night. More importantly, each Night the Angels may agree by plurality to Protect one target for that Night. A Protected player will survive Murder, and the town will be informed. Unless a Protected player was targeted for Murder, the Angels may never Protect the same target on consecutive Nights. Additionally, Angels cease to be able to Protect when there is only one Witch left alive. (Witches become Ghosts after death; see FAQ for details.)

    Example: Same as the previous example but after Jeff was Lynched, this time he became an Angel and decided to Protect Jackie that Night. Now when the town woke up, instead of discovering that Jackie was Murdered, they find that Jackie survived being Murdered! This will make it even easier to uncover that Brad is the Witch.

    Each role has a unique ability. Some abilities are passive (always in effect), and others let the player do something special at certain times. For example, each Night the Priest role can Check if a target is a Witch or not.
    Each Innocent role also has a small bonus power listed. The player with the Bard role will get to pick a target each Night to activate their bonus role (for that Night). For example, if the Bard targets the player who happesn to be the Priest, his bonus ability states that he will get to Check an additional target that Night.

    Witches have powerful unique abilities as well. A very important Witch role is the Silencer, who specializing in killing Innocents who have revealed their role. Each Day, the Silencer may guess the identity of two roles; if both are correct, those targets are Silenced: they lose all special role abilities and die unconditionally. However, if either guess is wrong, the Silencer fails and his identity is revealed to the town.

    Example: Brad is the Silencer. Jeff and Jackie had revealed to everyone that they are the Medium and Priest respectively. Brad chooses to Silence them, and they are both Killed. The next day Seth and Sophie trick him into thinking they are the Acolyte and Survivalist, when they are actually some other roles. Brad is exposed to the town, and is Lynched.

    Witches also have bonus powers, but they are not activated by the Bard. Instead, Witches must drink their magical Potion to obtain these benefits. Witches may freely drink the potion at any time, Day or Night, but there is a big catch...

    One of the Witches has been replaced by a Spy who is working for the Innocents! The Spy hides among them, even joining their Murder votes. However, whenever a Witch tries to drink from the Potion, the Spy can Poison it so that the Witch dies unconditionally!

    Example: Jeff, Jackie, and Seth are the only Witches left alive, but Seth is the Spy. During the Day, Seth convinces Jeff that the Spy is probably already dead so it is safe to drink the Potion. Jeff drinks, and is Poisoned by Seth. Seth then reveals himself to the town, announcing that Jackie is the last Witch. Jackie is Lynched and Innocents win!

    The Spy should stay hidden as much as possible, and never let the Witches know he is dead; if a large number of Witches gain their Potion powers, they will be unstoppable!

    The game ends whenever one side eliminates the others, or when this becomes inevitable.

    Role List:


    Detailed Rules

    This section explains procedural details.


    Votes must be cast for a specific player, with no conditions. For both Lynching and Murder, a majority of all partipating players is required. (such as 9/16, or 3/5) As soon as a vote reaches majority, the moderator processes the kill and the game progresses to the next phase.

    Votes may be changed freely until a majority is reached. Players may vote for themselves, although this is almost never a good idea.

    Special Witch Voting Conditions
    Although it is very rare that they have reason to do so, members of the Coven may vote to Murder each other; this is known as a Sacrifice. There are a few minor rules that make these votes special.

    1. A Sacrifice does not count as their Nightly kill. (The coven may still Murder an Innocent if they wish.)
    2. A Sacrifice target dies unconditionally, bypassing any Extra Lives or other mechanics.
    3. A Sacrifice only requires half the vote, not a true majority. This means a two-way tie will Sacrifice both targets.
    4. Finally, the Spy's Sacrifice vote does not count when "cornered": he will lose any 1v1 vote against another Witch.

    Night Action Resolve Priority
    All basic Night actions resolve simultaneously, and then bonus Night actions (due to the Bard) resolve simultaneously in phases as needed. (The powers "Settle Down", Vigilante Kill, and "Cataclysm" always go last, respectively.) Once everything has been resolved, the Witch Murder will occur. Demon gets his information at the end of Night.


    Players may not, under any circumstances, communicate privately with any other players about the game at any time unless otherwise allowed by the rules.

