E4i Online Tournament


Our friends over at opnoobs are running an online Fantasy Strike event on July 7th. It's free to enter, and you'll be able to win prizes for competing! It'll be a streamed event with live commentary, too. It's actually two tournaments run simultaneously; one North American bracket and one European bracket.

E4i stands for ESPORTS 4INDIE and is the competitive division of the talent community known as The Overpowered Noobs, found at opnoobs.com.

Basic Overview

  • Stream begins at 7:00pm GMT (here's a link to help you figure out what time it begins in your time zone)
  • Free entry!
  • Two 32-player brackets, one North American and one European (EU starts at 7:00pm GMT, NA at 8:00pm GMT)
  • Double Elimination
  • Team Battle ((this mode requires picking 3 different characters and is best 3 out of 5 games)
  • Registration is open from now (June 20th) until June 27th, or until all slots are filled
  • After that, you can sign up for "The Bench", giving you a chance at a tournament spot in case a player does not confirm their spot or "no shows" on the day of the tournament
  • Prizes are still TBD

The full list of tournament rules and regulations can be found here, and you can register for the tournament here with your FantasyTag and email address.

We're capping each tournament at 32 players as sort of a stress-test for future online events. Hopefully if this one is run well, we can run even larger tournaments in the future, and open it up to more regions. Even if you aren't playing, come hang out in the Twitch chat on July 7th and cheer for our competitors. Hope to see you all there!