Fantasy Strike now available on Linux

EMERYVILLE, CA - September 6th - Sirlin Games’ revolutionary new fighting game Fantasy Strike is now available on Linux. This brings the current available platforms to PC, Mac and Linux (on sale now for $19.99 on Steam), with PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions on the way at full release in Q1 of 2019.

Fantasy Strike is a fighting game that has re-imagined the genre with its emphasis on elegance in gameplay as well as in user interface. The gameplay streamlines fighting games to their essence, making their depth more apparent and accessible. As a piece of software, Fantasy Strike aims to excel at features where others have struggled: a single click to challenge a friend, a single click to watch a friend play, best-in-class netcode (GGPO), fast loading times, and more.

The development team is led by Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix lead developer and former fighting game pro David Sirlin. “For years I’ve been frustrated by the sorry state of usability in most fighting game software. You can’t even use the mouse in the PC version of Street Fighter 5—in 2018—and good luck challenging a friend,” Sirlin said.

The Linux version has cross-compatible netplay with the PC and Mac versions and comes shortly after a September update for Fantasy Strike that features new graphical updates and a new stage. Sirlin Games has consistently updated the game at least once a month throughout its development and plans to add more features each month until launch early next year.


Fantasy Strike has been in development for over three years and is currently available for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam Early Access. Fantasy Strike’s launch roster includes 10 unique characters each with their own stage. Single player modes include Arcade (with fully-voiced story sequences and character endings), Daily Challenge and four Survival modes, as well as training mode, an interactive tutorial, and a “Learn” section that includes tutorial videos for all 10 playable characters. Multiplayer modes include Local Versus, Online Quick Match, and Friend Challenge/Spectate. Fantasy Strike launches on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

About Sirlin Games

David Sirlin, lead designer of Street Fighter HD Remix, author of Playing to Win and a former pro fighting game player, helms Sirlin Games, an independent video game developer based in Emeryville, California that specializes in competitive multiplayer games.