    If the rules do call for private communication, it will take the form of a provided QuickTopic. (or "QT") An example would be the QT that the Witches share, to plan and make their Murder votes each Night. All QTs are considered "off the record"; players may never copy-paste or otherwise directly quote from a game-related PM or QT.

    Players may only discuss the game in the main thread during Day, never at Night.

    Only text may be posted in the topic. Images or any form of digitally encoded text, including secondary languages, are not permitted.

    Dead players (Guardian Angels and Ghosts) may not communicate with living players about the game; this includes posting in the topic. Dead players will be provided with a QT to discuss the game with one another.

    Non-players may not communicate with players about the game at any time.


    Is there a difference between "Kill" and "die"?
    Kill is a verb keyword, while death is a player state. Kills can fail or be interrupted, while death is the permanent result when a kill succeeds.
    For example, the D.O.B. and B.O.D. roles have abilities that trigger "when you die"; if something tries to kill them but fails, their abilities do not activate. On the other hand, Leeroy Jenkins's ability has him Kill himself--if he somehow survives, his power still works and he can even use it again (Killing himself again) in the future.

    What is the difference between Kill, Lynch, Murder?
    Lynch and Murder are simply the specific types of Kills due to town/coven votes each Day/Night respectively. They merely have special names because some abilities affect those specific Kills.

    How does Protection work?
    Protection simply makes Murders fail, and nothing else. Protection only lasts for that Night, though players may be Protected any number of times.

    How do Extra Lives work?
    Some abilities supply "Extra Lives". This simply means that the next attempt to Kill you that would otherwise succeed will fail.
    Extra Lives from different sources stack, and will be removed in ordered priority most favorable to the player.

    Can Witches be Amplified?
    When Witches are Amplified, nothing happens. However, like all roles Witches are still informed that they were Amplified, which may be helpful information.

    Can I be Amplified more than once?
    Only once per Night, but otherwise there is no limit.

    What exactly are Lovers?
    The Enchantress (a Witch role) selects two players at the beginning of the game to be Lovers. (As stated on the card they do this even if they are the Spy, replacing the Enchantress.) Lovers keep their existing roles and abilities, but gain new advantages and disadvantages as star-crossed Lovers.

    The advantage is that the two Lovers get their own QT to communicate privately with one another, and Cupid's ability grants them Protection as long as he lives. The disadvantage is that whenever one Lover dies, the other is Killed as well. (They may survive this somehow, such as having an Extra Life.)

    Lovers do not change factions in any way, so a Junior Witch or Little Witch Lover is still working for the Witches. In the very special case that one of these Witches and their Lover are the only two remaining players in the game, the Witch may backstab their Lover to win.

    What random effects can the Gambler get?
    The Gamber has six effects, each with an equal chance of occuring. When the Gambler is Amblified and takes three effects total, they are unique from each other.
    1. Tonight, you Check as “Evil” .
    2. Tonight, you may Amplify one other living player.
    3. Tonight, you may Protect one other living player.
    4. Tonight, you may Check one target.
    5. Tonight, you have Protection.
    6. You permanently gain an Extra Life. (max one)

    How exactly does Vigilante work?
    He will be informed when his condition is met. (Innocents died to Lynch two Days in a row.) If an Innocent is targeted but survives, this does not fulfill his condition. Once his ability is used, his condition resets; it will not activate again until two more Days of consecutive Innocent Lynches.

    How does Martyr affect posting and ability use?
    While the Martyr can redirect a Kill from someone so prevent that player's death, until the Martyr completes this action through the moderator that person is assumed dead. No matter how certain it may be that the Martyr will save them, they may not post or use any role abilities during that time.
    This has only one major mechanical impact: if the Spy reveals, the Witches still have a window in which they may safely drink the Potion even if the Martyr were to save the Spy.

    How exactly does the Silencer work?
    The Silencer may, at any time once per Day, privately guess two players' roles. If he is correct on both counts, both those players lose any abilities and unconditionally drop dead. If he is wrong on either or both, he is publicly revealed by the moderator. (All official votes will be reset.)

    Can the Silencer target the Spy?
    The Silencer may target the Spy with either of his "roles": Both "Spy" and the Witch role he replaced. The Silencer can even use both the Spy's roles at the same time to fulfill his requirement. ("I Silence Bob the Spy, and Bob the Demon.")

