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    PMs are out, game has begun!

    Quick Links:
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6

    Day 6 will end (hard deadline) at 18:00 GMT on 2/5

    1. Sotek
    2. Karrius
    3. ChadMiller
    4. garcia1000
    5. sukeato
    6. Romdeau
    7. Archon Shiva
    8. Prime Intellect
    9. Chumpy (replaced by Ithaldir)
    10. Milskidasith
    11. x1372
    12. turtle88222
    13. Foo
    14. Arkaal
    15. RoieTRS
    16. Claytus *dead*
    17. Ehrgeix
    18. bbobjs
    19. AlexSierra
    20. icewolf34
    21. acidile (replaced by firewind)
    22. Bandages
    23. koopatroop
    24. Fry
    25. YukiOnna
    26. Golden119
    27. -Y- (looking for replacement!)
    28. brainof7

    1. Godric

    Witchhunt Rules 5.0

    Preface: I never do any sort of bastard modding. What you see is 100% what you get, no false or misleading information is ever presented in-game to players by myself as moderator. (No promises on trolling though.)

    Witchhunt is a game in which two groups seek to control their town by killing the other: The Innocent majority and the secret Coven of Witches.

    The game alternates Day and Night phases, starting with Day. Every Day, the entire town has a discussion and may pick one target to Lynch. Every Night, the Witches pick a target of their own to Murder. In both cases, the target is Killed and no longer participates in either vote or any live discussion.

    Example: Brad is a Witch. When Jeff and Jackie (Innocents) accuses Brad of being a Witch, Brad defends himself by saying it is very suspicious that they seem to be working together. Brad convinces the rest of the town to Lynch Jeff instead of himself! That Night, Brad votes to Murder Jackie. When the town wakes up and realizes Jackie has been Murdered, Sophie (Innocent) says that maybe Jackie was right. She convinces the town to lynch Brad.

    Neither role nor alignment of a player is publicly revealed on death, unlike in some similar games. When a player dies, they lose their normal role and become a Guardian Angel. Angels may watch over the game and discuss what is going on with each other, but not living players! Angels observe the targets and results of some special actions at Night. More importantly, each Night the Angels may agree by plurality to Protect one target for that Night. A Protected player will survive Murder, and the town will be informed. Unless a Protected player was targeted for Murder, the Angels may never Protect the same target on consecutive Nights. Additionally, Angels cease to be able to Protect when there is only one Witch left alive. (Witches become Ghosts after death; see FAQ for details.)

    Example: Same as the previous example but after Jeff was Lynched, this time he became an Angel and decided to Protect Jackie that Night. Now when the town woke up, instead of discovering that Jackie was Murdered, they find that Jackie survived being Murdered! This will make it even easier to uncover that Brad is the Witch.

    Each role has a unique ability. Some abilities are passive (always in effect), and others let the player do something special at certain times. For example, each Night the Priest role can Check if a target is a Witch or not.
    Each Innocent role also has a small bonus power listed. The player with the Bard role will get to pick a target each Night to activate their bonus role (for that Night). For example, if the Bard targets the player who happesn to be the Priest, his bonus ability states that he will get to Check an additional target that Night.

    Witches have powerful unique abilities as well. A very important Witch role is the Silencer, who specializing in killing Innocents who have revealed their role. Each Day, the Silencer may guess the identity of two roles; if both are correct, those targets are Silenced: they lose all special role abilities and die unconditionally. However, if either guess is wrong, the Silencer fails and his identity is revealed to the town.

    Example: Brad is the Silencer. Jeff and Jackie had revealed to everyone that they are the Medium and Priest respectively. Brad chooses to Silence them, and they are both Killed. The next day Seth and Sophie trick him into thinking they are the Acolyte and Survivalist, when they are actually some other roles. Brad is exposed to the town, and is Lynched.

    Witches also have bonus powers, but they are not activated by the Bard. Instead, Witches must drink their magical Potion to obtain these benefits. Witches may freely drink the potion at any time, Day or Night, but there is a big catch...

