Easy to play—no really, actually easy to play.

Fighting games have added a huge amount of complexity over the years in ways have created more and more of a physical execution barrier. Fantasy Strike is about getting to the strategy part of the game immediately, in the first minute you play it. No complex motions for special moves and no need to practice combos in training mode. Emphasizing player-decisions over difficult dexterity is a much deeper commitment than simply letting you do special moves easily—it's a commitment to avoid fiddly, unintuitive, difficult-to-execute techniques throughout the game. If you don't know what plinking, kara cancels, option selects, charge partitioning, FADCs, or crouch techs are, you don't have to. Instead you can focus on the fundamentals of fighting games: distancing, timing, zoning, setups, reads, and strategy.

You also don't have to worry about linking moves with 1/60th of a second accuracy, as is common in fighting games. In Fantasy Strike, all moves have an 8 frame buffer (8/60ths of a second) so you can get the move you want exactly when you want it, every time.

Fantasy Strike's Controls

The Yomi Counter is an exciting new feature for the fighting game genre. Throws are powerful in Fantasy Strike, but you can always punish a throw that you know is coming by simply letting go of your controls! If you do, you'll be vulnerable to any attack, but if your opponent tries to throw you while you're not touching your controls, you'll Yomi Counter them and damage them instead.