    How exactly do the Junior/Little Witch roles work?
    These Witches are special, because they do not start in the coven. While they are indeed Witches, they will appear "good" to any Check. On the other hand, they are not known to the Witches and may be accidently Murdered.
    Both roles share a "playground" QT to talk to each other. During any Night, either or both roles may join the coven. They leave the playground QT, gain access to the main Witch QT, and henceforth Check evil.

    How does Spy replacing a Witch work?
    One of the Witch roles in use will be replaced by the Spy. He will be informed which. The role he replaces will be observed for purposes of the Medium, Grave Digger, Traveller, and Necromancer's abilities.

    How does the Spy seen by Checks?
    The Spy Checks "good" in all cases. Roles with Checks should be careful about accidentally exposing him!

    How exactly do Witches drink the Potion?
    Witches may post in their coven chat QT the bolded action "drink potion". The Junior/Little Witch can do so in their pre-coven QT.

    How exactly does Poisoning the Potion work as Spy?
    Whenever someone (Witch, Witch not in Coven, or the Spy himself) attempts to drink the Potion, the Spy will be immediately notified (including who is doing so). He will be given the opportunity to Poison the drinker, in which case they will immediately and unconditionally die. The Spy can poison himself, or the Spy can elect to not Poison particular targets (despite both these being questionable strategies). Additionally, although the Potion has no effect on the Spy, he can still drink it to trick the Witches.

    What exactly are Ghosts?
    Just as Innocent players become Angels and continue assisting their faction after death, Witches become Ghosts.
    Ghosts have access to the Angel chat, including the ability to vote on who the Angels Protect each Night. There is nothing stopping them from pretending to be a typical Angel--just like before they died.
    However, just as in life, Ghosts have a private discussion area of their own and may make a Nightly vote to assist the Witches. Ghosts may choose a target to Haunt that Night; any Check targeting a Haunted player will return "blocked". (This affects Priest, Mad Scientist, Gambler, and Bishop)

    How does the Mayor work?
    On the first Day, the town will have the option of electing a Mayor. A Mayor has "diplomatic immunity" and will appear "blocked" on any Check result targeting him. (see previous)
    Additionally, once elected the Mayor player may privately pick one of the following perks:
    • "Guards": Once per game at Night you may give a target an Extra Life.
    • "Scribes": Once per game at Night you may Check a target.
    • "Jesters": Once per game at Night you may Amplify a target.
    As usual, the Mayor always has the option of targeting himself.
  2. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Sign me up
  3. Karrius

    Karrius Well-Known Member

    Sign me up.
  4. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

  5. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

  6. sukaeto

    sukaeto New Member

    wtf, I'm in.
  7. Romdeau

    Romdeau Member

    I'll sign up for this.
  8. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    Sure, it'll be a change from being dead.
  9. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Sign. Me. Up.
  10. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    A hero emerges!

  11. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Invite Bandages. Right now.
  12. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    It's on like Donkey Kong.

    My guess: I'm somehow the third faction. Again.
  13. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    This is going to be a chaotic clusterfuck NIGHTMARE.

    ... how could I POSSIBLY say no?
  14. 2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616

    2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616 Well-Known Member

    Conditional sign up

    Can we expect to be finished by January the 9th? as between then and the 19th of February i have little chance to play...
  15. turtle88222

    turtle88222 New Member

    I'll sign up!

    I've been watching the current Garciahunt game with lots of interest, and would love to play in a game too.

    Only concern is how fast the thread moves, with 30 players, its probably going to be even more faster moving. :p
  16. Foo

    Foo New Member

    Oh god this looks amazing and terrible at the same time. All kinds of fun roles that make everything stupid. I'm so in.
  17. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Garciahunt got 150 posts in the first 24 hours.

    So... consider carefully!
  18. Arkaal

    Arkaal Member

    yes please.
  19. RoieTRS

    RoieTRS Active Member

    I'm in 10char
  20. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    I just ran the first by-hand simulation with this set, using all 30 roles and a Mayor as per Sotek's request.

