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Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by Wobberjacky, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Bruce: wow that map is awesome. I guess you entered all the info by hand. If only new people could put themselves on the map and we could make it more public.
  2. Soupbase

    Soupbase New Member

    I did, actually. As you can see a lot of the pins don't contain the data I entered (my own pin, too!) Aardvark Map is finicky, lacks features, and requires someone -- Wobberjacky stepped up -- to maintain all of the new data entry. I was rather surprised to find that Google didn't already have a feature like you describe. Overall, Bruce has got the right ideas on how to keep the list organized, so long as there's someone doing the work.

    It'd be nice to have a Google map overlay that's as easy to use as Google docs. I'm rather interested in starting up a new project and this may just be it. Many web communities could find a use for it. How great would it be to just have a huge "world warriors" map sortable by individual board/fighting game?
  3. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member Ambassador

    :) It seems it was Soupbase that made the map. I just put the link to it "front and center" when I re-formatted the original post (previously it was at the bottom of the post).

    So I know of a website that tracks locations of things on a map. Not sure what web app they use for it. I'll check it out.

    It seems to me that the idea behind this thread could potentially make a nice addition to the SirlinGames.com Yomi section (or a universal player finder section or page for all Sirlin Games).

    But yeah, someone would have to maintain it. Perhaps, in that sense, keeping it sort of a community effort and just linking to threads like these on SirlinGames.com (where appropriate) would work better. We can see how things go. Lists are easily transferable.

    If we did have a "player finder" page for Yomi on the SirlinGames.com site, perhaps we could have a map built into the page, or even come up with some sort of "player finder" section that has more features and functionality, and isn't just a list, but something you can search through. I think that'd be a pretty cool feature to have. A tricky thing to account for is that we'd want people to be able to freely edit/change/update their details, so that makes things a bit more complicated in terms of implementation (really, though, you'd just need a good programmer... they seem to be good at making tricky stuff happen).

    That would be pretty frickin' cool.

    That would be the type of thing that would work well on a SirlinGames.com "player finder" page.

    One thing I've realised while working on community-building things for Yomi: we have lots of time to do stuff like this, so yeah, we can see how things pan out over time. A great thing that happens when you have a big community is that there are lots of passionate people with a broad range of skills and interests who are able to help do great things (like the project you mentioned, and things like that).
  4. Wobberjacky

    Wobberjacky Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestions, Bruce; OP is now updated with better formatting. I'll finish updating the map tomorrow probably.

    The current map will work for now, but if anyone can find a better way of doing it, awesome. Manually entering everything in Aardvark is pretty tedious, especially since it doesn't actually interface with Google very well (why can't I type in Thelo's address and it put a marker on that exact spot?). The markers also move themselves around when you zoom in and out, though that may be a problem with Google.

    As for having a player registry on Sirlin's game page, that might be nice but it's always good to have something like this in the forum section too, since that's usually the center of the community. For a good example see Dustloop, which is the most helpful and best run fighting game community site, even if the game they play now kind of sucks.
  5. Thelo

    Thelo Administrator Staff Member

    Doesn't Google MyMaps fit the bill? It lets you put plots on a Google Map and you can set it so that others can edit it.
  6. Wobberjacky

    Wobberjacky Well-Known Member

    Why yes, yes it does.
  7. GreyWithAnE

    GreyWithAnE Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    All 10 decks
    Other games: anything board- or card-related, really
  8. HotSake

    HotSake Member

    Hah, I was about to suggest that when I saw the original post about Aardvark, but figured I'd keep reading. I'm honestly baffled that Aardvark was someone's first choice over Google Maps. If no one's started transferring over to a Google Map when I get home, I'll handle it.
  9. Crow_Winters

    Crow_Winters New Member

    Hey, a number of people from MI. Wish I had known before I moved. :p

    Austin, TX
    All Characters
    Other Games: T6, Melty Blood AA, SC2 (calibur, 2 only), KOF2002, SSF4

    Waiting on my copy to arrive still, but i ordered the deluxe. Have a roommate that plays as well, and am planning to do weekly gatherings with a small group of 4 to 5 of us.
  10. phaustus

    phaustus New Member

    Hey, just joined seconds ago... :p

    I am currently waiting for my Complete Set (which I should be getting within the next few days).