    One of the Witches has been replaced by a Spy who is working for the Innocents! The Spy hides among them, even joining their Murder votes. However, whenever a Witch tries to drink from the Potion, the Spy can Poison it so that the Witch dies unconditionally!

    Example: Jeff, Jackie, and Seth are the only Witches left alive, but Seth is the Spy. During the Day, Seth convinces Jeff that the Spy is probably already dead so it is safe to drink the Potion. Jeff drinks, and is Poisoned by Seth. Seth then reveals himself to the town, announcing that Jackie is the last Witch. Jackie is Lynched and Innocents win!

    The Spy should stay hidden as much as possible, and never let the Witches know he is dead; if a large number of Witches gain their Potion powers, they will be unstoppable!

    The game ends whenever one side eliminates the others, or when this becomes inevitable.

    Role List:
    Role Card Album Link


    Detailed Rules

    This section explains procedural details.


    Votes must be cast for a specific player, with no conditions. For both Lynching and Murder, a majority of all partipating players is required. (such as 9/16, or 3/5) As soon as a vote reaches majority, the moderator processes the kill and the game progresses to the next phase.

    Votes may be changed freely until a majority is reached. Players may vote for themselves, although this is almost never a good idea.

    Special Witch Voting Conditions
    Although it is very rare that they have reason to do so, members of the Coven may vote to Murder each other; this is known as a Sacrifice. There are a few minor rules that make these votes special.

    1. A Sacrifice does not count as their Nightly kill. (The coven may still Murder an Innocent if they wish.)
    2. A Sacrifice target dies unconditionally, bypassing any Extra Lives or other mechanics.
    3. A Sacrifice only requires half the vote, not a true majority. This means a two-way tie will Sacrifice both targets.
    4. Finally, the Spy's Sacrifice vote does not count when "cornered": he will lose any 1v1 vote against another Witch.

    Night Action Resolve Priority
    All basic Night actions resolve simultaneously, and then bonus Night actions (due to the Bard) resolve simultaneously in phases as needed. (The powers "Settle Down", Vigilante Kill, and "Cataclysm" always go last, respectively.) Once everything has been resolved, the Witch Murder will occur. Demon gets his information at the end of Night.


    Players may not, under any circumstances, communicate privately with any other players about the game at any time unless otherwise allowed by the rules.

    If the rules do call for private communication, it will take the form of a provided QuickTopic. (or "QT") An example would be the QT that the Witches share, to plan and make their Murder votes each Night. All QTs are considered "off the record"; players may never copy-paste or otherwise directly quote from a game-related PM or QT.

    Players may only discuss the game in the main thread during Day, never at Night.

    Only text may be posted in the topic. Images or any form of digitally encoded text, including secondary languages, are not permitted.

    Dead players (Guardian Angels and Ghosts) may not communicate with living players about the game; this includes posting in the topic. Dead players will be provided with a QT to discuss the game with one another.

    Non-players may not communicate with players about the game at any time.


    Is there a difference between "Kill" and "die"?
    Kill is a verb keyword, while death is a player state. Kills can fail or be interrupted, while death is the permanent result when a kill succeeds.
    For example, the D.O.B. and B.O.D. roles have abilities that trigger "when you die"; if something tries to kill them but fails, their abilities do not activate. On the other hand, Leeroy Jenkins's ability has him Kill himself--if he somehow survives, his power still works and he can even use it again (Killing himself again) in the future.

    What is the difference between Kill, Lynch, Murder?
    Lynch and Murder are simply the specific types of Kills due to town/coven votes each Day/Night respectively. They merely have special names because some abilities affect those specific Kills.

    How does Protection work?
    Protection simply makes Murders fail, and nothing else. Protection only lasts for that Night, though players may be Protected any number of times.

