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Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by Wobberjacky, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Telemaniaka

    Telemaniaka New Member

    Jan Ivanov
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    10 Character decks

    Can't wait to play ( ^.^)b
  2. AlbeyAmakiir

    AlbeyAmakiir Active Member

    I've moved to Sydney, where I understand at least one player exists! Though, Sydney is a big place...
  3. buttonsfx

    buttonsfx Member

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Yomi 1st Edition x2 (english version) Cursed Characters Included
    Puzzle Strike 1st edition + Upgrade
    Puzzle Strike 3rd edition + Shadow Expansion
    Flash Duel 2.0 (with chinese translation inserts)
  4. Wobberjacky

    Wobberjacky Well-Known Member

    I'm finally back after many months of dealing with real life crap.

    List is now up-to-date, but map is still horribly dated, messy, and probably inaccurate. Any help there would be greatly appreciated.
  5. GimbleB

    GimbleB Member

    Luton, United Kingdom
    Yomi 1st Ed (10 decks), Flash Duel Deluxe, SSF4AE (PC)
  6. dzebra

    dzebra Active Member

    North Carolina, United States
    I have the complete Yomi First Edition
    I like playing all sorts of games. All sorts.
  7. ARMed_PIrate

    ARMed_PIrate Active Member

    (Real name: Justin)

    Anaheim, CA, USA

    I have the complete Yomi First Edition.

    Could someone add me to the map?

    Also, I'm up in Eagle Rock every once in a while to visit family (and I used to live there), so I wouldn't be far from TheRealBobMan or RYan. (Do y'all have a store you hang out at?)

    I'll have a bit more free time during the summer, and would be willing to get together for some games in a few weeks.

    I also have several friends who don't own the game, but whom I've taught how to play (including my wife). If we can get enough together, an eventual tournament would be cool. (:
  8. studioque

    studioque New Member

    Toledo, OH

    There's a small group of us that play Yomi. I play Geiger, Grave, Lum & Val. Also have Puzzle Strike.

    We've also got a fledgling fighting game community started here so please hit me up if you're interested in getting involved with that as well. Our Facebook group is here: http://on.fb.me/jDVTnD
  9. Kaziam

    Kaziam New Member

    Maine Yomi!

    Poland, ME
    Own all 10 decks
    Also play board games, RPGs and I even have some old school CCG decks hanging around (Netrunner anyone?)
  10. Sonic23

    Sonic23 New Member

    United Kingdom
    Will soon own the First Edition boxset. (Hopefully this week.)
    Play MvC3 as well.
    Want to use this game to work on my mind games ready for competitive Street Fighter x Tekken play.
  11. Yagamoth

    Yagamoth Member

    Bern (or Meiringen)
    Complete edition
    Me and a good friend just recently received the package and I'm hoping there is someone around here :D... We are basically only beginners as of now.
  12. janenglund

    janenglund Active Member

  13. popdeollie

    popdeollie New Member

    Cincinnati, OH

    I clicked this thread, caught Yottaquest out of the corner of my eye and was like waiiiiiiiiiit a minute... wassup Wobberjacky!

    I don't have the game, but I love playing online. I play a bunch of other board games, too, mostly euro-games. Hit me up!
  14. Neargood

    Neargood New Member

    Austin, TX
    Mostly a Go player, but my local gamestore has a demo copy of Yomi and I'd be interested in playing more in meatspace
  15. eugeybear

    eugeybear Member

    Madison, WI
  16. rickert

    rickert New Member

    Anderson, IN
    all ten character decks
  17. mfdoll

    mfdoll New Member

    New Castle, Delaware
    2 complete sets
    Local shop: The Days Of Knights
    We've got a large local group (more than a dozen players) who play all sorts of games . We also go to the World Boardgaming Championships each year and are going to see about getting Yomi entered for next year.
  18. Gurrry

    Gurrry New Member

    Hey man I live in Austin as well!! We should try and get some games together sometime!