    Just noticed I live pretty close to Thelo :D

    Here's my info:

    Montreal, QC, Canada
    all characters (once I receive my complete set; planning to focus mainly on Geiger, Arg, Rook and Grave)
    other games:
    vidgames (not very competitively), shitload of CCGs, a lot of boardgames, too
    prefered FLGS:
    currently none (as I work nights), but I work close to Cartamagica, and Le Valet d'Coeur is on my way to work, as well

    EDIT: added info about nearby FLGS and characters I play
  11. HotSake

    HotSake Member

    Google map is live! I've set it to allow anyone to edit the map, so please go in and adjust your pins, change your info, or whatever you like. I hand entered every entry from the thread, so the map is up-to-date as of right now. I make no promises after this point.

    Please add yourself to the map when you post in this thread.
  12. Thelo

    Thelo Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, it works without invites. Just login to any Google account and click the Edit button in the topright of the player list to switch to edit mode, then you can move stuff around and type embarrassing stuff over people's pins. Works like a charm.
  13. HotSake

    HotSake Member

    Lol perfect. Please keep the vandalism to a minimum. ;)
  14. Soupbase

    Soupbase New Member

    Perfect. For some reason I couldn't find this feature when I looked, nice work.
  15. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member Ambassador

    I didn't know about Google MyMaps. Nice suggestion.

    It has a permission-based editing system, too (like Google Docs), so that's awesome. If people start doing not-ideal things to the map, we could always revert to manually adding entries to the map, perhaps with a team of people doing it (instead of allowing everyone to edit), so there's less work for one person. I think the current system should be okay for now, though.

    I checked out the other site I mentioned (the one that tracked locations on a map) to see what map web app they used, and I learned they use the Google Maps API, which Google let you use on your website. I'm not 100% sure if you can use it for free on commercial-related sites. I'd check, but it seems we have a solution for now.
  16. sinfreealex

    sinfreealex New Member

    Manchester, NH
    all ten character decks
    other games: Puzzle Strike, 7 Wonders, and many other board & card games
    preferred gaming store: Myriad Manchester
  17. geoffa

    geoffa New Member

    This is a great feature. I just entered myself on the map (Greensburg, PA).

    I'm trying to introduce the game at the local gaming store, The Vault. I played through five games last night (enough to look at all ten characters) and my opponent promptly asked the store to order him the full set when we were done. I think you could take that as a positive sign!
  18. Wobberjacky

    Wobberjacky Well-Known Member

    Just a note to those editing themselves onto the map: you should also post in the thread so it's easy for other players to contact you.
  19. tastyhat

    tastyhat Member

    Chelsea, NYC. All 10 decks and PS.
  20. Zinc Elemental

    Zinc Elemental New Member

    New York, New York. I've got all 10 decks
  21. Sedaza

    Sedaza New Member

    Sergio, From Spain

    I do live on Alicante, Spain, ordered Yomi complete edition as soon as it was available and at this moment I m waiting for the game everday.

    I do use to play boardgames with a good bunch of friends, I m hoping I will be able to turn some of them on my next Yomi oponents and hopefully, "spread the yomi word".

    The game price (130$ with taxes and postage) is high but not prohibitive, so I put this game order as my own Xmas gift (what a shame it didnt arrived on Xmas time).

    I have been reading Sirlin´s blog for more than 5 years and I really appreciated most of his content. Keep doing that awesome job David, best wishes for your games.:)

    P.D. Best wishes for Fantasystrike yomi server people that has explained countless doubts to me via chat (specially the "Yomi hermit" also known as Vivafringe.
  22. jmw23

    jmw23 New Member

    I am in Orlando, Florida. I've got all 10 decks.
  23. GD360

    GD360 New Member

    Hey All,

    I'm in the Chicago Suburbs. I just ordered Yomi. I'll be splitting it with a friend. Not sure what decks I'll be keeping yet.