    How do Extra Lives work?
    Some abilities supply "Extra Lives". This simply means that the next attempt to Kill you that would otherwise succeed will fail.
    Extra Lives from different sources stack, and will be removed in ordered priority most favorable to the player.

    Which players can abilities target?
    The word "target" simply refers to any living player, including yourself. Some abilities state more explicit restrictions.

    Can Witches be Amplified?
    When Witches are Amplified, nothing happens. However, like all roles Witches are still informed that they were Amplified, which may be helpful information.

    Can I be Amplified more than once?
    Only once per Night, but otherwise there is no limit.

    What exactly are Lovers?
    The Enchantress (a Witch role) selects two players at the beginning of the game to be Lovers. (As stated on the card they do this even if they are the Spy, replacing the Enchantress.) Lovers keep their existing roles and abilities, but gain new advantages and disadvantages as star-crossed Lovers.

    The advantage is that the two Lovers get their own QT to communicate privately with one another, and Cupid's ability grants them Protection as long as he lives. The disadvantage is that whenever one Lover dies, the other is Killed as well. (They may survive this somehow, such as having an Extra Life.)

    Lovers do not change factions in any way, so a Junior Witch or Little Witch Lover is still working for the Witches. In the very special case that one of these Witches and their Lover are the only two remaining players in the game, the Witch may backstab their Lover to win.

    What random effects can the Gambler get?
    The Gamber has six effects, each with an equal chance of occuring. When the Gambler is Amblified and takes three effects total, they are unique from each other.
    1. Tonight, you Check as “Evil” .
    2. Tonight, you may Amplify one other living player.
    3. Tonight, you may Protect one other living player.
    4. Tonight, you may Check one target.
    5. Tonight, you have Protection.
    6. You permanently gain an Extra Life. (max one)

    How exactly does Vigilante work?
    He will be informed when his condition is met. (Innocents died to Lynch two Days in a row.) If an Innocent is targeted but survives, this does not fulfill his condition. Once his ability is used, his condition resets; it will not activate again until two more Days of consecutive Innocent Lynches.

    How does Martyr affect posting and ability use?
    While the Martyr can redirect a Kill from someone so prevent that player's death, until the Martyr completes this action through the moderator that person is assumed dead. No matter how certain it may be that the Martyr will save them, they may not post or use any role abilities during that time.
    This has only one major mechanical impact: if the Spy reveals, the Witches still have a window in which they may safely drink the Potion even if the Martyr were to save the Spy.

    How exactly does the Silencer work?
    The Silencer may, at any time once per Day, privately guess two players' roles. If he is correct on both counts, both those players lose any abilities and unconditionally drop dead. If he is wrong on either or both, he is publicly revealed by the moderator. (All official votes will be reset.)

    Can the Silencer target the Spy?
    The Silencer may target the Spy with either of his "roles": Both "Spy" and the Witch role he replaced. The Silencer can even use both the Spy's roles at the same time to fulfill his requirement. ("I Silence Bob the Spy, and Bob the Demon.")

    How exactly do the Junior/Little Witch roles work?
    These Witches are special, because they do not start in the coven. While they are indeed Witches, they will appear "good" to any Check. On the other hand, they are not known to the Witches and may be accidently Murdered.
    Both roles share a "playground" QT to talk to each other. During any Night, either or both roles may join the coven. They leave the playground QT, gain access to the main Witch QT, and henceforth Check evil.

    How does Spy replacing a Witch work?
    One of the Witch roles in use will be replaced by the Spy. He will be informed which. The role he replaces will be observed for purposes of the Medium, Grave Digger, Traveller, and Necromancer's abilities.

    How is the Spy seen by Checks?
    The Spy Checks "good" in all cases. Roles with Checks should be careful about accidentally exposing him!

    How exactly do Witches drink the Potion?
    Witches may post in their coven chat QT the bolded action "drink potion". The Junior/Little Witch can do so in their pre-coven QT.

