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  1. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Koopatroop is dead. The Day continues. (Edit for clarity: aka, there is still a Lynch)
  2. koopatroop

    koopatroop Well-Known Member

    <dun dun dun>

    /learns patience.
  3. acidile

    acidile Member

    the fun part about this, is I can still talk in town-chat :)
  4. x1372

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  5. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    Damn. Really wish Troop hadn't made his actual vote before I could attach to him, mighta been better that way. Guess my timing was poor on that and I over thought it.


    Town's only hope now is that Acid misses.
  6. acidile

    acidile Member

    dude i seriously think that you're JW btw
  7. acidile

    acidile Member

    also, if koopa had checked garcia and it came back evil, I feel that garciawolf would be way too scary for him to propose lynching a potential JW.
  8. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    2 votes for no-lynch is sufficient, FYI.
  9. brainof7

    brainof7 Member

    ok, crazy. There are 4 players left right?

    and basically we know acidile is definately the WW, and that someone is the JW?

    Jeez, a guy can't sleep without having everything in the world collapse on a simple game!

    So, I will not role reveal or anything, because obviously it is pretty fail to do so at this point, who is left?
  10. acidile

    acidile Member

    Jeez, a JUNIOR WITCH can't sleep without having everything in the world collapse on a simple game!
  11. brainof7

    brainof7 Member

    Also, I vote no-lynch I think? we need to wait until the WW can't keep going or something, but I think that this is a win for the witches here...
  12. brainof7

    brainof7 Member

    Vote No Lynch!
  13. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Just the facts:

    • acidile, brainof7, garcia1000, and x1372 are the 4 remaining players.
    • x1372 voted for no Lynch.
    • acidile confirmed he was the Werewolf by successfully Devouring koopatroop (Priest)
    • acidile is immune to death until the start of Day 5. Keep in mind that Werewolf is always allowed a chance to Devour. (No proxy ninja gimmicks.)
    • There still exists some way of killing acidile, as the game is not over.
  14. acidile

    acidile Member

    acidile - Survivalist confirmed
    brain - Junior Witch confirmed
    x - Junior Witch confirmed
    garcia - Town confirmed
  15. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Another fact: It is now night.
  16. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    DAY 5
    Today's Soundtrack
    The three combatants stood face-to-face-to-face.

    Between them all, in the center of a perfectly balanced triangle, stood the Elk Overlord.

    "This is the Day you die--not to me, but your own hands. Now... Fight."

    garcia1000 is dead.

    Three remain.

    All that matters now is one choice.
  17. brainof7

    brainof7 Member

    waiting for devour b4 vote...
  18. acidile

    acidile Member

    x1372 is the Junior Witch.

    siiiigh brain is soooo obvious but too obvious fuck i dunno? x is playing it exactly how I would. I just couldn't take it losing to x if he was the JW :mad:.

    Also, we should talk things out if I'm wrong. Kingmaker situations etc.
  19. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    x1372 has been Devoured.

    Final Soundtrack...?!


    Fry		Demon
    Sotek		Leeroy Jenkins - LOVER
    link6616	Vampire Hunter
    Milskidasith	Acolyte
    -Y-		Martyr
    icewolf34	Judge
    Zejety		Assassin
    jiaflu		B.O.D.
    acidile		Werewolf
    garcia1000	Nun - LOVER
    ChadMiller	D.O.B.
    brainof7	Traveller
    koopatroop	Priest
    x1372		Junior Witch
    fiddly		Enchantress
    Benoit Haché	Warlock - SPY
    Lofo		Survivalist
    link6616	Vampire Hunter
    Milskidasith	Acolyte
    Zejety		Assassin
    Benoit Haché	Warlock - SPY
    koopatroop	Priest
    fiddly		Enchantress
    ChadMiller	D.O.B.
    icewolf34	Judge
    x1372		Junior Witch
    brainof7	Traveller
    Lofo		Survivalist
    -Y-		Martyr
    acidile		Werewolf
    jiaflu		B.O.D.
    Fry		Demon
    Sotek		Leeroy Jenkins - LOVER
    garcia1000	Nun - LOVER
    acidile		Werewolf
    Zejety		Assassin
    Benoit Haché	Warlock - SPY
    fiddly		Enchantress
    Fry		Demon
    x1372		Junior Witch
    link6616	Vampire Hunter
    Milskidasith	Acolyte
    koopatroop	Priest
    ChadMiller	D.O.B.
    icewolf34	Judge
    brainof7	Traveller
    Lofo		Survivalist
    -Y-		Martyr
    jiaflu		B.O.D.
    Sotek		Leeroy Jenkins - LOVER
    garcia1000	Nun - LOVER
  20. x1372

    x1372 Active Member


    So close. So freaking close.