    It would be cool to meet up with people to play, pretty busy with work but can find a way to get to a gamestore to play.

    Gamestores near me:
    Fair Game Store - Downer's Grove
    Dean's Dugout - Naperville

  24. emag

    emag New Member

    Location: Fairfax, VA
    Decks: All ten character decks
    Other games: Various Eurogames, SSF4, HDR
    Preferred gaming store: Nova Comics (Saturday night board gaming), across from the mall in Springfield, Virginia
  25. Deep6er

    Deep6er Member

    That's within walking distance of where I live! I didn't even know that place existed! I'll have to check that out soon.
  26. Flipper19

    Flipper19 New Member

    Yomi in manchester england

    Hi Guys, I've got a demo copy plus my copy for people to play and learn in the shop Fanboy3. (city centre google us)

    Just drop in and challenge the staff, plus as soon as we can there will be a league set up with wensday night being a drop in a play night (7 till 11pm).

    We have a load of copies of the game if you wanna buy it too.

    Right off to loose again.

  27. Kamui

    Kamui Member

    New York, NY
    All ten character decks
    Other Games: SSF4, HDR, GGXXAC, BBCS, AH3, MTG, D&D
    Preferred gaming store: The Compleat Strategist in NYC.
  28. doubtofbuddha

    doubtofbuddha New Member

    Orlando, FL
    All ten character decks.
    Completely new, but I like it quite a bit.
    Typically play at Coolstuff Games or at people's houses. Drunken Monkey is also a cool place to play.
  29. Tokhuah

    Tokhuah Member

    Alameda-East Bay, CA
    Complete Edition (another local non forum member has 4 decks)
    Other Games: Many types of board/boxed games
    Preferred Store: End Game
  30. haslo

    haslo Member

    Ostermundigen, Switzerland - working in Bern
    Soon a second copy of the complete edition (for mirrors)
    Other games: A few
  31. Kiv

    Kiv Active Member

    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Complete edition x2
    Preferred gaming store: "Comic Hunter" on Main St. Moncton
  32. PeterBB

    PeterBB Member

    Complete Edition
    Chicago (south side, Hyde Park)
  33. heiligekuh

    heiligekuh New Member


    Falls Church, VA
    Just 4 decks, but always interested.
    Preferred store: Compleat Strategist, Victory Comics
    Also play: General Euro-games, HDR and most fighters
    Xbox Live: HeiligekuhAC
  34. RayLancer

    RayLancer New Member

    Sacramento, CA
    About to order the complete set.
    Other Card Games: Weiss Schwarz, Universal Fighting System
    Other Games: Arcana Hearts 3, Melty Blood, Super Street Fighter IV, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, Virtual On Force, PSP (Monster Hunter, etc.), DS (Pokemon, Mario Kart, etc.)

    About our playgroup for Yomi: I play Yomi with my friends at CSUS. Our group is about 6 members strong. Me and another member are going to probably buy 2 complete sets soon. I've been introducing the cardgame to a lot of people I meet.
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  35. Benoit Haché

    Benoit Haché Member


    Damnit, why are you all there? :(
    srlsy Maritimes thread on SRK is really "Southern NB and Halifax" ):
  36. andrewgr

    andrewgr Patreon Supporter


    Andrew Gross
    andrewgr both here and BoardGameGeek

    Seattle, WA. USA

    I own both Yomi Complete First Edition and Fantasy Strike.

    I have several groups I game with, I've taught Yomi and Fantasy Strike to all of them. I don't game at stores, though.

    In addition to playing locally, I also attend Origins, Gencon, and BoardGameGeekCon every year, and some years attend Dragonflight, WBC (World Boardgaming Championships), and/or the U.S. Go Congress.

