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Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by Trayus, May 27, 2012.

  1. Trayus

    Trayus New Member

    Hey Yomi fans,

    I've created a small app to keep track of life totals during a fight. There's a character select screen and then a simple 'fight' screen which has buttons to modify the life totals along with some artwork for each character. It's pretty simple, but it's been helping us out a lot: now we don't need a ton of space for the mats and we don't need to spend paper to keep track of our life.

    Feel free to play around with the code (it's an eclipse project using Android API 8 - for android OS version 2.2 (I have a Droid Incredible 2)). I have a public github repo at

    If Sirlin likes the app, I wouldn't mind putting it on the app store as a free-to-use app.
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  2. Inkstud

    Inkstud Patreon Supporter

    Yes please! I use the calculator on my iPod touch right now and this sounds way better.
  3. Trayus

    Trayus New Member

    The app is up now on Google Play! (Yomi Life Tracker) Enjoy!
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  4. Remy77077

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    Necro! :midori: I was going to post a new thread about this as I've been using this app every time I play Yomi with real cards ever since I found it, and I think it's really useful.

    Even though I still use the playmats for putting my actual cards onto - this is by far my favourite way of recording life totals. I usually have a playmat each with our decks, the card in combat, and the discard piles fully laid out so you can see every card (makes it easy for us both to see each others discards), and then I put my phone or a tablet down in the middle between the playmats, running this app, so both players can see their own life at a glance too.

    Trayus has just updated it with knock down indicators & warnings on accidental exit so it's better than ever.

    I put the link up here before, but here it is again on Google Play:

    Great to see something awesome for us Androiders


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