Welcome to Fantasy Strike

This guide teaches you the gritty details about how to play Fantasy Strike. It's good for beginners, but even experts will learn various subtleties. If you see any text like thisLook at this nifty popup box. We'll use it to define jargon for those new to fighting games., you can mouse over it to get more info.

Learn about moving, attacking, throw, blocking, and what a yomi counter is.

Watch our character spotlight videos to learn about how each character plays.

Try out your moves and combos and even learn about frame data if you want.


What is Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike is a fighting game developed and published by Sirlin Games, available on Mac and Windows through Steam Early Access. It's also crowdfunding on Patreon to support the development of more features and content. It will eventually be available on PlayStation 4 as well.

The Fantasy Strike universe has been featured in several tabletop games (available here), including Yomi. Yomi is a card game that simulates a fighting game with the Fantasy Strike characters; now they come to life in the actual fighting game that Yomi only imagined.

Fantasy Strike has an emphasis on simple, accessible controls. It’s intended for an audience that reaches beyond the usual boundaries of the fighting game genre, though it’s also intended for high-level tournament play.