    Shoot me a PM if youre interested
  19. October

    October New Member

    Albany California (but I work in Oakland)
    Other Games: SSBM, BBCS2 (have never played it :p, but I love it in theory), Starcraft, boardgames

    First Edition acquired yesterday!

    Mostly lurking in: Games of Berkeley.
  20. Mortifier

    Mortifier New Member


    Yomi Complete First Edition - 10 decks
    Yomi cursed cards

    Love the game, both online and with real cards (real better:p)
    Gathering a list of Finnish players. We play in Team Suomi room in fantasystrikes site. Maybe some tournament planning for the Finnish players...who knows :)
  21. Group @ Tapiolan Pelikauppa

    Much of the store's Magic-playing population has Yomi decks courtesy of yours truly.
    The store's Friday evenings are pretty much dedicated to Magic, but after the 6PM closing time we continue playing at a nearby cafe's tables for about three hours. Needless to say, Yomi is involved.

    As far as Magic goes, most people have a German Highlander or Commander deck, plus random casual concoctions and Pauper/Legacy builds.
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  22. Arghy

    Arghy Active Member


    No decks yet, been playing with two of my friends who have complete first editions. I'll have to drop by in Tapiola sometime.
  23. Gon

    Gon Active Member

    Philadelphia, PA
    -Don't own Yomi yet, but I think I might really get into it!!
  24. Astralysis

    Astralysis New Member

    Vancouver, BC
    I own the Complete First Edition and a PnP set
    Other games: LoL, YuGiOh (But not in THIS meta, oh gawd)
    Preferred gaming store: Connections on Cambie

    I'm pretty much starting a Yomi Revolution at my locals and school, and plan to start a Yomi club at UBC. If you live around the area and/or attend the school, send me a pm and let's play! :D
  25. Alan
    Tallahassee, FL
    All 10 decks
    Also plays HDR, SoulCal4, MK9, 3S, TvC, ST, Puzzle Strike

    I can't seem to edit the google map, even while logged into G+ :(
  26. Jackal

    Jackal New Member

    Tujunga, CA
    All 10 Decks
    Also play Dominion, Resistance, Bang, BSG, Starcraft 2, League of Legends and we gather every Friday to play with around 50 people (free food too!) Check out www.fridaynightdice.com for more details. Come YOMI with us!
  27. LttlGreenSprout

    LttlGreenSprout New Member

    Springfield, VA
    All 10 decks and Puzzle Strike
  28. Wobberjacky

    Wobberjacky Well-Known Member

    List finally updated, sorry for the many-month delay. In the next few weeks I might organize a Cincinnati meet-up if I get time, in case any of you guys are still checking this.

    Map is horrendously out-of-date, and I don't currently have any time to fix it. Anyone who wants to help with that is more than welcome.
  29. Wobberjacky

    Wobberjacky Well-Known Member

    Craaaaap. All the links are bad now. Sorry guys, I'll try to get around to fixing this soon.
  30. Alhazard

    Alhazard Well-Known Member

    Irvine, CA (Southern California) until mid-Jan
    then Honolulu, HI until mid-May

    I don't have a yomi set (poor student)
    But I have Flash duel 1st edition and PS Deluxe (horribly outdated) back in Honolulu if anyone wants to play those as well.
  31. NoahTheDuke

    NoahTheDuke Active Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Have a bootlegged full set all written on playing cards, and my friend Steve has the First Edition boxed set. Free nights, and have been looking to start some sort of club, maybe at YottaQuest. Wobberjacky, where are you in Cincinnati? I'd love to hang out, drink some coffee, and play a lot of Yomi.