    One sec, finding my thoughts list and tossing them up in my next post.
  21. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    Dang. I deleted my notes from before we had 7 left.


    1) WTF sotek. seriously, I should NOT be in this situation. With more discussion we could have fished out some nuggets I could use to help myself. Seriously thinking garcia's the werewolf after that move... but I don't dare act on it.

    2) chad's DoB being gone is serious +EV for me. Still kinda wish that Fiddly used his last kill on -Y-. At least then I'd have more hiding room.

    ::: SEVEN LEFT :::

    I HAVE to assume the werewolf is dead. If he lives, the best possible situation I can achieve is a town kingmaker. Given that I'd have been the one who pushed us into it, odds are they'd let wolfy win. On top of that, I'd have to have the wolf GUESS WRONG on which of the two or 3 survivors is JW.

    Koop is untouchable until there's only 4 of us left.

    Koop is talking about a potential blindside, with -Y- sacrificing to save whoever died if they do die, for proof that someone isn't the werewolf. The more I look at it, the more this is +ev for me. IF I am targeted and killed, and then saved, I'm in the best shape I can possibly be here. If I'm not the one he targets, I am in serious trouble, but I see no better option. I also see no better option if I WAS a townie, which means that if I don't do it I'll look suspicious.

    God help me please have -Y- be telling the truth. If he's WW this whole thing unravels right now for a VERY unfavorable endgame. Regardless... well, here's hoping I get targeted for the lynch. I hate it, but its my best chance.

    Oh god. I was targeted. Well step one complete. Now its a waiting game. Ironically if -Y- KNEW I was the JW as anyone but the werewolf, he would still probably die for me.

    :::5 LEFT :::

    Presumed Deadlist

    Sotek: Leeroy, Lover.
    -Y-: Martyr
    Chadmiller: DoB
    Zejety: Assassin
    Fiddly: Enchantress
    Benoit Haché: Spy/Warlock
    Fry: Devil

    (99% SURE)
    Milskidasith: Acolyte
    jiaflu: BoD

    Link6166: ???
    icewolf34: ???
    Lofobol: ???

    x1372: Junior Witch
    koopatroop: Priest (if he's a WW, well, hats off. Won't matter if we lynch anyone today, he's NKed)
    brainof7: ???
    garcia1000: ???
    acidile: ???


    Remaining Roles:

    Vampire Hunter

    -- NOT GOOD.

    Potential BoD claim is unlikely to work, despite my effort in setting it up. At this point people would question why I didn't activate it earlier in the event of a lynching tonight. If I claim BoD with 4 left, they'd lynch me to give the priest one more day and... well, gg.

    Nun, survivalist, werewolf claim are all impossible.

    My endgame looks putrid if Judge or Traveller are still alive, no matter HOW things work out.

    Ice and Lofo both died in ways that survivalist could not survive. Link did not. I could still have a survivalist to deal with.

    My best case endgame is facing off against vampire hunter... fuck all of the others stack the deck against me here.

    There's a good chance I'll have to claim with 4 left. Leaning traveller claim, and hoping to god the real one was icewolf34, jiaflu (no), lofobol, or link6166.



    DAMNIT. I was all ready to assume that the werewolf was dead. If I could bandwagon with Koop to kill whoever he DID NOT werewolf check, I HAD it. I HAD it down to a 50-50 between me and either brainof7 or garcia, at least one of which has no way he can clear himself.

    Now I've got a choice to make. Clearly we're hittin a no lynch tonight. No other move give the town any chance at all.


    Garcia is VERY HIGHLY PRESUMED to be a non-witch. All evidence suggests VERY strongly that he was the one koopatroop checked with his final check, leaving acidile as the only potential werewolf.

    With acidile out of the bag, we have the following for the town:

    Brainof7: No real knowledge
    Garcia: Not JW
    Me: No real knowledge
    Acidile: WW.

    Town's only move is no vote. Hit garcia is stupid. Hit me or Brainof7 and its guaranteed werewolf win (werewolf gets to lunch me if brain dies, or just wins outright if they hit me.)


    This leaves me with a No GA night. My options are

    Kill Brainof7
    No Kill
    Kill garcia

    Killing brainof7 is instant fail. WW noms me.

    Making no kill is instant fail. One of two things happens.
    a) WW noms me. WW wins.
    b) ww fails to nom brainof7. That night, I'm dead if I don't kill him. And then Garcia and brainof7 know I'm JW, and they kill me, town wins.

    Killing Garcia means that Acidile has to choose for JW nom between me and brainof7.
    a) WW noms me. WW wins.
    b) WW fails to nom brainof7. That night, I kill ww. And then its just me and brain, I win if he's not Judge or Traveller.
    c) Garcia is SURVIVOR, and I get put in the same position as if I'd made no kill.

