Streamlining the Fighting Genre

Fighting games have added a huge amount of complexity over the years in ways that have created more and more of a physical execution barrier. Fantasy Strike is about getting to the strategy part of the game immediately, in the first minute you play it. No complex motions for special moves and no need to practice combos in training mode. Emphasizing player-decisions over difficult dexterity is a much deeper commitment than simply letting you do special moves easily—it's a commitment to avoid fiddly, unintuitive, difficult-to-execute techniques throughout the game. If you don't know what plinking, kara cancels, option selects, charge partitioning, FADCs, or crouch techs are, you don't have to. Instead you can focus on the fundamentals of fighting games: distancing, timing, zoning, setups, reads, and strategy.

You also don't have to worry about doing moves with 1/60th of a second accuracy, as is common in fighting games. In Fantasy Strike, anytime you try to do a move, we automatically repeat your input for 8/60ths of a second to make sure it comes out, every time. The hard part should be deciding if you want to do a move, not in getting it to happen once you've decided.

Fantasy Strike's Controls

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Yomi Counters

The Yomi Counter is an exciting new feature for the fighting game genre. Throws are powerful in Fantasy Strike, but you can always punish a throw that you know is coming by simply letting go of your controls! If you do, you'll be vulnerable to any attack, but if your opponent tries to throw you while you're not touching your controls, you'll Yomi Counter them and damage them instead.

Opponent is doing inputs
so they CAN be thrown

Opponent let go of the controls
so they yomi counter YOU if you try to throw them

Be a ninja, dragon, panda, fish, or even a human


Fantasy Strike is a world of fantasy and martial arts. Its diverse characters use wind, fire, ghosts, gambling, paint, and even time itself as their weapons. Find a character whose personality and playstyle you connect with. Try a disciplined zoner or a cocky one if you prefer, a manic-depressive rushdown character, a gentle grappler, gambling panda, a passive resistance-style fish, and more.


Several ways to play

Play for fun online.
GGPO networking makes the experience feel fast and responsive.

Choose a character then draft five powerups. See how many wins you can get in your run before you get three losses.

Compete with other serious players to rise through the ranks each season. Can you reach Legendary rank?

Play face-to-face with friends. Use this mode in local tournaments too.

Arena and ranked modes not available yet. Please support us on Steam Early Access so we can finish these features!
Super fans can support us on Patreon too.

As you play games of Fantasy Strike,
you’ll get to open a new Loot Box every time you level up.


Loot Boxes contain random cosmetic rewards and a chance to contain credits
that you can use to acquire any specific cosmetics you want.


Ranked mode lets you progress as far as your skill will take you.

Loot boxes and online ranking system not available yet. Please support us on Steam Early Access so we can finish these features!
Super fans can support us on Patreon too.