    How exactly does Poisoning the Potion work as Spy?
    Whenever someone (Witch, Witch not in Coven, or the Spy himself) attempts to drink the Potion, the Spy will be immediately notified (including who is doing so). He will be given the opportunity to Poison the drinker, in which case they will immediately and unconditionally die. The Spy can poison himself, or the Spy can elect to not Poison particular targets (despite both these being questionable strategies). Additionally, although the Potion has no effect on the Spy, he can still drink it to trick the Witches.

    What exactly are Ghosts?
    Just as Innocent players become Angels and continue assisting their faction after death, Witches become Ghosts.
    Ghosts have access to the Angel chat, including the ability to vote on who the Angels Protect each Night. There is nothing stopping them from pretending to be a typical Angel--just like before they died.
    However, just as in life, Ghosts have a private discussion area of their own and may make a Nightly vote to assist the Witches. Ghosts may choose a target to Haunt that Night; any Check targeting a Haunted player will return "blocked". (This affects Priest, Mad Scientist, Gambler, and Bishop)

    How does the Mayor work?
    On the first Day, the town will have the option of electing a Mayor. A Mayor has "diplomatic immunity" and will appear "blocked" on any Check result targeting him. (see previous)
    Additionally, once elected the Mayor player may privately pick one of the following perks:
    • "Guards": Once per game at Night you may give a target an Extra Life.
    • "Scribes": Once per game at Night you may Check a target.
    • "Jesters": Once per game at Night you may Amplify a target.
    As usual, the Mayor always has the option of targeting himself.
  2. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    ('Sotek', 'Traveller')
    ('Karrius', 'B.O.D.')
    ('ChadMiller', 'Silencer (WITCH)')
    ('garcia1000', 'Survivalist')
    ('sukaeto', 'Spiritualist')
    ('Romdeau', 'Leeroy Jenkins')
    ('Archon Shiva', 'Diviner')
    ('Prime Intellect', 'Cupid')
    ('Chumpy', 'Demon (WITCH)')
    ('Milskidasith', 'Wizard')
    ('x1372', 'Vampire Hunter')
    ('turtle88222', 'Vigilante')
    ('Foo', 'Bard')
    ('Arkaal', 'D.O.B.')
    ('RoieTRS', 'Gambler')
    ('Claytus', 'Medium')
    ('Ehrgeix', 'Assassin (SPY)')
    ('bbobjs', 'Priest')
    ('AlexSierra', 'Correspondent')
    ('icewolf34', 'Junior Witch (WITCH)')
    ('acidile', 'Necromancer (WITCH)')
    ('Bandages', 'Martyr')
    ('koopatroop', 'Enchantress (WITCH)')
    ('-Y-', 'Warlock (WITCH)')
    ('Fry', 'Judge')
    ('YukiOnna', 'Acolyte')
    ('Golden119', 'Mad Scientist')
    ('brainof7', 'Little Witch')
  3. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Day 1

    On a forgotten rooftop, an errie darkness shrouds yet darker figures.

    "Why isn't it ready yet?"

    "Have some paitence, we're almost there."

    "We've waited and labored for over a year, paitence has expired."

    The figure stirring a great cauldron stopped.

    "What is it? What is the problem?"

    "It isn't enough."

    "Impossible. The full moon is even more clear than last time, we spent all month enchanting the clouds for this moment--we're not waiting another month."

    "I'm telling you, it isn't enough. You must not have done well enough."

    "That moon is perfect, more than enough for any spell I've ever cast!"

    "Well, the god-potion is more than a bit beyond anything you've ever done, isn't it?"

    "Something must be wrong with the ingredients!"

    A new voice spoke up. "We know that is not the case, as the potion is already very strong despite not yet bestowing god-hood. Nonetheless it is clear out current method is insufficent."

    "What do you propose we do then? An entirely new method?"

    "No. We continue with the same overall plan, merely with a few... adjustments."


    One of the figures, now with blood-stained hands, lay in bed. Here it was darker even than before; a world so black that it does not reject light as an outsider, but craves it madly as a drowning man craves air.

