Fantasy Strike Will Launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC on July 25

We’ve been working on Fantasy Strike for FOUR YEARS, so it’s with great excitement that we finally announce the upcoming launch of the game. On July 25th 2019, it will come to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Over the years, we’ve vastly improved the graphics of the game, vastly improved the performance (both frame rate and load times), added innovative features like frame advantage visuals that have never appeared in any fighting game before. We put tutorial videos for every character right inside the game. We’ve especially worked on the online play, both the technical side and the UI side to make it all as smooth as possible.

To see those graphics and a bunch of features, check out our trailer:

There is one request we’ve heard from fans far more than any other though. We’ve traveled across the country to over a dozen trade shows and conventions such as Evolution, Penny Arcade Expo, PlayStation Experience and NorCal Regionals. The response at all these has been phenomenal with our booth packed almost all the time. The thing we’ve heard repeatedly at every single event is:

“Great game, when is it coming out on consoles?”

“July 25th! That is when,” we finally say, exasperated. So it really is a big deal for us and our fans that we’re finally doing it. We’re finally releasing the game in the form everyone wants. And we feel great about it too, since we’ve had years to polish the experience overall and many months of working almost exclusively on making the console versions the best they can be.

We can’t thank our community enough for sticking with us for all this time, and we hope we’ve fulfilled our promise to make a fighting game that truly puts strategy and depth before needless complications and difficult controls; a fighting game for everyone. We hope people give it real chance and are open to the possibility that just maybe a fighting game can be a deep, challenging, e-sport-like affair while also being understandable and have all your moves and combos come out when you want them to.

Help us spread the good word of fighting games! If you need screenshots, logos, our press release, or our awesome handout to use at public events/meetups, you can find those here on our media page. Write a tweet, tell a friend, submit a tip to a website. The more support we get, the more we can pour back into the game’s continued development. Also, here’s a pic to let people know the release date:


Be sure to follow our Twitter, our Twitch channel, and join our Discord to follow along with our development up to and after launch! We look forward to seeing you online!