Cross-Platform Play


Does Fantasy Strike feature cross-platform play?

Yes! It features the maximum amount of cross-play we’re allowed to, limited only by Sony’s restrictions.

  • Steam players: Can play with Switch players and PlayStation 4 players.

  • Switch players: Can play with Steam players (but not PlayStation 4 players, as per Sony’s restriction).

  • PlayStation 4: Can play with Steam players (but not Switch players, as per Sony’s restriction.)

How do I actually play with players on other platforms?

When you enter the casual or ranked online queues, you are automatically matched against players from any allowed platform. (You can restrict this to just players on your own platform in game options if you want.).

If you want to directly challenge or watch a particular player, just add them to your in-game friends list. Fantasy Strike’s in-game usernames, called FantasyTags, are unique across all platforms. When you add a friend by their FantasyTag, you don’t have to even know or care which platform they are on, as long as they are on an allowed platform.

Does spectating work across platforms?

Yes! Anyone in your in-game friends list, regardless of platform, can be spectated.

Does Fantasy Strike support cross-platform logins?

Yes, wherever we’re allowed to, limited only by Sony’s restrictions. When you create your FantasyTag (in-game username) on Switch or Steam, you also create a password. You can then log in on either Steam or Switch with the same account. When you create a FantasyTag on PlayStation 4, you do not create a password, because Sony does not allow account data from other platforms to be used on PlayStation 4, and it does not allow your PlayStation 4 account data to be used on other platforms either.

What if my FantasyTag was created during Steam Early Access?

FantasyTags created during Steam Early access did not have an associated password or e-mail address. You’ll need those in order to login in Switch. But don’t worry, all you have to do is launch the Steam version now that it’s out of Early Access, and you will be prompted to add a password and e-mail address (for password recovery). Do that, then you’ll be able to log in on Switch.

What is the point of using the same login on Switch and Steam?

You get to keep the same FantasyTag. You also get to keep all the data on your in-game player profile. That includes your rank (in the ranked mode), player and character XP (only used to give a sense of how long you’ve played, not for any competitive advantage), and single-player records such as survival mode, etc. If we add more features or content in the future that would make sense to follow you across platforms, then those things will too.

Do I have to keep logging in each time I go between Switch and Steam?

No. Once you login just one time on a given platform, you will automatically log in every subsequent time you launch the game on that platform. You can then go back and forth between platforms seamlessly and without any extra steps.

Can I log in on multiple platforms at once?

You cannot login with the same account at the same time on both Switch and Steam. Your most recent login takes precedence. (PlayStation 4 accounts are separate, on their own island, so the question doesn’t apply to them.)

What if I forget my password?

The login screen on Switch and Steam has a feature to send you a one-time password that expires in 30 minutes. It is sent to the e-mail you used when you created your account, so please use a real e-mail for that in order to use this password feature.

Will Fantasy Strike support either cross-platform play or cross-platform logins on PlayStation 4 at some point?

The only limitation on these things is Sony’s approval. If Sony changes their mind on these things, we will be happy and eager to support them. At this time, we are not allowed to do them though.