    Despite the absolute darkness the man could still see a locket on the bedside table perfectly, as he had placed it in the exact same place each Night for days inumerable.

    "I've done a terrible thing. But I haven't forgotten. I promised..."


    It is rare that a piece of paper draws more attention than a body.

    "There is not much time. This town has a coven of Witches who is seeking something foul. They--we--killed this man tonight. They are attempting to do something terrible; they have spent a great deal of time creating this potion that will give them unlimited power. They only need one last ingredient and will do anything to obtain it, even if it means killing everyone in this town. They murdered this man to begin summoning this ingedient, and he will not be the last. I have placed a poisonous curse on the potion, so that as long as I live they cannot drink it. This will buy us some time to find and kill them, as long as they don't find me first. This is our last chance."

    This note was found on Mayor Chocolate Pi's dead body.

    "Great, we are in a crisis, and both our mayor and priest are dead." Romdeau was trying to remain calm, but visibly shaken.

    ChadMiller was confused. "I thought someone new was training to be a priest after we elected him?"

    "Well, we're still out a Mayor then..."

    "Should we elect a new one?" -Y- spoke up.

    Golden119 seemed offended. "Now? An election at a time like this?"

    "Actually, he might have a point." koopatroop spoke up, not breaking his gaze on the corpse. "Now is exactly when we could use some organization."


    "Regardless." Milskidasith interjected.


    "Irregardless isn't a word, it doesn't even make sense when you th--"

    "We just learned we are engaged in a secret war with a dark coven of Witches on the doorstep of immortality, and you are correcting my grammar?"

    Prime Intellect had no time for this. "Guys, save it for the Witches. Whoever they are..."

    "But I don't understand." Arkaal said. "What ingredient could be so important?"

    Archon Shiva nodded in shared confusion. "And frankly, why do we care?"

    "Guys..." garcia1000 was looking up. "I think I have an idea."


    Today's Soundtrack: Click Here

    This is the first day! It varies rather a town will lynch or not on the first day; on one hand you have minimal information yet, but those Witches aren't gonna kill themselves! Remember, from this moment forward everything anyone says is evidence! Enjoy your paranoia.

    And yes, you do have more than three days.
  4. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Sotek for Mayor!

    I will be an awesome Mayor. You know it to be true.
  5. sukaeto

    sukaeto New Member

    Well, I might as well get started early this time.

    /me devours acidile the demon

    That's right, folks. It's on. Again.
  6. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    If you guys want to elect a Mayor (see last question of FAQ), deadline is Friday @ 18:00 GMT. (A little less than 4 days from now.) Soft deadline for lynch vote is same time Saturday.

    Also, let it be on the record that I will chronically suggest that everyone is the Spy.
  7. sukaeto

    sukaeto New Member


    My random number generator has informed me that I should pressure Foo. So vote lynch foo.

    Also, trust no one but yourself. vote sukaeto for mayor. I'm the only guy who I know is town. You should all vote for me because I'm town.
  8. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    Yeah. So I was thinking, and having a massive plan to undermine the seemingly inevitable sotek-for-mayor train. But that seemed a lot of effort and probably counterproductive since we have no idea about anything related to Sotek's role at this point.

    So Sotek. Let's get the ball rolling. Why DO you want to be mayor?
  9. Karrius

    Karrius Well-Known Member

    Question: Have lovers been chosen?

    So, I'm going to start with most first posts on why I think I would be a good mayor, like I think EVERYONE ELSE is.

    I think I would be a good mayor because:

    -garciahunt has proven I am a competent player
    -I am relatively easy to read. VERY early in Sotekhunt, ChocoPi figured out who I was. On DAY FRIGGIN 2, Sotek figured out my exact role in garciahunt.