    Sorry town. This is the only move.

    This is NOT the endgame I wanted. But its the only one where I have any chance of winning when the WW lived at 7 left.

    50% Werweolf.
    ~33% town kingmaker, werewolf or witch wins.
    ~10% town victory, if brian is JUDGE or garcia is SURVIVOR. Latter is unlikely but possible.
    ~7% draw, if brian is traveller.

    Nothing left to do but let it all play out.


    Garcia wasn't the Survivor.

    Odds now 50% WW, 36% kingmaker, 7% brianJUDGE solo victory, 7% brianTRAVELLER and I left at an impasse.

    Not gonna say a goddamn word until acidile makes his move. Its in his hands now.

    Also: om(nom-nom)inous is apparently now the favorite phrase of a lot of people on sirlin.net.
  22. acidile

    acidile Member

    man, you were just sooo obsessed with werewolf hunting lategame, and paid zero attention to the JW no WW universe.
  23. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

    well, two notes now that I can say them out loud:

    -It is a serious balance problem that more than one situation came up where the correct play for both town and witches was to not do anything

    -It is very frustrating to see one of those situations when you are dead and none of the living players notice
  24. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

  25. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure this ever actually happened. x1372 had no advantage to stall indefinitely, and in fact (imo) would have been better off joining the coven a night sooner; he gave the Priest a head start and basically confirmed to the WW that the remaining Witch was the JW.

    The possibility of the Priest role creates impetus for both Innocents and Witches.
  26. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    My only reason for NOT joining a night earlier is that I was actually HOPING to give the priest a headstart on the wolf targeting. I needed a known wolf if there was one, but at the same time I couldn't risk getting revealed if there WAS no werewolf. Plus the desperate hope that I'd be targeted that night by the priest, with knowledge that if no one was lynched I'd probably be better off going for a NK the following night anyway.

    I pushed so hard for assumed werewolf exists endgames because I knew that if town assumes werewolf is dead, I am screwed no matter how things turn out. Either I'm gonna be fed to the WW or I'm gonna get caught as solo JW. The push for werewolf hunting was indeed intentional. I was, as my notes mention, REALLY hoping for a no-ww endgame, because my BEST CASE setup with the WW alive was exactly what we had ad the end, WW having a 50-50 to eat the right JW.
  27. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

    so what does town do if x just lays low indefinitely and lets priest check everyone? surely werewolf knows he is doomed if that happens and has to eat priest immediately and has way less info to go on. JW checks good until then and mass roleclaiming is suicidal
  28. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

    Then again maybe waiting at all as JW was a mistake? I mean he can't out you if WW exists or it's GG anyway, though maybe town didn't know that given they also forgot how GAs work

    EDIT: To be clear, what I'm saying is that even if koopatroop checks you and gets 'evil', maybe he can't release that information without dooming the town until after you manage to NK him since we were getting close to the threshold where angels can no longer protect
  29. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    The problem chad is that I couldn't assume that everyone else would stick with the "there is a werewolf" endgame theory.

    And if I DIDN'T act at all and there was no WW I lose. If I act too hastily and there is a WW I probably lose.

    I had SERIOUSLY considered the "just stay out of coven until WW is ID'd" thing but the problem is that I face 2 possible situations:

    1) There is now WW. GG I lose.
    2) WW gets ID'd. Wait until he finishes eating people, then wipe him out. Issue is that my odds aren't great, and that realistically the best I can hope for is a 50-50 endgame no matter what.

    Given that, taking a more aggressive role would give me a MUCH better chance if there's no WW but only minimal loss if I'm wrong. On top of that, in the kingmaker possibility the surviving town is far more likely to give me the win than the ww.
  30. x1372

    x1372 Active Member

    Also: it became quite clear kinda early that koop's actions were kinda erratic. I couldn't guarantee he'd keep his mouth shut if he got a read on me.
  31. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

    yeah I guess that's true

    I'm still pretty annoyed no townies figured out how good nolynch is at exactly 5 people, especially with a believed werewolf alive and only one witch with DOB and spy already dead

    I mean, you have at most 2 scum that you can't kill, trying to lynch werewolf tells him it's omnom-time, and you keep GA protection which helps against NKs assuming GAs aren't bad enough to protect werewolf

    also, fun fact: both games began with Sotek randomvoting dob

    And both times i killed link
  32. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    Why is there a fast game around is CPi doing some balancing?
  33. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Staff Member

  34. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

  35. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

  36. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    21:26:47 jiaflu: we want lolis
    21:44:39 jiaflu: WE WANT LOLIS
    21:45:31 Lofo: jiaflu ok let me find some lolis
  37. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    22:07:53 Lofo: i basically only have scarlet sisters for lolis in my pixiv list
  38. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Staff Member

    BTW here are some people who I thought played very well. If I missed you out, that's probably because I didn't take notes on you since I was pretty sure you were one faction or another. Or it could be because I think you suck. But probably the former reason.