    It took forever, but was a pretty memorable game:
    • Spy-demon.
    • Enchantress elected Mayor...
    • DOB+BOD Lovers. (lol canon?)
    • Town started game terrible, several mislynches. But Witches killed LW N1!
    • Town finally got a Silencer lynch D4.
    • Gambler got an extra life, only to get Lynched and then Check evil to the Priest the next day...
    • D5, Spy was amped. Town tried to lynch Priest (Acolyte dead) who trueclaimed agaisnt Gambler.
    • I decided most people would spyclaim in this situation, to avert the certain doom of the town.
    • Thansk to Spy being un-assassinate-able, town gets a free lynch... on Warlock.
    • Kill Spy, pot up, Necro goes Silencer mode, Witches proceed to wreck face.
    • Witches ultimately are able to barely but firmly win 3v3, with two Silencings and an Assassin sacrifice.
    • If Witches had claimed roles in chat prior to spyclaim, town could have spent free lynch on Necro for 100% win rate in this case.
    • Also, Bard amped DOB the Night before he had died. Had he landed that, town would have won.

    Basically, despite flubbing the first lynches town turned things around and started looking good, only to lose because of bad luck on a spyclaim. Enchantress extra life as mayor ended up not mattering as DOB naturally killed her. Based on my math after-the-fact, the spyclaim had between a 25-30% chance of working in this situation. (they had to hit Necro day of the claim, or get really really lucky with amps)

    I'll probably do a few more.
  21. Claytus

    Claytus Well-Known Member

    Sign me up.
  22. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Sign me up.
  23. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Count me in
  24. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    I would like to join.
  25. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    EBWOP: The ruleset looks awesome...

    We don't have variable-size factions and unreliable town-roles this time, do we?

    Oh yeah... Awesome. (Why aren't town amps musical notes?)
  26. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Nope; though gambler is obviously random--moderately powerful, but inconsistent.

    Amps are stars because I have the graphical talent of a zebra. (Nothing against zebras, just the first animal that came to mind.)
  27. icewolf34

    icewolf34 Well-Known Member

    i will sign up!
  28. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    Ok, there's a LOT of questions unanswered here, but here's a few anyway.

    1) If traveller swaps with priest, does acolyte know new priest?

    2) If traveller swaps with aco, does he learn priest?

    3) If traveller swaps with anyone, do both players learn of the role swap?

    4) if traveller swaps with an info role, does he get the information they had gained up to that point?

    5) if traveller swaps with mad scientist, may he check targets that were already checked before by the previous scientist?

    6) Do players KNOW when they get extra lives, by any source?


    Also, um, don't we think this may be just a WEE bit too man info roles? Seriously.

    0) Spy
    1) Priest
    2) Acolyte
    3) Mad Scientist
    4) Diviner
    5) Spiritualist
    6) Medium
    7) Bishop
    8) Gravedigger
    9) Correspondent
    10) Gambler (sometimes)
    ... and that's not even counting that twelve of the twenty-three bard boosts are some form of information as well.

    This may be just a BIT too much.
  29. Arkaal

    Arkaal Member

    I really want to see Bard double-amp DOB and Leeroy (2nd time), and have leeroy kill DOB. That'd be 10 spontaneous deaths.
  30. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    Thinking too small Arkaal.

    Day 1, spy is afk and does not respond in time to stop assassin from drinking potion. Leeroy gets a amp. Innocent lynched, innocent night killed.

    Day 2, bard amps self. innocent lynched, innocent night killed.

    Day 3, bard amps DoB and Leeroy.

    Leeroy goes off on DoB and Assassin.

    DoB gets 5 kills, two from the Leeroying, three from DoB.

    Assassin gets 8 kills, two from Leeroying, 6 from there being 6 living witches.

    Total death count: 8 (assassin choices) + 5 (DoB choices) + 2 (Leeroy choices) +1 ( Leeroy himself) = 16 dead in one day.

    Oh. And leeroy was a lover. 17 dead.
  31. Arkaal

    Arkaal Member

    Brilliant. We just need a 22 player game, so we can have a tie on N3. :p


    Seriously, though. Gambler Bonus Life Questions: Are they capped at one per game, or one at a time? (i.e. gambler rolls 6, then dies, then rolls a 6?)

    What happens if BOD gives gambler an extra life, then he rolls a 6? Does he have two? How about the other way around (roll a 6, then get the BOD life)?
  32. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    Mad Scientist is a strictly superior Priest, right? He has no restrictions on check targets.