    I think I would be a bad mayor because:
    -I may end up being too easy to read :(
    -I am not nearly as competent as player as, say, Sotek, but we saw what happens when we vote HIM mayor.
  10. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    For one thing, it'd be nice to have witches not NK me tonight and/or tomorrow due to fear of my MIGHTY GUARDS - and yes, I'm a role that would prefer to stay alive for a while. BIG INFO THERE, oh yes. ;)
  11. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    All game setup is done, yes.

    Edit: Sotek pointed out that it's easy to mass-check QTs for activity. I will respond promptly to any questions in them.
  12. turtle88222

    turtle88222 New Member

    Well, Witchhunt 5 has started!

    *Mourning Fireworks*

    Everyone, let's have fun! :p Except for Witches!

    Mod: Is Major voting by majority or plurality? GA or lynch voting rules?
  13. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    I want to be mayor.

    Vote AlexSierra for Mayor
  14. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Really I think I would make an excelent mayor. I have deep experience on... SURVIVAL.
  15. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    I also am I guy with a plan. ;)
  16. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Mayor, Lynch, and Witch Murder votes all occur by majority. You must reach an agreement by the deadline in all cases, or the action defaults to no target.

    Witches voting to murder each other only takes half, not a true majority.

    GAs and Ghosts vote by plurality, with no sort of run-off.
  17. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Man, why would the witches ever NK you? You're always scummy, and you're always Survivalist. Horrible NK choice for dem witches. :p
  18. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    Can we maybe not let Sotek dictate the entire game for once? It's getting repetitive.
  19. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    Well I'm gonna have to go for a bit, so lets get some conversation started.

    So Sotek softclaims gambler and is actually the little witch. Interesting.

    Moving on.

    Sukateko. You claim that you want to be mayor. Now, you must know that going against the incumbent Sotek with his name recognition, hard money, soft money, pundits, politicos, mob ties, and department of dirty tricks is gonna be an uphill battle to say the least. Why do YOU want to be mayor, and how are you prepared to offset the massive amount of inertia that a sotek mayor candidacy has by default?

    Also, Dragonchild: You've managed to pull the wool over many players' eyes quite often in the few games you've played. Yes, a few caught on (in some cases when you wanted them to) but for the most part you've manged to keep things on the down-low. Is there truly a good reason why you don't want to be mayor, or do you just believe that Sotekmayor is inevitable and not worth fighting against?

    A few more questions for random players.

    Prime Intellect: You made quite a name for yourself in Dersehunt, with some absurdly spooky and accurate guesses that made me as moderator wonder if you were cheating at one point. How do you plan to use these skills to benefit the innocents of this game?

    Bandages: :3 :3 It'll be fun to play a game with you and not just moderate it. Any bizarre yet strangely true comments that you want to throw out there?

    Chadmiller: What are the odds of this game not turning into a "hate you guys" in your estimation?

    Alexsierra: Are you the survivalist?

    turtle88222, YukiOnna, Golden119 - you are the only three I don't recognize. What are you planning to do to distinguish yourselves and not just hide in the mass of players this game?

    And finally Koopatroop: As the only other former mayor, and the only former innocent one, how do you think we should work out who gets to be mayor and who gets lynched this day 1, and why?
  20. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    There's a perk called "Jester" I need that thing badly. Not even sure what it does, but I love it.
  21. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    Sotek (Sotek)
    sukaeto (sukaeto)
    AlexSierra (AlexSierra)

    foo (sukaeto)

    sukaeto (devour acidile, funny joke)
  22. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    If someone wants to step up and take charge of town, I'm down for that. I'm still going to be Mister talksalot, though. And I still want Mayor unless someone convinces me they're both town and a better role to have as Mayor than I. (this is something they would find hard, though, because honestly.)

    Or, maybe the witches can whiff an NK tonight! I'll gladly let whoever they whiff on take charge.
  23. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Well I'm not the Werewolf. :D
  24. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I have my tallies running. Waiting until someone gets two votes to bother posting, atm. Maybe I should experiment with formatting, though.