    Sotek: Infoborg

    Fiddly: Had me totally convinced he was town. Very impressive for a first game.

    acidile: My notes had him doing weird things, but not enough for me to start questioning him. Pretty good stuff.

    Lofobal: Very aggressive questioning to attract nightkills, which gives the town an extra day due to survivor ability. Or, well, it would have! Ha ha! Funny joke.
  39. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    The much delayed (but promised) grumbling moderator opinions:

    Day 1:
    -Letting Judge issue the final vote is logical but not really different than claiming Judge anyway. The communication breakdown on this issue was silly.
    -jiaflu basically admitted he was the BOD early on, and I don't think anyone noticed due to him seeming scummy.
    -brainof7 just absolutely nailed Zejety on ultra-scummy behavior and was ignored.
    -A lot of conversation got distracted on Lovers. Are we hunting Witches or going to middle school?
    -Fiddly is just rockin' D1.
    -I probably would have pushed for a Judge kill on x1372; his first couple posts were really scummy. If not, then Zejety.
    -Best line of the day: "logic to avoid lynching is really good for Werewolf" -- koopatroop
    -When jiaflu's death was inevitable, he should have shut up and let it happen. Let the BOD protection be a surprise that will fool the Witches!

    Night 1:
    -Oh Fiddly. Fiddly Fiddly Fiddly. Why make a hail mary pass when you are winning? If you think Fry is the Spy, keep an eye on him and be developing a robust fake spyclaim around that.
    -On the bright side for Witches, at least the BOD protection was circumvented unknowingly.
    -Not sure why icewolf34 was picked.

    Day 2:
    -x1372 is doing a great job hiding behind walls of text.
    -How do people not get that proxying your vote is super scummy? It's practically admitting that you are only pretending to be invested in the lynch.
    -Milskidasith's conditional non-vote really made me facepalm. Pretty scummy.
    -What on Earth is -Y- doing with that self-vote? Even in retrospect as mod I have no idea.
    -Fiddly jumps on the BH train playing it very smooth, great play.
    -Unfortuantely for everyone who isn't the Werewolf, BH freaks out and spyclaims. The accusations agaisnt him were shallow and there were lots of more reasonable lynch targets; a few decent replies could have shaken this easy.
    -I would have called BH the Assassin in Fiddly's fake claim. The main goal is to keep assassin alive for 1 Day at all costs. Otherwise it was good.

    Night 2:
    -Good Witch target choice. Turned out to be the DOB, not bad.

    Day 3:
    -Still don't see why Sotek didn't auto-Leeroy.
    -Milskiasith roleclaim was the dumb town play of the game, sorry Mils.
    -It would have been the pro play of the game if he had just inverted it.
    -Also, almost no one feel for my trolling. You guys!

    Night 3:
    -x1372 should have joined tonight, and killed Milskidasith imo. Even tohugh the JW was all but confirmed, this confirmed it.

    Day 4:
    -Holy crap, koopatroop just won the game. acidile just sent me a PM to say he is about to Devour, and...
    -...koopatroop retracts his trap without reason. :(
    -Geez these proxy votes are scummy.
    -Why is the town lynching if the JW isn't joined yet?"
    -...and the town kills x1372, thus winning the game for acidile. Brilliant.
    -Wait, no, Martyr saves him. Game on!

    Night 4:
    -Lucky for him, x1372 isn't Checked as he makes the right move. Given the town's mistake, being a night late might not matter much.

    Day 5:
    -acidile is really playing well here. x1372 is too...
    -acidile made the right choice in coming out.
    -Now they vote no lynch...

    Night 5:
    -Funny story. acidile said he was more skeptical that garcia was the JW. However, brainof7 was the Traveller, and would have opened up a new can of worms if voted for. Hard to say what the right choice is in hindsight.

    Day 6:
    -acidile makes the right call and wins.
  40. acidile

    acidile Member

    This day here is why I have problems with the day-ability of WW. I was HEAVILY suspicious of koopa setting a trap here, but I was afraid of going to sleep and waking up to being lynched+NKed. I tried to set a conditional devour on a Lynch going through, I figured that the town would only lynch if they figured out I was the WW, or else they would probably be killing JW = my win. I figured any competent town betting on WW+JW universe would no-lynch anyways. Unfortunately the conditional wasn't really allowed, so I figured my best bet was to chill. It was really scary going to sleep.
  41. Fiddly

    Fiddly Member

    Edited Post! Retract his win!

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