PlayStation Experience 2016

We're exhibiting Fantasy Strike at the huge Sony PlayStation event in Anaheim, California on December 3rd and 4th, 2016. Come to our booth and check out the game!

Get tickets for the show.
List of Developers who will be at the show.

This is also our announcement that Fantasy Strike is headed to PlayStation 4. That said, it's a struggle for our small team to support more than just Mac and PC, so please support our project on Patreon to help make sure we can do it.

One great thing about our focus on ease-of-play is that it's great for trade shows! In just a few minutes, you can already be playing the "real game" and focusing on decisions and strategy, rather than how to do moves and basic combos. So stop by our booth, take a minute to train up (we can help you!) and see what it's all about.