    ... and I need to put in the post reference link already, don't I?
  25. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    Is discussion of who might be a good Amplify target pro-town or anti-town?
  26. Karrius

    Karrius Well-Known Member

    I honestly have not come to a decision enough about mayor mechanics to determine what roles would be good for mayor. As such, I can't really say why I would or wouldn't want to be the mayor.
  27. turtle88222

    turtle88222 New Member

    Well, honestly I'm not sure I will be distinguishing myself. But I'll do my best to help town? Drop hints about my role? Use my powers (if any) wisely? Kill a witch with my powers!

    And to make sure we get a tally going, I'll Vote Sotek for Mayor so he'll do a tally!
  28. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member


    As fun as Little Witch would be (Quicktopic /and/ a witch who doesn't know the other witches? SO SOLD), I'm happy with my role.

    Besides, as LW I would totally not need mayor - I'd just be my usual controversial self for a few days, then once I'd been checked but before I was an NK target, bam, join coven.

    Actually, I've been too busy evaluating the options a Mayor gets, in light of my role, to think about my fakeclaims, since I need to get creative this time if I'm gonna do any fakeclaiming at all.
  29. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="2"][B]28 alive, 15 is majority[/B]
    Sotek (Sotek, turtle88222)
    sukaeto (sukaeto)
    AlexSierra (AlexSierra)
    foo (sukaeto)[/SIZE][/FONT]
    That is kind of a non-reason you got there, turtle. Want to try again?
  30. sukaeto

    sukaeto New Member

    Well, I realize that going up against the Sotek political machine is an almost insurmountable task - but what the hell, Obama did it to Hillary.

    That being said, people aren't randomly throwing money at me like it's going out of style . . . so I may have a tougher time doing it.

    ANYWAY: Basically, I don't mind drawing attention to myself and I think me getting the extra life would be relatively beneficial for town.
  31. brainof7

    brainof7 Member

    don't like what sukaeto has been doing so far. Can we please not resort to the "I am town so I am town" logic please? That was half the confusion on wether or not to trust CPi in sotekhunt.

    As I am very against randavoting I will not lead with it. If sukaeto is a witch here, we would surely be pressuring an innocent from the get-go
  32. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Creative fakeclaims to consider:
    • Werewolf
    • Hermione Granger
    • Kool-Aid Man
    • Wolf Blitzer
    • Mr. Game & Watch
    • Attila the Hun
    • Random Audience Member from Super Punch-Out

    Edit: Screw it, I don't care if it's too soon, someone will counter-claim it, that I am dead, or even that I am not playing. I hereby claim Giraffe.
  33. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Mmm, depends. Basic Amp strategy seems pro-town, going more specific ... maybe not?

    I'm pretty sure amping an NK-survivor is always decent, since at least you know they're town - and Traveller is an AMAZING amp if witches bounced off him... and if witches don't know if an NK-survivor was amped or not, they might run into problems trying to deal with him; if he's traveller and was amped they want to hit him now, if he's survivor and was amped they do NOT, if he's traveller and was NOT amped they do NOT want to hit, and if he's survivalist and was not amped they DO want to hit.

    And a GA-protected guy is relatively likely to be some kind of info role (since after tonight they'll probably at least know Diviner, unless he has an amazing ninja read on someone), so there's that too.

    If an amper knows either another possible amper or priest/MS, they are the amp target like for sure, unless Traveller is known or something.

    Otherwise, man, dunno.

    I see through your trap! I will not fall for it!

    Post Reference Link
    Sotek's unofficial mayoral vote tally. Please remember to specify all votes in bold!
    28 voters, therefore 15 is majority and 14 is deadlock
    Sotek: 2 (Sotek, turtle88222)
    sukaeto: 1 (sukaeto)
    AlexSierra: 1 (Alexsierra)
    Abstaining: 24 (-Y-, Archon Shiva, Arkaal, Bandages, ChadMiller, Chumpy, Claytus, Ehrgeix, Foo, Fry, Golden119, Karrius, Milskidasith, Prime Intellect, RoieTRS, Romdeau, YukiOnna, acidile, bbobjs, brainof7, garcia1000, icewolf34, koopatroop, x1372)
  34. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    rules question: If Mad Scientist is amplified, does he get Discovery in addition to his normal bizarro-check or instead of it? Either way, do Discovery's three targets count against future bizarro-checks?
  35. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Good question, this actually is unclear.

