Streamlining the Fighting Genre

If You’re New To Fighting Games

We’ve streamlined the genre to get you to the fun decision-making part as soon as possible. All moves are just a single button press, combos are easy, move lists are so concise that they fit on one screen. We’ve cut out the chaff to focus on the heart of the genre so we can show you why fighting games are awesome.

If You’re a Fighting Game Veteran

Fantasy Strike is difficult to be good at, but not because of combos or execution: because making the right decisions is hard. This game is designed by an ex-Street Fighter dev and hardcore player for play in tournaments. It’s got mixups, rushdown, zoning, frame traps, grapplers seeming too powerful on day 1, and other fighting game fundamentals you’re used to.

Fantasy Strike's Controls

All moves are done with a single button press so you can play with any controller.


Yomi Counters

The power of doing nothing.

The Yomi Counter is an exciting new feature for the fighting game genre.
Throws are powerful in Fantasy Strike, but you can always punish a throw that you know is coming simply letting go of your controls!

When you let go, you're vulnerable to any attack,
but you'll automatically reverse an incoming throw with your Yomi Counter.
You'll throw them with a special animation, deal damage, and get full super meter too!
(Special throws and super throws can’t be yomi countered. You can jump out of those though.)

Opponent is doing inputs
so they CAN be thrown

Opponent let go of the controls
so they yomi counter YOU if you try to throw them


Be a ninja, dragon, panda, fish, or even a human


Fantasy Strike is a world of fantasy and martial arts. Its diverse characters use wind, fire, ghosts, gambling, paint, and even time itself as their weapons. Find a character whose personality and playstyle you connect with. Try a disciplined zoner or a cocky one if you prefer, a manic-depressive rushdown character, a gentle grappler, gambling panda, a passive resistance-style fish, and more.


Team Battle

A Rapid-Fire Series of Different Matchups!

Choose a team of 3 characters then play a best-3-out-of-5 match against your friend’s team.

  • Each game, you’ll play a new randomly selected matchup
  • You'll go through all your characters before repeating.
  • You must win with all 3 of your characters to win the match!

There's lots of variety in this mode. You'll play an even spread of many matchups,
rather than usually playing the most unfair matchups as often happens in counter-pick systems.

Team battle is available in local play, online friend matches, and in the future will be used in ranked play.

Online Play

Best-in-class Networking Technology


The Wrong Way: Input Delay

The standard, bad way of doing online play in fighting games is to use input delay. When you press a button, nothing happens on your screen right away. The signal goes to your opponent, then bounces back to you before you see anything happen. It feels like you’re playing underwater.


The Right Way: Rollback Method

  • Fantasy Strike uses GGPO’s rollback-style networking.
  • When you press a button, the result happens instantly on your screen, just like during offline play.
  • Occasionally your opponent’s character will pop back into sync,
    but it’s rare.
  • Mostly you get smooth, responsive gameplay,
    even across continents.

Playing With a Friend Online

To play a friend, go to your friends list and click on the crossed swords by any name to challenge them.
That’s it.

When they accept, you and your friend are
put into the same gameflow as if you were sitting next to each other in the same room.

Watching a Friend Online

To watch your friend play, go to your friends list and click on the eyeball by any name.
That’s it.

You'll continue watching your friend automatically,
as they play different opponents online,
even in different game modes.

This is so simple and great, but we’ve never seen it done this way in another fighting game.

Ranked Mode In Development, Stay Tuned