    A potioned Silencer, potioned Junior Witch, and Leeroy both queue an action at the beginning of Day. Who has priority?
  33. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    I added the tag for you guys.
  34. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    ur doin it rong (should have quotation marks around it)

    Presumably he is not be able to check himself, otherwise yeah, he is just better than Priest.
  35. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Even so, he's still better than priest!

    Check guys A and B.
    Now check guys B and C.
    Then any of ABC against D, etc.

    If you got "different" the first time, then you can build off it to try to figure out which one was evil. You can be pretty sure that most "same" will be town, so ...

    ... yeah. the only difference between him and priest is that priest can be sure of the value of his n1 check, but by the time priest can afford to reveal, MS will know about as much. And then MS can know more, since he can also go with checking people as pairs separately until something comes up, so he gets coverage faster.
  36. ChumpChange

    ChumpChange Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Huh, what happened to the 'can't check the same target twice' restriction?
  37. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    Is it the intent of the ruleset that the bard should probably Amp himself N1, and then Amp himself+someone else each night afterwards until he needs both amps?

    Also, if Spy reveals D2, town joins coven and work together on making him suffer for as long as possible.
  38. acidile

    acidile Member

    as god's gift to witchhunt, I'll play etc.c.c.c.c..
  39. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Currently, no and yes respectively. I am not terribly attached to these rulings and can change them if anyone spots an exploit of some sort, as well as reword things to be more clear/intuitive on either case.

    Yes. Note that the Innocent player has to accept the swap for it to happen. "Traveller wishes to swap roles with you, yes/no?"


    I'll say yes. I'll make sure the wording permits this when I add the MS's restriction text.

    Yes. This really only applies to BOD?

    The thing is that town has a very, very strong innate mechanical advantage, which increases with the number of players. In a sense, every role is a mechanical role.

    This means that as you start adding lots of players, Innocents mechanical advantage begins to pull away while their real advantage begins to diminish. Furthermore, mechanical roles have more variability in an absence of info (big problem for town roles, not for witches though) and are infinitely more applicable to a spyclaim.

    All that reasoning and explanation given, I do sort of agree. I am up for replacing the current implementations of Grave Digger and Diviner, but both those roles are very simple and stable; more than fine for this game.

    One at a time. Currently, BOD Extra Life stacks with it.

    My mistake, the MS card should state that he cannot Check the same target more than once. He can, however, Check himself currently; this is an important one-time use resource!

    The order you have written. I will write this down somewhere in explicit detail, but the only rule of thumb that really matters is that Witches have general priority.

    This is a currently allowed conservative Bard play, yes. If it turns out to be lame, we can nerf him and not let him Amp himself, not a big long-term concern.

    If Spy reveals D2, Witches won't need any help in creating as much misery as they desire.
  40. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Oh, yes they will. The game only lasts so long. Town can get him later too.
  41. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    So wait, a potioned Silencer that knows two living innocent roles automatically wins if DoB is dead, right?
  42. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Only if there's only one other innocent.

    They die when Silenced, you see.
  43. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member


    What steps will you take to ensure that day 1 is not an awful, boring, slow, horrible clusterfuck?

    ran out of adjectives.
  44. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    What do you think about starting on N0? (every active info role gets a check, but no nightkill. Probably need to adjust witch/town ratio)
  45. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    Don't answer questions not directed to you, witch.

    seriously though, I want to know what CPi is planning for this game.
  46. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    BT, you are defining the start of game as such, given that it blatantly happened D2 of Garciahunt as well. so uh.

    His step is: Mayors. which you hate. so maybe witchhunt is not for you? like ... there is going to be a period where people are feeling one another out. That is what happens in these games.

    Maybe you should try and make your own?
  47. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    I don't hate mayors, I just don't feel that they fix the issues I have with the game.

    You are very antagonistic here. I'm merely seeing if I want to play his game or continue to ignore it.
  48. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    While I'd leave it that way for this game, I suggest the fix, if needed, only prevents his amped amp from affecting himself.

    If traveller swaps with gambler who has extra life, who keeps extra life?

    BTW, traveller that switches with priest makes old priest travelling acolyte. ;)
  49. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Ah, I didn't realize silence = kill. I figured it disabled their ability and/or vote for the day or something.
  50. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    It's "kill and disable abilities", IIRC. Which ... only matters in the case of, uh, the DOB?

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