    EDIT: I'm also about to start working on bootlegging the 2.0 expansion cards, though I'm thinking buying a set of blank cards instead of playing cards would be optimal, so I can change the cards as need be.
  32. Wobberjacky

    Wobberjacky Well-Known Member

    Noah, you're my hero. Links will work again soon and first post will be updated by the end of the day.
  33. NoahTheDuke

    NoahTheDuke Active Member

  34. Fourth

    Fourth New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Complete First Edition owned

    I am the very same Steve of previous mention! I would love to be involved in any Yomi activity occurring in this general vicinity. I have spoken with the folks Yottaquest about it previously, and I feel they would be more than happy to allow a regular group to meet there, provided we aren't disruptive of their more high-profile events-- D&D, Magic drafts, etc. They do Board Game Nights every Tuesday and Saturday, where Yomi is of course welcome.

    If we can show enough support for it they'd probably be willing to try hosting a tournament, though seeing as half of the Cincinnati people I played with recent left for college or moved for other reasons, I couldn't get more than about two or three people to commit last time I tried. :\
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  35. NoahTheDuke

    NoahTheDuke Active Member

    An update, for fun: Met up with Wobberjacky and one of his friends last night at a local coffee shop. Had loads of fun. We played a bit of Yomi, but because of the tricycle nature of our group, we switched to Puzzle Strike, and I had a blast. Both guys are super cool, very skilled players of both games, and uh yeah. If any of you Cincinnatians has the chance, they're cool dudes.
  36. Oni

    Oni Active Member

    Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
    24th May update: Complete 1st ed. Yomi
    First card game so interested in nearby community events.
  37. T.N.I.

    T.N.I. New Member

    San José, Costa Rica
    Yomi: Complete first edition.
    Other games: SSF4:AE v2012.
    Can play at: Avalon Game Arena (San Pedro)

    Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any other Yomi players in Latinamerica.
  38. Zcurator

    Zcurator New Member

    Also in Orlando FL
    Have all 10 decks.
    Willing to teach and play at Coolstuff. Bring friends. ;)
  39. Crimefighter

    Crimefighter New Member

    Chicago, IL, US
    I puzzle strike and yomi complete, although I don't have the upgrade pack yet.
  40. JakSavage

    JakSavage New Member

    Seriously? No one in Massachusetts?

    Whitman, MA
    DeGrey/Rook, Setsuki/Midori
    Battlegrounds Abington, Medieval Starship Pembroke
  41. Dregas_Volar

    Dregas_Volar New Member

    Dregas Volar
    Erie, Pennsylvania - USA
    Don't own Yomi decks, but I will soon.
    I play a crap ton of video games and other games. I'm a huge nerd.
  42. Juushichi

    Juushichi Well-Known Member

    Juushichi (Juu)
    Columbus, Ohio
    0 decks.
    Melee, Arcana, AE 2012, Melty.
  43. Akvo

    Akvo New Member

    Rochester, NY during the school year. NYC over summer and breaks.
    I've got 6 decks, missing the Grave/Jaina and Rook/DeGrey pair.
    In Rochester, I'll probably prefer my school's board gaming club RWAG (outsiders are allowed) or perhaps Boldo's. NYC, pretty much anywhere'll do.
  44. TimonTimon

    TimonTimon New Member

    Seattle, WA
    All 10 decks
  45. vonsabrewulf

    vonsabrewulf Member

    Von Sabrewulf Gonzales

    I dont have Yomi yet but i have a friend i play with who has the first edition box
  46. perinigricon

    perinigricon Member

    Seattle, WA
    All 20 decks
    FLGS is Uncle's Games in Redmond; Friday nights there are always people willing to play.
  47. Daemondym

    Daemondym Member

    Er. 20? There are only 10 characters in Yomi unless you've printed out the beta characters from the expansion?
  48. perinigricon

    perinigricon Member

    Since I created the current mockup cards, I may have printed out a set for myself :)
  49. Daemondym

    Daemondym Member

    Ahhh, yeah. Clearly wasn't thinking when I wrote that.
  50. calaedw

    calaedw New Member

    Seattle, WA

    Midori/Setsuki... trying to trade for a full set atm. I usually play other people's copies. Always open to play though!

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