    The games I play most frequently are Go and Titan. I'm currently pretty obsessed with Yomi-- usually these phases come and pass, Titan and Go are the only two games that have kept my attention for multiple thousand plays.
  37. Knayr

    Knayr Member

    Newark, DE
    No decks, not in the budget... =(
    Other Games: Puerto Rico, Settlers, Space Alert, Pandemic, etc.
    Store: The Days of Knights - Newark, DE
  38. [~♥~] 隣

    [~♥~] 隣 New Member


    Yomi: Currently have Gwen, Setsuki, Argagarg, Midori and Valerie proxies, hoping to finish Degray, Grave, and Geiger by tomorrow

    Other TGS: I've recently picked up 40k and Magic again, I don't own very many board games, but I do enjoy playing them.

    Video Games: I currently play Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, Guild Wars, Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (PC Version), and Competitive League of Legends.

    Preferred Gaming Store/Meetup Location: Third Place Books (Lake City), Card Exchange (on Aurora), Ernie's Games (Woodinville)
  39. AiNoKame

    AiNoKame New Member

    Antioch, CA
    Complete 1st Edition, with an extra Geiger and Valerie
    Other Games: video game nut, but delving into the boardgamegeek realm
    My Stores: Gamer's Guild in Antioch and Black Diamond Games in Concord
  40. Millertime

    Millertime New Member

    Charlotte, NC
    All ten decks
    Preferred stores: Above Board Games (Fort Mill, SC) or Games HQ (Charlotte)
  41. dersivus

    dersivus Member

    Northridge, California
    Complete Edition
    All Ways Gaming
  42. Hoff

    Hoff New Member

    Ryan Hoffman, Twin Cities, MN

    Right now I just own the Grave/Jaina 2-pack but I'm saving for the full set. Trying to get my friends into the game as well.

    I don't play a lot of games anymore. I've played the Street Fighter II, III and IV series, as well as some MK and Tekken. Outside of fighting games, I like RPGs and sports games. I play a fair amount of World of Warcraft and a fair amount of Madden.

    My preferred gaming store is Twin City Comics in Columbia Heights, MN, where I used to run UFS tournaments before the game died locally. I am hoping to drum some interest in Yomi and hopefully get some play going there.
  43. Crow_Winters

    Crow_Winters New Member

    man, still the only player in texas. :(
  44. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member Ambassador

  45. GRAG

    GRAG Patreon Supporter

    I live in Japan (Fukui-ken) and own both Yomi and Puzzle Strike. I play SSF4 and now MvC3, and 3rd Strike when available.
  46. Commacozzee

    Commacozzee Active Member

    Reno, NV
    I have Yomi (all decks), Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel
    I play MvC3 and soon MLB 2k11, and my friends and I also play MtG, Poker, Monopoly, and Risk.

    If there is ever a meetup or a tournament in Norcal, I may be able to make it.
  47. ekoyomi

    ekoyomi New Member

    Jakarta Indonesia

    Name: Bunch of guys really (Ivan, Albert, Eko, Gery, Adi, Adit, etc)
    Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
    Main Hangout: Gamer's Ground, Mall Artha Gading, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

    We have Yomi all decks, also boardgames and miniatures: mercs and warmachines mostly
  48. Kiren

    Kiren New Member

    Richmond BC, Canada
    All 10 decks
    Open to new games, own a few like Dominion, Carcassonne, Runebound, etc.
    Game Store: The Connection
  49. Teloric

    Teloric New Member

    Jim Wilde
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Complete 1st Ed. (10 decks)
    Mainly an RPG player... couple times a month. Like playing Ghost Stories...
    Game Store: Mission Fun and Games in St. Albert
  50. Okapikid

    Okapikid New Member

    Hey all, don't have any decks yet, just got introduced to the game last night, it's great!

    Name: Auggie
    Loc: Cincinnati, OH (west side)
    Decks: Don't have any yet
    Other games: SSF4 fanatic (just finished my first custom joystick), mtg, I really miss VS. . .
    Preferred store: anything in Cincinnati

    I see there's some others from the Nasti Nati, y'all still playin Yomi? Let's make it happen!

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