    MS's Amp actually replaces his normal ability, which is unusual. The restriction on his normal ability does not apply to the Amp'd version in any way.
  36. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    Hmm, so night 1 MS checks Hermione and Ronnie and gets "same", night 2 MS gets amped and uses Discovery on Hermione, Ronnie, and Snape and gets "1 witch," "2 witches," or "3 witches," that is pretty rockin'. (if he gets "0 witches", probably sadface)
  37. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    I would really not like Sotek to be mayor again, just in case.
    Unvote Chumpy

    I don't see allot of good reasons for lovers not to claim.

    As for the mayor, it's very important that we don't end up with a Scum mayor, so think carefully.
  38. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    So many possibilities, so many interactions.

    Well, looking foward for Chumpy actions.
  39. brainof7

    brainof7 Member

    Gambler, Priest, Diviner, Acolyte, seem like the best types of roles to amp N1. Let town know who is town so that town makes fewer mistakes going into d2 - d3 seems like pretty good. Traveler could also be a good amp or even martyr since they would then know the role of the person who died. Bard should make their own decisions based on their own reads however, and if they spot a good play to make besides an obvious get info one then it might be a good thing to try
  40. sukaeto

    sukaeto New Member

  41. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Well I know for sure that the person I'm voting is not scum. But what is life without risks. Especially for people who gets more than one life, like cats, they have 7 of them. :p
  42. brainof7

    brainof7 Member

    nm, amp rules changed.

    In general though, pick a player based on your reads who is probably likely to get more info I think.
  43. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    Seems pretty obvious what roles are better to amp? The question was really whether it is +town for particular players to say "hey amp me" or not. Probably -town, I think? Although "bad amp roles" can certainly fakeclaim that they are a "good amp role", still seems not great in general.
  44. Karrius

    Karrius Well-Known Member

    Reasons for lovers not to claim : Enchantress has to claim or be very hinting for witches to know to prevent a NK bounce, and extra roles known by Spy is +town.

    Reasons for lovers TO claim: One of em can get mayor (must be careful of JW shenanigans), we have town leaders, we don't accidentally lynch them.
  45. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Oh, let me address that before lovers mess up:


    Witches want to know who Lovers are so they don't whiff an NK on them while Cupid is alive, and so they know who has a get-out-of-lynch-free card so they don't try to bandwagon on them.

    The Spy wants to know who the Enchantress is, rather badly.

    We would like to have enchantress have to out herself to coven eventually.

    This is true! A Scum Mayor would suck. A Checking Mayor would rule, unless it's a Checking Scum Mayor which has the potential to be horrific but is most likely not to be a huge deal. (oh no, he confirmed a witch to himself, whatever.) (A Spy Mayor is even better, though! Especially with Guards and then claiming he took Scribes and fingering a witch as spy . . .)
  46. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    In America at least, they have 9. Although they can expire pretty quickly (see: Batman 2)
  47. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    A good bard could really make a difference. I hope we have a good bard.
    Hey bard, please be good, k, thanks
  48. Karrius

    Karrius Well-Known Member

    The next person to say "Vote for me for mayor I'm town!" will get a lynch vote for being an annoying douchebag.
  49. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    And if someone says "vote for me for mayor, I'm a witch!", they will get a lynch vote for...well, you know.
  50. Karrius

    Karrius Well-Known Member

    Yes, but the outright *spam* of "I know I'm town, so you should vote for me!" is what is pissing me off. At least I attempted to give reasons.

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