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Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by CrystalChaos, May 8, 2012.

  1. CrystalChaos

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    As usual, I will be running a Yomi tournament this weekend (WorldTimeBuddy).


    The tournament format will be best of 3 Swiss again. In Swiss, all players are put into a pool and matched up with an opponent. After all the matches in each tournament round are completed, results are recorded. For the next tournament round (and for all following rounds), players with similar win-loss records will be matched (1-0's play 1-0's and 0-1's play 0-1's). The number of rounds of Swiss will depend on the number of players.

    After the Swiss rounds are completed, the players with the best records will be put into a single elimination bracket. The cut will be to either 4 or 8 players, depending on how many players join.

    Other general rules are double blind initial character selection, medium timers, hands not visible to spectators, and the loser of each round may change characters (counterpick). I will randomize the seeds 7 times, and I will then make myself the last seed (if I play).

    Replay the round the first time double KO occurs in a match. The second time both players get a win. This continues until one player has a 1 round lead with at least 2 round wins.

    Tournament chat will be in the Main tab and I will make a thread to post results. The results format should be Round Number: WinningPlayer (Character1 WL Character2 W) 2-1 LosingPlayer (Character3).

    To sign up either post here or pm me on the server (/pm CrystalChaos message). Signups will be from now until 7 minutes before the tournament.

    I may also ask for confirmation in the Main chat tab before the tournament starts.

    1. deluks917
    2. JinSaotome
    3. Bob199?
    4. Kylock
    5. Targie
    6. enomus
    7. Kawaiiness
    8. Volcanya
    9. Hooves
    10. Nathan
    11. Choke Artist
  2. deluks917

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  3. lowtierhero

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  4. Bob199

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  5. Kylock

    Kylock New Member

    I'm in.
  6. Mililani

    Mililani Well-Known Member

    I shall be present
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  7. enomus

    enomus Banned

  8. Kawaiiness

    Kawaiiness Active Member

    I will play.
  9. Hooves

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  10. CrystalChaos

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  11. lowtierhero

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    Jin Saotome (Geiger) 2-0 vs Targie (Argagarg, Setsuki)
    Jin Saotome (Geiger) 2-1 Deluks (Setsuki)
    Jin Saotome (Geiger) 2-0 Kawaiiness (Valerie)
  12. CrystalChaos

    CrystalChaos Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations JinSaotome!

    Thanks to everyone who played!

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